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  • Halloween Spookshow Vol. 12

    Hallowe'en Spookshow Vol. 12

    10/10/2019 Duração: 52min

    Hey weirdos! Quit sleepin' and start creepin' on this year's set of hi-fi haunts! Get 'em while they're fresh...from the grave! ☠ “The Man and Monster” and “The Bloody Vampire” radio spot ☠ Joe Johnson- The Gila Monster ☠ Charles Bernstein, “A Nightmare on Elm Street” OST- School Horror, Stay Awake ☠ “Dracula AD 1972” radio spot ☠ The Monstrosities- Dance Along with Dracula (Doin’ The Drac) ☠ Fairley Holden- Graveyard Light ☠ The Idols- The Prowler ☠ Gary Paxton- Spookie Movies ☠ Bobby Dee & The Crestliners- Graveyard Twist ☠ “The Exorcist III” radio spot ☠ Rosemary Clooney- The Wobblin’ Goblin ☠ Henri Salvador- Dracula Cha Cha Cha ☠ Excerpt from “Dracula” ☠ Bobby Please & The Pleasers- The Monster ☠ Frank Skinner, “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein” OST- Main Theme ☠ The Rockin’ Continentals- Count Dracula ☠ “Kara Kume” spookshow promo ☠ Mr. Baseman & The Symbols- Do the Zombie ☠ Gene “Bowlegs” Miller- Frankenstein Walk ☠ Excerpt from “The Story of Halloween Horror” ☠ Scottie Stuart- Nightmare ☠ Jesse S

  • Halloween Spookshow Vol. 11

    Hallowe'en Spookshow Vol. 11

    20/10/2018 Duração: 51min

    Time's up, weird-o-matic waxers! Dig out yer headphones, strap on yer straight-jackets, and settle in for a new batch of bone-rattlin' platters! ☠ Introduction to “Alfred Hitchcock’s Ghost Stories for Young People” ☠ The Emersons- Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde ☠ Baron Daemon & The Vampires- Ghost Guitars ☠ Jack Rivers- Haunted House Boogie ☠ “Monsters a Go-Go” spookshow promo ☠ The Deadly Ones- There’s a Creature in the Surfer’s Lagoon ☠ John Harrison, “Creepshow” OST- Prologue/The Creepshow Welcomes You ☠ Benae Carol- The Werewolf ☠ Scotty Macgregor & His Spooks- I’m a Monster ☠ Henry Hall & His Orchestra- Hush, Hush, Hush, Here Comes the Bogey Man ☠ “Don’t Look in the Basement” radio spot ☠ Goblin, “Patrick” OST- Metamorphosi ☠ The Blenders- Graveyard ☠ Carl Stalling- Music from Disney’s “Haunted House” ☠ The Monstrosities- Igor’s Party ☠ Dickie Goodman- Frankenstein Meets the Beatles ☠ The Beach-Niks- It Was a Nightmare ☠ Philippe d’Aram, “La morte vivante” OST- Le Suicide ☠ “The Bird With Crystal Plumage” radio

  • Halloween Spookshow Vol. 10

    Hallowe'en Spookshow Vol. 10

    11/10/2017 Duração: 55min

    Scream for your life, ya ghouls! This Hallowe'en season's new stack of ectoplasmic wax is loose! Scare away that October chill with these thrilling toons! ☠ “The House By the Cemetery” radio spot ☠ Walter Rizzati, “Quella Villa Accanto Al Cimitero” OST- Walt Monster End ☠ Lorry & The Biters- Frankenstein Stomp ☠ Johnny Eager- The Howl ☠ Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orchestra- Boogie Woogie Man ☠ Excerpt from “White Zombie” ☠ Screaming Lord Sutch- Murder in the Graveyard ☠ Jonathan With Orchestra- The Mummy ☠ The Mellowmen- Trick or Treat for Halloween (from “Trick or Treat” Disney short) ☠ “The Oblong Box’ radio spot ☠ The Vampires of Dartmoore- Dr. Caligaris Gruselkabinett ☠ Jay Chattaway, “Maniac” OST- Subway Terror ☠ Cecil Campbell & His Tennessee Ramblers- Spooky Boogie ☠ Danny Ware- The Zombie Stomp ☠ Nicole Paquin- Mon Mari, C’est Frankenstein ☠ Count Chocula and Boo Berry commercial ☠ Johnny Thunders- Horror Show ☠ Pino Donaggio, “Carrie” OST- Bucket of Blood ☠ Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan- The Ragti

