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Now in its 31st year on CiTR, The Saturday Edge is my personal guide to world & roots music, with African, Latin and European music in the first half, followed by Celtic, Blues, Songwriters, Cajun and whatever else fits!


  • Fundrive Special

    Fundrive Special


    Played some of my all-time favourites, some new favourites, music collected at Folk Alliance, music coming soon to Vancouver, and a little feature on music from Louisiana. Plus lots of spruiking to try to raise funds for CiTR

  • Groundhogs / SOCAN Week / Louisiana

    Groundhogs / SOCAN Week / Louisiana


    Musical memories from last week's trip to New Orleans for Folk Alliance International, with lots of music from there and Lafayette. A song for Groundhog Day. Concert Previews and masses of Canadian fiddles too.

  • Allons a Lafayette

    Allons a Lafayette


    On my way to New Orleans in the morning for the Folk Alliance International Conference. Played a lot of music by artists who will be showcasing there, plus local concert previews and new music from Africa - North and Central.

  • Persian Melancholy

    Persian Melancholy


    Lots of music from Iran today. So sad about those lives lost. A direct consequence of a mindless act of murder by the megalomaniacal idiot in the White House. New releases, concert previews, and a salute to John Mann (Spirit of the West), for whom a Celebration of Life was to be held that afternoon.

  • R.I.P. Neil Innes

    R.I.P. Neil Innes


    Mostly new releases today. Many fine recordings have been accumulating at Rogue Towers this month and now that the seasonal fare is over and done with I finally got a chance to unleash some of it!! Also a brief tribute to the remarkable talent of Neil Innes, erstwhile Python and Bonzo founder, who passed away this week. His finest hour must surely be The Rutles, though.

  • Best Of 2019

    Best Of 2019


    Well, some of my favourite tracks from some of my favourite albums I heard in 2019

  • Christmas / Solstice Special  R.I.P. Arty McGlynn

    Christmas / Solstice Special & R.I.P. Arty McGlynn


    My annual Seasonal mashup of Christmas tunes and all sorts of mayhem. Happy Solstice everyone! Merry Christmas - and Wassail!!

  • Gloomy Winter and BoJo The Clown

    Gloomy Winter and BoJo The Clown


    After the sad demise of fRoots magazine I managed to find another source of musical inspiration: Songlines Magazine. Which comes with a fresh CD / download album every month. Quite a few cuts from Songlines 2019 today! Plus a bunch of winter songs and laments for the UK election. Take down the Union Jack. Forever.

  • John Mann R.I.P.

    John Mann R.I.P.


    Paying tribute to Spirit of the West singer John Mann who passed away this week. Also marking the 50th anniversary of The Band's eponymous album, and featuring Le Vent Du Nord and other upcoming Rogues. Wound up with some stunning new Irish music

  • Cubans / Birds / Fearings / OBriens / The Irish are coming!

    Cubans / Birds / Fearings / O'Briens / The Irish are coming!


    Orquesta Akokan or Birds of Chicago for tonight's concert entertainment? Also some amazing new Irish trad selections and a celebration of new roots music from across Canada - and England too.

  • Remembrance Day Special

    Remembrance Day Special


    Some tasty new music from around the globe, featuring concert previews like Bruce Cockburn (Nov 9, Chan), Songbird North (Nov 12, Roundhouse), Orquesta Akokan (Nov 16, Chan), Birds of Chicago (Nov 16, Shadbolt Centre), and Tim O'Brien Band (Nov 22, Rogue Folk at St. James.) Plus a few songs of Remembrance and lots of Canadiana and feisty fiddles and concertinas too.

  • Clocks Fall Back to make way for new tunes

    Clocks Fall Back to make way for new tunes


    Thank goddess we get an extra hour's sleep tonight as this could be the busiest week of 2019 for concerts of Folk and Roots music in Vancouver! So heaps of concert previews as well as new CDs by Kevin Burke, and Charlie Hunter & Lucy Woodward. Plus Rogue performers of the very recent past and the near future.

  • Halloween Special

    Halloween Special


    Some sngs on a Halloween theme, plus new releases, and a few concert previews for shows around town this week.

  • No Paseran!

    No Paseran!


    A look back at Celtic Colours - with some stunning new releases acquired there - and to the fight against oppression and fascism from the 1880s to the present day. Congrats to a few BBC Folk Award winners this week, and concert previews as well.

  • Celtic Colours Special

    Celtic Colours Special


    Pre-recorded show to be aired while I was away at the Celtic Colours Festival in Cape Breton. Featured music from many of the artists appearing there, plus concert previews and new releases, and a tribute to Cream drummer Ginger Baker who passed away last weekend.

  • Boiling The Breakfast Early

    Boiling The Breakfast Early


    Looking ahead to next week's Celtic Colours Festival in Cape Breton, plus previews of concerts here by Mari Boine (Norway), Skerryvore (Scotland), Jontavious Willis (NYC), and The Small Glories (Winnipeg). New releases by Lakou Mizik (Haiti), Kacy & Clayton (SK), and Manamba Kante (Mali) as well.

  • A Long Strange Trip

    A Long Strange Trip


    R.I.P. Robert Hunter - Grateful Dead lyricist. New music by Argentine Bluegrass--ish combo Che Apalache, as well as Eilen Jewell, Alex Cuba, Show of Hands, and Natalie MacMaster. Previews of shows by NYC bluesman Jontavious Willis, Quebec gypsy jazz sextet Les Imposteures, and Americana songwriter-general Tom Russell. Tip of the hat to IBMA winners Missy Raines and Michael Cleveland.

  • Uncle John no longer playing in the band

    Uncle John no longer playing in the band


    R.I.P. "Uncle" John Cohen. Plus concert previews (Rosanne Cash, Tannahill Weavers. Martin Kerr, Les Imposteures, Mari Boine, Skerryvore etc.), a few protest songs, and a couple of new releases.

  • Holding On To Saturday Night

    Holding On To Saturday Night


    Tried to cram in as much music as possible to distract me from thinking about a week of medical appointments and difficult meetings. Memories of the Tonder Festival in Denmark are still fresh in my mind so lots more music from their 45th anniversary, and some concert previews, but no special "theme" this week.

  • Return from Europe - with new music!

    Return from Europe - with new music!


    A bunch of new releases and new (to me) older ones. Most of them inspired by recent festivals in Edmonton (Alberta) and Tonder (Denmark)

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