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Latest Axwell Forum Radio episodes by Axwell Forum Members. (previously Axwell Forum Podcast)


  • Axwell Forum Podcast - Final Edition

    Axwell Forum Podcast - Final Edition

    07/01/2017 Duração: 02h57min

    In the summer of 2012, something great happened. After talking about hundreds of livesets, mixtapes and of course mixshows here on our board, we decided it was time for the forum itself to join the airwaves. And what started out as small fun little community thing, ended up being…well, something much bigger of which we can be very proud of! But after all those years filled with specials, milestones, featured Axtone guestmixers but most importantly, you guys in one way or another, we felt that it was the right time to give the Forum Podcast a proper farewell with a very last episode. Now don’t despair! We are going to reboot the show, starting this year. Axwell Forum Radio will continue where AFP will stop. Axwell Forum Radio, or AFR I guess, will incorporate the forum way more. I think you will see/hear what I mean by that when you listen to the very First episode around end of January. But until that that time comes, let’s enjoy AFP with this last chapter. We conclude the podcast with a very very VERY sp

  • AFP050 - mixed by NEW_ID (Live from the Axtone Beatport Boat Party)

    AFP050 - mixed by NEW_ID (Live from the Axtone Beatport Boat Party)

    16/11/2015 Duração: 45min

    So a week ago, us forum members had the ride of a lifetime; The Axtone Beatport Boat Party. Sailing through the 'Prinsengracht', one of the many canals of Amsterdam (that you can also see on the artwork), we met a lot of people including a big portion of the Axtone crew! NEW_ID was one of them. Coincidentally, our 50th episode of AFP was coming up as well and we were looking for something special to properly celebrate it. Well, when we heard NEW_ID's set, our minds were made up; we HAD to have this for our milestone episode! When we approached Devi after his set, he was happy to oblige! Some talking and emailing later, we can finally proudly present NEW_ID, live from one of the coolest dance events ever, on our 50th episode of the Axwell Forum Podcast. I want to thank the Axtone crew, breakfast design & Devi, one of the coolest bunch of individuals on the planet and ofcourse you guys that supported the show for over 4 years already! November and December will see the return of AFP in full force for a final

  • AFP047 - Miami Edition (mixed by Romain G)

    AFP047 - Miami Edition (mixed by Romain G)

    16/04/2015 Duração: 01h16min

    A special like this is suitable any time of the year, and with the dust still settling from the Miami Music Week, we thought it this would be a nice way to close a fantastic week of music and new ID's! The tracks, selected by the forum, are old and modern classics that are absolutely soaked in the sunny miami waters as they have either been debuted during the happening, or simply really big! Mixing this week's episode is AFP veteran Romain G, who was more than happy to the arsenal of suggestions together in just over one hour of memories! On artwork duties as always, is Josh Muscat, who did his best to make an absolutely perfectly fitting artwork for the special! Thank to Josh and Romain for their input, and the forum guys for the tracks! Happy listening!

  • AFP046 - mixed by DCBull

    AFP046 - mixed by DCBull

    29/03/2015 Duração: 56min

    DC Bull's long overtime debut for the podcast!

  • AFP045 - mixed by Sobieski

    AFP045 - mixed by Sobieski

    17/03/2015 Duração: 01h21min

    There has been some shuffling in the final run of last year's schedule, but it's all set to go now. We start with mr. Sobieski first. I already heard his mix and it's everything you expect from mister classic house :). Some featured names to get y'all in the mood: Armand van Helden, Soul Central, Todd Terry, Rivera. Doesnt get much more smooth than this :)

  • AFP044 - Axwell Forum Awards 2014 Edition

    AFP044 - Axwell Forum Awards 2014 Edition

    29/01/2015 Duração: 31min

    For the first episode of 2015, we look back on 2014. Our forum members have selected our favorite tunes. Over the course of the past days, the forum voted for the best of the best and ended up with our ten most influential tracks of last year. The episode is mixed according to the top ten that came out of the voting period. The opener ended up as number 10, the second tune 9, all the way to the very last tune, which won it all and can be seen THE track of 2014 for our forum as a whole! We hope you enjoy our year in a nutshell, and stick with us for the rest of 2015. We don't want to spoil much yet, but it's safe to say it's going to be quite an interesting year for our podcast :)

  • AFP043 - AVANT/GARDE Edition (mixed by Chris Avantgarde)

    AFP043 - AVANT/GARDE Edition (mixed by Chris Avantgarde)

