Echoes From The Sky

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Musical findings from Chips for the Poor's burnt out skull.


  • Echoes_from_the_Sky_Keep_us_from_TENmptation_


    14/07/2009 Duração: 10min

    A million mp3's later, and here I am, here I am.... Well, well, well, so where you been me lad? Funny you should ask cos me podcasts been set a while drift, thank goodness I not on piece rate else the hand that rocks the cradle be well bony and the cheeks be sunken like open sun roofed submarines.... Since the last upload, I graduated up 8 floors to (11) so I now eye2eye with Mother Nature as she spins electricity to the floor and wafts windy pops over your damp clothes.... I am also knee deep in the Valley of the smashed Dolls heads....which makes me flush back to the year that punk broke and the fever of A-Level art hahahaha...(I never got passed GCSE *slump) So I can flash back 16 years but when it comes to a list of untitled mp3's, me got a well rusty trombone purshin the pastry crumbs round me bread box, so I put me favourite un-titled songs in one bucket slop out***podcast, So in no particular order I give you.... Track 11 Track 31 and Track 15 I don't know who wrote or plays the s

  • Echoes from the Sky_cloud_9_up_your_mind_eyE_

    Echoes from the Sky_cloud_9_up_your_mind_eyE_

    13/04/2009 Duração: 18min

    From the rashes and scratches of the fallen economoney, rising like a burnt dog out the boot of me mam's Vauxhall Nova comes Echoes from the Sky_cloud_9_up_your_mind_eyE_.... I went to see The Locust and before all that Lycra and heart blasts woz DJ URINE cuttin up a tower of vinyl and metal hub caps, Mr Stylus loves this chap, he kept me mind on shudder, halt, shudder, bleep, bleep...see how you feel after this... Now I don't say this often and actually I can't even remember what I say often apart from "Yes Boss, 3 bags full boss" hahaha but THE ROLLING SCABS have the best name in rock n roll and if you woz doing this aged 13 you'd be the bestest late 30's chap living down my road, oh I forgot I fronted my first band The Boogie Brothers aged 10..hahaha I win.... This next up lot were sposed to be on an Echoes podcast a while back but me vs the computer meant I LOST but now I been working out on me Crunchie bars and broke Bill Gates fake Tron

  • Echoes from the Sky : Re:wind the Cred8 Crunch:E

    Echoes from the Sky : Re:wind the Cred8 Crunch:E

    28/03/2009 Duração: 09min

    We’ve all felt the bite of the credit snake, winding through from the white lair under the citys core…how’s your arm? Swollen? Or still a little tingly? Doctors orders to get your ear holes round me podcast…forget eatin raw beet-root and suppin on a stone cold crapachino, hold onto my wealth for all of 9 minurtes 13 secs> “Echoes from the Sky : Re:wind the Cred8 Crunch:E” is flyin downed your electric worm pipes as I type… Me rusty horse screeches to a halt outside the Halifax and I get me fingers strong to jab that sing song in the glasses whilst mimeing along to 'F-olding Money'* by Tommy Blake...* music for the jilted generation…feel the force on that!... Amigo it’s lornch time, can’t afford a flight out of town? or no guts to roll under the barb wire at your local flyaway?…have some brutal Gore/Grind straight from leading Mexican label Alarmo Rx and this bang bang outing from Hipermenorrea .... Seems like we all got right deeep, downed and drrrty, switch on the immers

  • Echoes from the_Sky_7th heavonononon

    Echoes from the_Sky_7th heavon&on&on&on

    28/02/2009 Duração: 12min

    Echoes from the_Sky_7th heavon&on&on&on is like buses, you wait monthcles for one and slap dang TWO come along like totally like totally 12 days ghettin the post bus from the woof in '93... The sun is blazin up in the clouds, it's the first day of summer in me minds goggle eye and we should bang off podcast 7 with the super tropical tropical TOUGH KNUCKLES 'Listen to the thunder' dip in hard on his weather channeled energy cos it a total clench fister.... This tripped me back in time like a shudder in the frozen foood section and found a rubmix of my old gold group TOAH DYNAMIC 'Go out, Up town' (by adding the dangerous lyrics at the begining it's defo a remix hahaha) I shud a just put on a donk on it like this BIRTHDAY PARTY BERLIN QUEEN bosher... crack out the moustache, chest wax, popppers and phone ya doctors.... Now how to blast up a remix right on the end off yer man MID

