Dj Rob Hyde

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The first in a line of podcasts by The Hyde Brothers recorded live in Shoreditch. Visit for updates and to leave your comments!!


  • Funky Electro Mix

    Funky Electro Mix

    21/11/2013 Duração: 01h16min

    Another Funky Electro mix to wet your whistle. Enjoy!! Remember to follow me on twitter @TheHydeBrothers

  • Funky Electro Mix

    Funky Electro Mix

    18/11/2013 Duração: 52min

    Remember to follow me on twitter @Thehydebrothers. Here's my new mix of my favourite funky electro tracks. I've started off on the more light side with tracks, such as, Dabruck and Klein's re-work of Axwell's "It's True", which has the perfect uplifting vocal for the summer months. Also, in the mix is Bodyrox's "What Planet You On", which gets a chunkier and funkier remix by the ever excellent Deadmau5. I've ended on a bit of an older track but one of my favourite electro tracks of all time, Dave Spoon's remix of "Take Off", which reminds me of Trailer Trash on NYE. Enjoy!!

  • Classic Funky House Mix

    Classic Funky House Mix

    12/11/2013 Duração: 01h06min

    We start off the first in a series of House Mixes with the vocal delights of Ms Jocelyn Brown, on a song that always guarantees a full dancefloor - Minister's De La Funk's "Believe". Through to Kid Creme's excellent re-work of Shakedown's "At Night" - which reminds me of some very messy nights at Lovezoo in Nottingham back in the day. We end the mix with some up-front funky stompers - who can forget Dave McCullen's "Bitch" - THE song of Ibiza 2005! Good times...enjoy guys and gals. Follow me on twitter @THEHYDEBROTHERS for new upcoming electro, tech and funky house mixes!