    31/12/2014 Duração: 01h01min

    Something that originally started as an idea, a mere concept, is now nothing less than pure reality. That's the story in short of Chris Avantgarde his ever growing AVANT / GARDE label, one of the pioneers in the movement that Avantgarde describes himself as the "new generation of labels". AVANT / GARDE her fanbase and ambassador group exist of many different individuals all over the world, but there is no denying that the Axwell Forum is heavily represented amidst the label's foundation. From the start, everyone here was more than happy to support Chris his label with her very first steps, which bloomed into the living breathing concept you see today. This Axwell Forum Podcast episode followed a similar path as AVANT / GARDE, as various members opted for the IDEA of a special AVANT / GARDE themed episode, possibly mixed by mr. Avantgarde himself. Luckily, Chris liked this idea as well and he was more than happy to do an episode for us. After a few months of emailing, the AVANT / GARDE special was there. I

  • AFP042 - mixed by WakandaCoverMan

    AFP042 - mixed by WakandaCoverMan

    17/12/2014 Duração: 01h08min

    Tribeman becomes member, member becomes hero, hero becomes legend, legend becomes memory. This week, we got reminded of the ruthless universal rule that everything great must eventually come to an end. Wakandacoverman, a dear friend to us all, revealed to us he must leave this forum and return to his tribe for good. A sad moment indeed. A departure like that should not go unnoticed, and I felt that there was only one proper way Wakanda to say farewell: A Wakandacoverman episode. After arriving in a classified part of African savannah, I finally located the man preparing freshly caught boar in his chieftain hut. After hours and hours of trying to communicate, hunting porcupine and dancing around fires to please Ubuntuklucknii, the mighty god of rythem and groove from Wakanda's tribe, the mix finally came together into one hour of african baked beats! Ranging from Toto´s classic "Africa", the modern anthem "Kwango" and the tribe chieftain's very own "Wakanda", the whole mix is sure to give a look into Wakan

  • AFP040 - mixed by MARE

    AFP040 - mixed by MARE

    22/11/2014 Duração: 01h09min

    Time for a member mix again! At the time of discussing the podcast, Mare was quite new to the community but already contributing like a veteran! Now we couldn't think of the forum without him. The mix features a lot of classics both new and old members will surely recognize. Enjoy! Special thanks to Josh Muscat, as always, for the fantastic artwork :)

  • AFP039 - Aerogames Edition (Mixed by Romaing G)

    AFP039 - Aerogames Edition (Mixed by Romaing G)

    20/11/2014 Duração: 01h06min

    NEW_ID is a duo that is loved very much on our forum and their debut solo track on axtone, 'Aerogames' should be celebrated accordingly! And so we did. It's clear that this track is all about the sensation of flight. The majestic power of a Jet Engine, the majestic roll on the airway and finally the raw G-force pressing against your body when the plane in question takes off. We wanted this feeling to resonate throughout the entire episode, and therefor our members selected the tracks that did so. Romain G, an AFP veteran by now, got on the captain duties and mixed them all together, adding some special 'Aerogames' themed edits in the process, into one hour of pure adrenaline. Of course, Trinary Flight couldn't be left out with a special about aeroflight and delivered a brilliant intro edit and a rework of their already fantastic bootleg Leave The World Behind, played in their debut AFP episode. Last week's mixer SMYT also joins the party, as he uses his passion for bootlegs to bring new life to an absolute

  • AFP036 - Halloween Special (Part 1) (mixed by The Forum Phantom)

    AFP036 - Halloween Special (Part 1) (mixed by The Forum Phantom)

    13/11/2014 Duração: 30min

    Leave your body, banish dread and join the night of dancing dead. Turn off the lights, your eyelids too, because the coming night is split in two. Those who dare, please beware. The dark dances with you tonight.

  • AFP037 - Halloween Special (Part 2) (mixed by The Forum Phantom)

    AFP037 - Halloween Special (Part 2) (mixed by The Forum Phantom)

    13/11/2014 Duração: 31min

    Leave your body, banish dread and join the night of dancing dead. Turn off the lights, your eyelids too, because the coming night is split in two. Those who dare, please beware. The dark dances with you tonight.

  • AFP038 - mixed by SMYT

    AFP038 - mixed by SMYT

    11/11/2014 Duração: 01h03min

    If you're a loyal podcast follower, the name SMYT should ring a bell. He's responsible for the fantastic intro from the first AAM episode and took control over the NEW_ID Remixes special earlier this year. Now he's given the full control on his very own episode. Without spoiling too much, I can guarantee you that his talent for rebooting and creating mashups will be heavily represented in his first ever solo contribution to the ever growing AFP catalog. Enjoy!

  • AFP035 - Destination Edition (Mixed by Feenixpawl)

    AFP035 - Destination Edition (Mixed by Feenixpawl)

    11/10/2014 Duração: 58min

    When Dubvision announced an "emotional" return on Axtone a few weeks ago, we at the forum instantly knew they were talking about the huge ID played by Axwell early June. A track we now know as "Destination", a collaboration with Australian duo Feenixpawl. When a huge release like this comes along, it's important to celebrate it in the right manner. And what better way to celebrate than to leave the episode into the capable hands of two absolute Axtone veterans: Aden Forte and Josh Soon, better known as Feenixpawl. In 60 minutes, they will showcase their favorite current and classic tracks, that go hand in hand with their latest Axtone output. So prepare yourself to be taken on a fantastic one hour ride, only to stop at one of the biggest vocal tracks of the year. Please enjoy, 60 minutes of Feenixpawl!