  • Halloween Spookshow Vol. 9

    Hallowe'en Spookshow Vol. 9

    08/10/2016 Duração: 52min

    Alright you goons, beware! Here's this season's brand new set of spooked-up tunes! The moon's out, so let's get howlin'! ☠ I Eat Your Skin/I Drink Your Blood radio spot ☠ Kenny & The Fiends- The House on Haunted Hill ☠ Buster Doss & His Arkansas Playboys- Graveyard Boogie ☠ Mack Allen Smith- The Skeleton Fight ☠ Orville Stoebner & Walter Sear- Excerpt from “Let’s Scare Jessica to Death” OST ☠ Ron Haydock & The Boppers- Halloween ☠ ”Dr. Satan” spookshow promo ☠ James Duhon- Graveyard Creep ☠ Peerless Quartet- At the Devil’s Ball ☠ John Sowell- Nightmares ☠ The Ghouls- Dracula’s Deuce ☠ Basil Kirchin, The Abominable Dr. Phibes OST- Dr. Phibes’ Theme ☠ Pieces radio spot ☠ Wobblin’ Goblin’, Lawrence Welk Hallowe’en Show 1958 ☠ Merv Griffin- House of Horrors ☠ Jimmy Dee- The Monster Hop ☠ Carlos Casal, Jr.- Don’t Meet Frankenstein ☠ François de Roubaix, Daughters of Darkness OST- Daughters of Darkness Opening Theme ☠ Vault of Horror radio spot ☠ Milton DeLugg- The Creep ☠ Ben Colder- Shudders and Screams ☠ Rudy V

  • Halloween Spookshow Vol. 8

    Hallowe'en Spookshow Vol. 8

    27/08/2016 Duração: 47min

    Uh oh! This year's episode is here, fresh from the grave and cravin' warm blood! So let loose, gooses, and give in! ☠ Cris Kevin & The Comics- Haunted House ☠ The Prairie Ramblers- Ghost in the Graveyard ☠ Philip Glass, Kronos Quartet, Dracula OST- Dr. Van Helsing and Dracula ☠ ”Horror Chamber of Blood & Gore” spookshow promo ☠ The Last Word- Sleepy Hollow ☠ Jack Hylton- Bogey Wail ☠ Gene Moss & The Monsters- I Want to Bite Your Hand ☠ Excerpt from The Innocents ☠ Acanthus, Les frisson des vampires OST- Angoisse temporelle ☠ Billy & The Dukes- Roland ☠ Premier Quartet- That Syncopated Boogie-Boo ☠ Duponts- Screamin’ Ball (At Dracula Hall) ☠ Blood for Dracula trailer ☠ Screaming Lord Sutch- Dracula’s Daughter ☠ Ennio Morricone, Drammi gotici OST- Ma non è un vampiro #1 ☠ Frankie Stein & His Ghouls- Mummy’s Little Boy ☠ ”Lights Out” intro ☠ Carl Bonafede & The Gemtones- The Werewolf ☠ Verdicts- Mummy’s Ball ☠ Howard Blake, Ken Wannberg, & Rick Wilkins, The Changeling OST- Main Theme

  • Halloween Spookshow Vol. 7

    Hallowe'en Spookshow Vol. 7

    27/08/2016 Duração: 35min

    AHHHHHHH! Hello again, all you Hallowe'en fiends! Shake the bats outta yer belfry and lissen up! Fresh from the deep is another collection of spooky wax tracks for you to creep. Ghosts groan and chains clatter on this set of spooky platters! Ep. 7 ☠ Wade Denning & Frank Daniels- The Werewolf Attacks ☠ The Kac-Ties- Mister Werewolf ☠ The Brian Sisters- The Boogie Woogie Man ☠ Sam Sham & The Pharaohs- Haunted House ☠ Krzysztof Komeda, Rosemary’s Baby OST- Main Theme ☠ The Cramps- Surfin’ Dead ☠ The Naturals- The Mummy ☠ Boris Karloff films spot ☠ Roy Webb, Cat People OST- Main Theme ☠ The Hollywood Flames- Frankenstein’s Den ☠ Carl Stalling- Music from Disney’s “The Skeleton Dance” ☠ Fabio Frizzi, The Beyond OST- Verso L’ignoto ☠ Beyond the Door spot ☠ Frankie Stein & His Ghouls- Saturday Evening Ghost ☠ Gene Krupa & His Orchestra ft. Anita O’Day- The Walls Keep Talkin’

