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Positivity Party Radio with Nicole Isler - Tuesdays 4pm pacific/ 7pm eastern Positivity Party Radio, hosted by Nicole Isler, was created to help you celebrate your life and live up to your big dreams. You don't need a holiday or an observance in order to put on your party hat Positivity Party Radio is hereTake a break from the daily grind, grab your fav beverage and join the partyNicole will be delivering positive energy, inspiring messages and visiting with other brave dreamers andmetaphysicalmovers and shakers, who areliving life onpurpose and making their big dreams come true. This is no ordinary talk radio show. Nicolersquos here to broadcast celebration because it's good foryour soul. Merrymaking together fosters a sense of belonging, something crucial to your personal fulfillment.Join Nicole tocelebrate your life, the best party of all. More About Nicole- Nicole M. Isler is a HSP Educator, Coach and Speaker. As a Highly Sensitive Person, she knows what it feels like to hear ldquoyoursquore too sensitiverdquo. Instead of feeling bad, she turned it into her badge of honor. Nicole is the founder of The Happy Place for Highly Sensitive People, forthcoming author of Go With Your Gut, host of Positivity Party Radio and teaches highly sensitive people how toembrace their sensitivity as a giftso they canlive in their happy place. Nicole is known for her contagious positive energy, psychic empath abilities and relentless pursuit of creating a better world for all. She believes everyone has a higher calling, loves that her clients call her a friend and considers her work ldquoliving life on purpose.rdquo The Sensitive Souls Nicole has worked with have gone on to become professional artists, healers, published authors, successful entrepreneurs, empowered parents and superheros. Her inspiring nature and intuitive ability to detect and dismiss resistance has transformed the lives of many people, making her a highly sought after motivational speaker, group lecturer, and personal coach. Nicole lives in beautiful Erin, Wisconsin in what has been nicknamed "The Fairy House" with her best friend and fianceacute Erik, theirsuper-loved Basset Hound Miss Buttercup and is the very proud mom of 2 HSP sons who light up her world.


  • You Are Here to Live Your Bad-Ass Life as a Sensitive


    You Are Here to Live Your Bad-Ass Life as a Sensitive There s so much going on in the world but that s not new. We ve been programmed to believe many things that limit our potential, stop us from wanting or believing we can have more. I call enough! We have more resources at our finger-tips than ever before to live our healthiest, greatest life so why are we so stuck as a society? Why are so many people sick, depressed and suffering vs. healthy, happy and fulfilled? This episode, we take a hard look at the victim mindset programming, self-medicating and avoiding real change because it s too hard . If you are not happy, you have to ask yourself why but then be brave enough to face the truth and change it. You are here to be a bad-ass sensitive live your best life. I believe that, I am here to help you get to a place where you believe it too.

  • All Things Are Glitter with The Samantha Parker


    If you are a woman who wants to live and feel bad-ass, it s important to surround yourself with women who get you, lift you and make you better. Friends who keep you on the rise, who keep you going because let s be real, life doesn t feel all glitter all the time. Which is exactly why I invited The Samantha Parker to join me on this soul-packed episode. She has been that powerhouse in my life, and I wanted to share her infectious let s make magic happen energy with you. Samantha has never backed down from a big idea. In fact, she s queen of turning her passions into reality, but it s so much bigger than that. She s created her own successful businesses in what seems like overnight, magic like founding Badassery Magazine and even interviewed Gary V, a dream of hers that again, just seemed to magically happen as an outsider looking in. But truly what makes her bad-ass and all glitter, is her relentless drive to be the greatest version of herself, even if it requires her to reinvent herself. She just ans

  • Free Your Fear of Failure and Go For Your Dreams


    It s not proper to drop the F-word and yet, when it comes to saying yes to your big dreams, giving it your all and going for it, the f-word is all too often the default. Of course we re talking about failure . This week a deeper dive into your fear of failure, why it s there when clearly it won t help you move forward on your soulful path and how to get to an energetic place of done deal instead! No more fear of failure for you badass, it s time to go for your dreams! Want my help with this? Book a free unstoppable strategy session Let s make your magic happen together and put any fear of failure behind you where it belongs!

  • How to Serve Your People When You Don’t Like “Peopling”


    How do you serve everyone and change the world when can we be real here, you feel like you don t even like people? When you just do not feel up to peopling because ugh, it s exhausting, it s challenging to keep going and give from the heart when everyone is so negative about everything. As a sensitive who wants to serve, but feels like you need to retreat from the world or you just want to avoid people because they re so negative, it can feel confusing and frustrating to find your path to serve more and make a difference. This week s show gives you 9 tips to help you serve your people (even if you don t like peopling), so you can expand your capacity the way you want, on demand, feel unstoppable and get to a place where serving feels fun again!