  • Echoes from the Sky_6_Miles_Deeep

    Echoes from the Sky_6_Miles_Deeep

    15/02/2009 Duração: 09min

    Well its 6 months since i wanted to do another edition of this amazo podcast but 8 since I did,,,but dunt furrow yo brow my way, cos 6 months ain't shiggy splits in the grand piano key change scheme of things, and if ya think I beeen lazing out and fattening up for the next snow drift, then I suggest you tek yer sen away from me flat windy before I saw them stilts in half and you end up face to face with Mrs Muggins in flat 5 hahahaha she's a bruiser ****gulp oN. Thirst uP....'Tom and the Boot Boys' with "Oi! Mates" (Pogo77 Records) who I discovered when floating over in Tokyo last Septembergone (Triangle, Spanner, Rectangle)... Seconds on that, "Oi Pic" comes from the "If you love your job..." single sessions by 'Methodist Centre' who give it a right good pounding live*Umph Umph* and I finish you off with Puppetmastaz Sirius Mo remix of 'So Scandelous' available off the "Reservoir Foxin/So Scandalous" 12"... soooooo whatcha beeen doing in the last 182 days cos I can

  • More sighs from the T r e e s then Rustles in the Leaves**E.F.T.S**5ive

    More sighs from the T r e e s then Rustles in the Leaves**E.F.T.S**5ive

    21/07/2008 Duração: 06min

    **E.F.T.S**5ive Full details and track listings on my blog via

  • Dunt be a junkie 4 the man.

    Dunt be a junkie 4 the man.

    17/06/2008 Duração: 17min

    Now theres things to do in Denver when your drunk and maybe a podcast int whort I should a dunn after a smash ooop on a skkkool night hahahahaha this is for those lost in translation... "Yo, Yo, Oh yes working now, I got so high on LSD, my mind, blew yourself Yeh, uh uh oh, rent a ghost, what the, this uckin mic smells awful, whats happening?, I dunno, can I kick it?, you wanna do it seven times, Echoes from the sky, ugh, here we go f*ckin motherf*cker 4, urm yeh I saw there was a link going podcast from the sty, snoty snorty, woka woka woka, Jonathan Rogers, yes, over and out...." This podcast features music from Why Whisky Why?, Shrag, Heavy Load and Nik Void. They can all be found on my top friends via **ADULT CONTENT** Listen and be learned herE.... p.s forgive me Heavy Load for the added sound interfear(beer)ance, me fingys were shakin like Mr Skele-bob....Ghet higH.

  • Gate Vault the Pop Barrier

    Gate Vault the Pop Barrier

    21/05/2008 Duração: 20min

    I'm dirty cash, the one that you asked for I'm wanted by the rich and the poor More and more, you just can't reject it You're the junkie and I inject it Into your blood stream, it's like a bad dream Money's the theme, do you know what I mean? money, money, money bah stick it hahaha stick it... From the Welsh mines to the Slangkop Estates, you all chooned in hard, then moisturise them ear holes for poodcast 3 called ‘Gate Vault the Pop Barrier’ (due to me amazing vocals) featuring Dobermann, Death of London, a 6 headed ghost from my past, Vulgarians and Squincy Jones....turn it oooops side ya head! **Adult Content**

  • The Jack That House Bought to rEnt

    The Jack That House Bought to rEnt

    21/04/2008 Duração: 18min

    the Tide Is High But I'm Holding On i'm Gonna Be Your Number One i'm Not The Kind Of Girl who Gives Up Just Like That oh, No...this is a freashly greased out poodcast, alll yours from this bum drain brain skip boy....the futures bright-oN... Number two (doo-doo) features Le Tetsuo, Monday Club, Graffiti Island, Electricity In Our Homes and Nat the riot thinG. **Adult content**

  • Surrounded by snakes on the hiss

    Surrounded by snakes on the hiss

    09/04/2008 Duração: 12min

    Chips for the Poor the double d*ck head introduces you to his musical findings in this mucked out FIRST (thirst) poodcast beaming out the grills of his East London holiday home alone 2 lost in new yackety yack UP yer selF.deafence is no offence. Track listings: 1) Sperm Overdose - Psychodelic Hellucinations. 2) Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya - Tu Connais Le Chanson. 3) Top Buzz live at Fantazia New Years Eve 1993.