  • Halloween Spookshow Vol. 6

    Hallowe'en Spookshow Vol. 6

    27/08/2016 Duração: 46min

    Wake up, wombats! Time to get Hallowe'enin'! Trick 'r treat, dig these neat beats! ☠ Thee Cormans- Surf Shack of Doom ☠ Ghost A Go-Go spot ☠ Maurice Jarre, Les Yeux Sans Visage OST- Thème Romantique ☠ Leroy Bowman- Graveyard ☠ Louie Prima & His Orchestra- Mr. Ghost Goes to Town ☠ The Tingler except ☠ Art Roberts- Terrible Ivan ☠ Skipper Ryle- Wolf Gal ☠ Philippe Sarde, The Tenant OST- Cour d’immeuble ☠ The Fleshtones- I Was a Teenage Zombie ☠ The Cadillacs- The Boogie Man ☠ The Abstracts- Nightmare ☠ Excerpt from Evil Dead 2 ☠ Mann Drake- Vampire’s Ball ☠ ”I’m a Ghost” from Scrappy’s Ghost Story cartoon ☠ X Men- Do the Ghost ☠ Excerpt from Bride of Frankenstein ☠ Franz Waxman, Bride of Frankenstein OST- Female Monster Music/Pastorale/Village Chase ☠ Gruesomes- Dementia 13 ☠ Castle Kings- You Can Get Him Frankenstein ☠ Louis Armstrong- Spooks! ☠ John Carpenter, The Fog OST- The Main Theme

  • Halloween Spookshow Vol. 5

    Hallowe'en Spookshow Vol. 5

    27/08/2016 Duração: 51min

    Okay, kiddos! Ears not ringing yet? I've just the thing! Get yer old heart a-pounding with some horror sounds and let this creeper through your speaker. Here's this year's last scream! ☠ Boris Karloff from House of Frankenstein ☠ Jerry Bryan- Vampire Daddy ☠ Spike Jones- Monster Movie Ball ☠ Maury Laws, Mad Monster Party? OST, “The Mummy” ☠ Excerpt from The Mummy (1932) trailer ☠ Peter & The Wolves- Mr. Frankenstein ☠ Tom Gerun & His Orchestra- The Boogy Man is Here ☠ Billy Snel- Queen of Halloween ☠ Randy Fuller- Wolfman ☠ Wayne Bell & Tobe Hooper, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre OST- “Opening Titles” ☠ Larry’s Rebels- Halloween ☠ Don’t Open the Window TV spot ☠ Earl Patterson- Nightmare Hop ☠ Bobby Bare- Vampira ☠ Bing Crosby- The Headless Horseman ☠ The Deadly Ones- It’s Monster Surfing Time ☠ Claudine Clark- Walking Through a Cemetery ☠ Dawn of the Dead (1978) unreleased OST- “Truck Attack” ☠ Creed Taylor Orchestra- Haunted House ☠ Eddie Thomas- Frankenstein Rock ☠ Claudio Gizzi, Flesh For Frankenstein OST-

  • Halloween Spookshow Vol. 4

    Hallowe'en Spookshow Vol. 4

    27/08/2016 Duração: 50min

    The first chill of the season is here, so get warm with this year's first ghastly platter. Turn it up, podcasters and speaker-blasters! This episode is also in memory of NeverEndingWonder Radio, a tremendous free-form online radio station that was curated by author Lee Widener. Check out his page here: ☠ Maniac radio spot ☠ The Bama Lamas- Hungry Teenage Wolfman ☠ Teresa Brewer- Punky Punkin ☠ Jack Starr- Halloween Party ☠ John Carpenter- “Halloween 1978”, Halloween OST ☠ Larry & The Blue Notes- Night of the Sadist ☠ Memphis Minnie- Haunted House (take 2) ☠ ”Trial of the Dead” spookshow promo ☠ Frankie Stein & His Ghouls- In a Groovy Grave ☠ The Nu-Trends- Spooksville ☠ American Quartet ft. Billy Murray- Skeleton Rag ☠ Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages- All Black and Hairy ☠ Les Baxter- The Grave/Stake Through the Eye, Black Sunday OST ☠ The Moontrekkers- Night of the Vampire ☠ Jack & Jim- Midnight Monsters’ Hop ☠ ”Kill Baby Kill” trailer ☠ Thurl Ravenscroft- Grim Grinning Ghos