  • The Unstoppable Lady Duo of Good Friend, Inc.


    I m so excited for this week s show featuring two inspiring women who felt called to make a difference for children with Autism. Meet Denise Schamens and Chelsea Budde, the unstoppable lady duo that co-founded Good Friend, Inc., a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to creating autism awareness, teaching acceptance of differences, and fostering empathy for individuals with autism. Good Friend, Inc. has reached more than 53,000 people directly with its autism awareness-acceptance-empathy message since 2007. Denise Schamens has three children, two of whom are adults with special needs. Due to her first-hand experiences, she served for 10 years as a school district family engagement liaison for CESA #1. Her insight into the needs of children with autism spectrum disorder gave rise to Good Friend, Inc. Denise has served as its co-founder, vice president, and creative director since 2007. Her passion lies in her creative pursuits within and outside the organization, which include editing and directing four sh

  • 9 Remarkable Signs You Are Meant to Be in the Spotlight


    Have you been feeling lost in the energy waves of negativity around you? Caught up in or trying to ge taway from all the distractions? Or just waking up in the morning wondering what else you re going to get hit with that requires you to put some sort of fire out? We are in different and challenging times. But I want to whisk you away from the world s mess and take you to a magical place, a peaceful bubble where we talk all things purpose and the higher meaning of life. On this episode, 9 signs you are meant for more, to be in the spotlight sharing something amazing that only you have to offer! Let s continue to move away from those struggles that feel so confusing and get back on purpose.

  • When You Worry About Old Problems


    I love talking about dreams, working with women who dream big. I ve discovered over my many years of coaching while trying to help women articulate what they really want, is that too many women cannot seem to dream beyond their most immediate most painful PROBLEM! They want more, they feel they re meant for more. They may see things out in the worldand think wouldn t that be nice . But too often they get stuck worrying about old problems leaving no room for those big dreams to unfold. If that's you, I'm here to help you change that. On this week s episode, something that might surprise you about your old problems. How they can help you get everything you really want!

  • When Will Now Be Your Time?


    I have talked with women from all over the world. They have big dreams, visions of a better world and a desire to make a difference. But at the same time, they are not putting themselves first, not leading with their own dreams. They are too busy doing all the things for everyone while their own dreams get lost in the shuffle. What they want just does not seem important enough so they put off their dreams and maybe even give up. WHY DO MOST WOMEN GIVE UP ON THEIR DREAMS? That s what we re talking about on this week s episode. Because I think NOW should be your time.

  • 7 Ways to Consistently Focus on Joy


    How much time do you focus on your joy? Happiness? What lights you up to even think about? Society is so problem focused. I hear it all the time, My social media is so negative . With all the negativity in the world why wouldn t you be problem focused??? Relatives, family, people complaining around you about what is wrong in the world make it easy to create a habit of articulating all that is not working in your daily conversations. To get more of what you do want and to feel unstoppable, you must focus on the positives. It's time to jump off the problem train and open space for more of what you do want. Listen to this episode for 7 ways to consistently focus on joy!

  • The Truth About That Annoying Little Voice Inside


    We all have that annoying little voice inside that likes to point out what we did not get done, how far we still have to go or how far we are from what we truly want. Not for lack of working hard or being busy. But tending to more than most people while not feeling like you are doing enough, being enough or getting what you want is a hard way to live that leads to you suffering in silence. It is not always easy to recognize or admit - that you doubt your own power or put yourself last. This can be painful and personal - not out in the open for everyone to see because maybe you hide it so well. What if instead, your true inner voice talked you into your dreams and sang your praises? What would it tell the world about you? That s what we re digging into on this episode. A heart to heart that you absolutely deserve to have your own dreams and how to override that part of you that may be keeping you from pursuing them.

  • Think You Have a People Problem? Think Again.


    Have you ever struggled with people? Our lives are filled with many challenges, most involve dealing with other people. What happens if the people you re fixated on are not a match? They don t see your view, dream, goals? They don t or won t support you. Well that is exactly what we re diving into on this week s show how to honor what you want, move in the direction of your dreams regardless of what others say or do. We ll cover why You may fixate on other people the damage it does to your future External validation is not the answer you re looking for You must honor yourself to stay vibrant, healthy and positive confident! 8 signs you may have people problems and what you can do to change that of course! The 3 kinds of supporters to build your dreams one might surprise you! It s so important to be true to yourself, all of you, 100%!

