Escape 101 The Four Secrets to Taking a Career Break Without Losing Your Money or Your Mind

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Think you can't take a career break? Think again!

Escape 101 is a road map for getting away, without sacrificing everything you have invested in your life right now.

That extended time off you've always dreamed of? Escape 101 is a guide to making it a reality - a blueprint to help you travel, reflect, regenerate or just plain relax without damaging your savings, or the progress you've made in your career or business.

Get expert advice on how to leave your career, job, or business for up to a year, including how to:

Plan all of your sabbatical finances in just 30 minutes

Be financially independent for a year or more

Leave your job without losing career progress

Take a year off without sacrificing your savings or investments

Successfully pitch your sabbatical to your boss

Be away from your business for extended periods of time, and still remain profitable

Take a year off on a shoestring budget

Make money or even get paid while you're gone

Find the motivation to follow your dream of taking time off

Commit to your sabbatical in small, easy steps that ensure success

Take action on the critical elements of your "escape plan"

Discover a 5 step financial plan that guarantees you get away

Manage your money so that you have plenty when you go

Leave without going broke or selling your assets

Plan Your Escape Route Now!


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