  • Halloween Spookshow Vol. 3

    Hallowe'en Spookshow Vol. 3

    25/08/2016 Duração: 51min

    Ahhh! Where has the year gone? October's here again, and so am I. So get goin', goners! ☠ Blood Feast warning ☠ The Cramps- I Was a Teenage Werewolf ☠ King Flash & Calypso Carnival- Zombie Jamboree ☠ American Symphony Orchestra- Hallowe’en Dance ☠ Hell-Racer- Monster Beach ☠ Night of the Living Dead OST- Driveway to the Cemetery (Main Title) ☠ Louis Armstrong & his Band- Skeleton in the Closet ☠ Bo Diddley- Bo Meets the Monster ☠ And Now the Screaming Starts radio spot ☠ Ramones- Pet Sematary ☠ Ted Cassidy- The Lurch ☠ Camille Saint-Saëns- Danse Macabre ☠ Los Straitjackets- The Munsters Theme ☠ Lon Chaney, Jr.- Monster’s Holiday ☠ Joseph LoDuca, Evil Dead 2 OST- Ash's Dream/Dancing Game/Dance of the Dead ☠ Zombie radio spot ☠ Happy Wilson- Haunted House Boogie ☠ Sharkey Todd & His Monsters- The Horror Show ☠ New Mayfair Dance Orchestra- The Haunted House ☠ Buddy Baker, Gaylord Carter- Disney’s Haunted Mansion, Doom Buggy Boarding Music

  • Halloween Spookshow Vol. 2

    Hallowe'en Spookshow Vol. 2

    25/08/2016 Duração: 49min

    Grab yer cider, turn the lights down and the volume up. Here we go again! ☠ Wade Denning & Kay Lande- Halloween ☠ Zombie IV- Do the Corpse ☠ Goblin- Suspiria Theme ☠ Lord Dent & his Invaders- Wolf Call ☠ Todd Rollins & his Orchestra- The Boogie Man ☠ The Fortunes- Ghoul in School ☠ Bloody Pit of Horror radio spot ☠ Round Robin- I’m the Wolfman ☠ Bill Buchanan- The Night Before Halloween ☠ Calvanes- Horror Pictures ☠ John Carpenter, Alan Howarth, Halloween III OST- Halloween Montage ☠ Gene Moore, Carnival of Souls OST- Main Title ☠ North American Hallowe’en Prevention, Inc.- Do They Know It’s Hallowe’en? ☠ Tarantula Ghoul & the Gravediggers- Graveyard Rock ☠ Dawn of the Dead radio spot ☠ Bing Crosby, Victor Moore, & Boris Karloff- Halloween ☠ Lord Luther with the Kingsmen- Teenage Creature ☠ Claudio Gizzi, Blood for Dracula OST- Dracula’s Theme

  • Halloween Spookshow Vol. 1

    Hallowe'en Spookshow Vol. 1

    25/08/2016 Duração: 51min

    Here's the first fiendish helping! I was sure to throw some classics in here. Dig in and dig it! ☠ Vincent Price- "House of Frightenstein" intro ☠ Big Bee Kornegay- At the House of Frankenstein ☠ Screaming Lord Sutch and the Savages- 'Til the Following Night ☠ "Mad Daddy" Pete Myers' Werewolf Poem ☠ Ronald Stein- "Spider Baby" Theme ft. Lon Chaney, Jr. ☠ Betty Grable- Halloween song from "My Blue Heaven" ☠ "Lady Frankenstein" spot ☠ The Mummies- The Fly ☠ Robbie "The Werewolf" Robison- Rockin' Werewolf ☠ Kay Starr & the Billy Butterfield Quintet- The Headless Horseman ☠ "I Was a Teenage Werewolf" spot ☠ Ronnie Dawson- Rockin' in the Graveyard ☠ The Shaggs- It's Halloween ☠ Glenn Miller & His Orchestra- Swingin' at the Seance ft. Dorothy Claire ☠ "Horror of Dracula" spot ☠ Maury Laws- "Mad Monster Party?" Theme ft. Ethel Ennis ☠ The Crewnecks- Rockin' Zombie ☠ Sheldon Allman- Children's Day at the Morgue ☠ "The House that Dripped Blood" spot ☠ Hasil Adkins- Haunted House ☠ Terry Teen- The Hearse ☠ Frankie Ste