  • 10 Myths About Being Unstoppable No One Talks About


    Premiere of the Unstoppable Podcast with Nicole Isler! What does being unstoppable really mean? Is life all glitter and rainbows? Even if not, can you be unstoppable in your own life?

  • Client Spotlight Joy Allen


    I'm so happy to share this special person and her story with you. I had known Joy for years but it wasn't until she decided it was time to sort through some personal matters that I really, truly stepped into her life with her. That's the thing about the Universe, it delivers what and who you need, just sometimes, much ahead of schedule. I just know you'll find Joy's story empowering, listening to her share how she stepped into her "red boots" of inner courage and started to put herself first. What came from that is amazing! Eliminating what was not working for her allowed her true passions to surface and her bravery to soar. She's now busy creating her brand new life and inspiring, uplifting artwork that reflects the personal joy she created for herself!

  • Client Spotlight Tabbie Thew


    You're going to love this client spotlight featuring Tabbie Thew! She is all heart, so intuitive and stepping out in the world with her gifts. Tabbie provides health and wellness mentoring for her clients who want to live a vibrant life but she inspires so many along the way, including her teenage son. She's creating the best kind of legacy! Tabbie is tenacious in her approach to life, saying yes to the things that inspire her - which is why I wanted to share her story with you. I just know you'll love her - enjoy this week's show!

  • Featuring Special Guest Cathi Cohen - Brownfield


    From the moment this lady joined my community I felt her love and compassion for others. She started to welcome new members without any nudges from me. So to have the honor of calling her client and now friend goes beyond words! I wanted to share Cathi's story because she proves that you can move beyond the past, beyond depression in a way that inspires you. You can create a life you love even when you may be feeling like giving up is the only option. You always have options!

  • 2 Kinds Of Resistance & Why You Don't Want To Confuse Them


    It's true what you resist persists, but why are you resisting in the first place? I wanted to talk on this topic because resistance can keep you from moving forward. But if resistance is misunderstood, it can actually create more of what you don't want by pushing through whatever you're resisting. Let's dive into this topic and help you identify what you're resisting in your life and the true WHY! ResistanceEnergyEgoSolvingprocrastination

  • When You're Doing That Thing You're Doing Because You Think You Have To Do It


    We're all up to something, doing something each and every day. Is what you're doing what you want to be doing? What you think you should be doing? If you're pumping out tons of effort and energy you should get to see and feel an awesome return of energy and outcomes that make you giddy inside. If not, wtf? That's what I'm dishing the goods on this week! Plus the true definition of living your dream so you don't just get caught up in doing things for the sake of doing them.

  • Should You Make Emotional Decisions


    Are emotions the enemy to making solid decisions? Should you bring your feelings into your decisions? The assumption is that good decisions are based upon careful consideration. Weighing out the pros and cons. Really thinking things through. But overthinking is not the best route to your aligned answer. Not to mention, many Sensitives spend too much time stuck in their head, thinking anyway. This week's show will help you create more emotional awareness + how to make empowered emotional decisions to move you along your most aligned path. Want my help with this? Book a call to discuss here:

  • How To Unlock Your Big Dreams 10X Better Than The Average Sensitive


    Have you ever struggled with knowing what you really want? And even if you did, you struggle to contemplate when and how you'd do it with no time or energy? What if you learned how to unlock your big dreams 10X better than the average sensitive? What if you knew what not to do so you could avoid it? That's what I'm dropping on this show! Why you need to change your approach if you're not getting what you want. Signs you're not showing up for the life you really want. What you can do to identify what subconscious limiting beliefs are creating more struggle for you - and of course, where you go from here to unlock your biggest dreams! Ready for more? To unlock your big dreams to the fullest? Book a free consult to discuss what came up for you. Let's see how I can help and get you on your way!

  • You Are Not A Target For Narcissists And Toxic People - and the Actual Truth


    Do you find yourself trying to justify how you feel or what you want and why you want it only to end up on the defense? Are you constantly trying to explain why you feel the way you feel because someone makes you feel wrong for your own feelings? Do you exhaust yourself trying to defend how you feel to what seems like everyone around you? It s time to stop defending, justifying and explaining yourself as if you have no right to your own feelings or what you want and that s exactly what we re talking about on this week s show. Why this topic? Sensitives waste a ridiculous amount of time and energy living on the defense. In addition, there are many people out there teaching techniques to protect yourself. They focus on how you re a target for narcissists, how being sensitive is hard. This type of behavior is learned, conditioned, and keeps you stuck in a loop of powerlessness. How will your big dreams come true with that kind of approach? (they don t!) It s time to take back your power, be yourself and stop d

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