  • AFP034 - Arms Around Me (Part 2) (Mixed by Chocolate Puma)

    AFP034 - Arms Around Me (Part 2) (Mixed by Chocolate Puma)

    05/10/2014 Duração: 01h29s

    The original 'Arms Around Me' will go into the books as an absolute Axtone milestone. The vocal sample alone already makes the members of our forum, together with thousands of people around the word, instantly go into dance mode. When Axtone announced that there would be coming a remix of this, people were curious to see if it could even compete with Hard Rock Sofa´s original work. But when the rework rose to the surface, it became clear that ´Arms Around Me´ was going to round up the dance scene one more time and have everybody from Amsterdam to Zimbabwe pull out those dancing shoes once more. When we were in preparations of making this special, we suddenly thought to themselves that no other thanthe remixers themselves would be able to make a fitting mix to their rework. And when they replied positively to our suggestion, we couldn´t be happier. We knew that this special would get nothing less than fantastic, and when we heard it for the first time, we could only conclude that they sure as hell delive

  • AFP029 - To The Sun Edition (Mixed by Trinary Flight)

    AFP029 - To The Sun Edition (Mixed by Trinary Flight)

    29/09/2014 Duração: 03h41min

    When I was planning the To The Sun special, I immediately had to think about the boys from Trinary Flight. With their AFP021 debut being nothing short of fantastic, I had to ask them. Their skybound approach to dance music couldn't fit a mix around a track called "To The Sun" any better, and so they delivered to me the longest AFP episode ever. So buckle up, and please turn off your eyelids and put on your headphones. With a deep orange sky, the sunniest destination you could wish for and your trustworthy captains Trinary Flight, you've got a smooth flight ahead of you. Special thanks to Breakfast design for the ever fantastic artwork, Caspy and Muscat for the AFP makeover, Axtone and Deniz Koyu for the track and ofcourse House5, Supermode and Qwerty for mixing it!

  • AFP028 - How We Gonna Stop The Time Edition (Mixed  Edited by SMYT)

    AFP028 - How We Gonna Stop The Time Edition (Mixed & Edited by SMYT)

    07/08/2014 Duração: 01h04min

    Although this special edition is long overdue, it proves that NEW_ID's remix of How We Gonna Stop The Time by Kraak + Smaak is certainly timeless. Even weeks after the release, our members are still eager compile this special edition and celebrate Axtone's 45th release. Special thanks for SMYT for taking over mixing duties this week. Apart from the members many selected tracks, SMYT brought his own touch as well with personal edits and cuts. Special thanks to Breakfast Design for the fantastic artwork and Josh Muscat for editing it into an AFP edition!

  • AFP027 - mixed by Didas

    AFP027 - mixed by Didas

    30/07/2014 Duração: 01h14min

    "In the begining there was House, in the middle there is Axwell and in THE end there is Axwell's Forum and his fans..." When you say Axwell Forum, you say Didas. So when talking about the Axwell Forum Podcast, Dids simply has to be in our ever growing mixer's roster. After almost two years, he finally agreed and delivered a mix that manifest the forum vibe all of our post are part of. Didas himself: "I wanted from the very first to make a life journey of my afp mix of my best memories from Ax's liveshows I attended in the past... I choosed some of his best mashups, random track and own originals that made me to have lots of goosebumps and lovely sensations. A few edits made the rest. Just dance and embrace with arms wide open it like you were in a beach party with everyone else from the forum..."

  • AFP026 - mixed by OlivierM

    AFP026 - mixed by OlivierM

    09/07/2014 Duração: 01h09min

    The world cup is still in full swing, but after so many high paced action, a little laidback beats could offer a sweet moment of relaxation. OlivierM brings just that with his more deeper and chilled out approach. OlivierM himself: "Imagine yourself… Chillin’ on a beach or by a pool in a warm summer day, relaxing with your friends for your holidays. I designed my set for those little moments, as a journey through the summer feelings. With deep house and tech house in my wallet, i wanted this mix to be a compilation of the tunes that made me feel a good vibe over the past few months." I hope you’ll like it !

  • AFP025 - FIFA Worldcup Brazil Edition

    AFP025 - FIFA Worldcup Brazil Edition

    01/07/2014 Duração: 02h01s

    With this worldcup shaping up to be one of the most memorable football tournaments of the last few years and the fact that our forum has quite the number of passionate fans, it felt almost natural for us to make a special Axwell Forum soundtrack to go alongside it. With two hours of Brazilian themed classics, spread over more than 30 tracks, this mix has everything to accompany the great matches ahead!

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