Scott Diaz Podcast

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UK / Philly based producer and DJ. I make and play music from right across the house, garage and bass spectrum. Everything from jazzy deep bits to 2-step and all that's in between. Please subscribe to my podcast.


  • Scott Diaz Live @ Soul Fusion Birmingham - 12th October 2019

    Scott Diaz Live @ Soul Fusion Birmingham - 12th October 2019

    23/10/2019 Duração: 01h27min

    Here's the recording of my 90 minute set at the recent Soul Fusion event held at Mama Roux's in Birmingham. Tracks from Darius Syrossian, Amine Edge & Dance, Mad Villains, E-Smoove and Dungeon Meat plus a whole bunch of my edits. Please share if you're feeling it!

  • Scott Diaz Presents Otherside 007 - All Back To Mine

    Scott Diaz Presents Otherside 007 - All Back To Mine

    24/08/2019 Duração: 03h49min

    Otherside 007 journeys across various styles of house plus nods to UK Garage, 2-Step, Electronica and Jungle / Drum & Bass and is a collection of some of my favourite records to share. 'All Back To Mine' is based on the kind of vibes you'd hear if you came back to my place after the club or maybe for the pre-party, and is a good representation of some of my influences, musical heroes and/or most nostalgic moments throughout the years. TRACKLIST: Doc Daneeka - I Promise (Feat. Seven Davis Jr) Andy Hart, Francis Inferno Orchestra - D2ME Scott Diaz - The Ocean Was Always You Replika - Whisperer Janet Jackson - I Get So Lonely (Jengi x More Beats Club Edit) Chaos In The CBD - 78 to Stanley Bay Round Shaped Triangles - Too Soon Samuel - A Million Things Scott Diaz - Change My World Scott Diaz - The Difficult Third Track Moon Boots - C.Y.S. Frits Wentink - Blaise Montoya feat. Loes Jongerling Tim Deluxe - Tryin' Find A Way (Club Mix) Moon Boots - Gonna Give It Kian T - Flughafen (Daniel Leseman Remix) Brawther -

  • Scott Diaz Presents Otherside 006 - Deepest Oceans

    Scott Diaz Presents Otherside 006 - Deepest Oceans

    28/06/2019 Duração: 03h49min

    I’m pleased to present Otherside 006 - Deepest Oceans. They’re all so fun, but putting this one together really was a joy. I mix them completely live and most of the time I've never played the tracks before so it’s all new in terms of how I attempt to make it all flow. I also try not to play a record more than once in any episode of this series. As you’ll know by now, each one follows a theme and this edition is curated around deep, sophisticated records that somehow seem to speak to us on higher levels, or at least they do to me - tracks with exceptional production, chords, textures, ultra-soulful vocals and beautiful progressions, and as if by some form of alchemy they capture that magic that succeeds in conveying deeper meanings to us and wrangling out every last drop of pure, yearning emotion. It’s a dedication to those transcendent moments and connections we’ve all experienced with house and dance music: from late nights and early mornings talking to strangers and making new lifelong friends, to unexpe

  • Scott Diaz Podcast - June 2019

    Scott Diaz Podcast - June 2019

    14/06/2019 Duração: 01h08min

    It's that time again - a selection of the latest and greatest from across the house spectrum. Music this month comes courtesy of Joey Youngman, Ferreck Dawn & Robosonic, Sebb Junior, Joss Moog, JT Donaldson, Ian Pooley and more. TRACKLIST: UN*DEUX - For You A Milion Times Over [Ondule] Sebb Junior - 1999 (Extended Mix) [Sub_Urban] Big Pharma - Utopia Rx [Pill Mill] Joss Moog - Music On [Robsoul] Ben Remember - It Ain't Easy (Original Mix) [Toolroom] KETTAMA - Eastside Avenue [Shall Not Fade] Scott Diaz - Cool Whip [Freakin909] DNA '92 - Makes You Feel [Intox] Bobby D'Ambrosio - So Thankful (Joey Youngman Remix) [Guesthouse] Ferreck Dawn, Robosonic & Nikki Ambers - In My Arms (Qubiko Extended Remix) [Defected] DJ Steaw - Beat For U [House Puff Records] Cpen, Bluey - Yo Body (JT Donaldson Remix) [No Fuss Records] Robosonic, Ferreck Dawn - Let Live ft. Big Shug [Mother Recordings] Ian Pooley - Puzzled [Suol]

  • Scott Diaz Podcast - May 2019

    Scott Diaz Podcast - May 2019

    14/05/2019 Duração: 01h14min

    TRACKLIST: Pandar - I Want You [Promo] Cody Currie & Joel Holmes - As Of Yet [De La Groove] Dean Zepherin - Early In The Morning [Suol] Alexny - The Journey [Dream Soda Music] Crackazat - Fly Away [Z Records] Daniel Steinberg - Facing the Truth [Arms & Legs] Superlover - Funky People (Simion Mix) [Mother Recordings] Vian Pelez - Green Boulevard [Salted Music] Mat.Joe - Ya Know [This Ain't Bristol] Greco (NYC) & Timmy P - Risky Reels [InHouse] Mad Villains - Pleasure [Hot Wings] Andrey Exx - Riding High ft. Alice Russell (Extended Mix) [Milk & Sugar Recordings] Mat.Joe, Kid Enigma - Get Loose (Extended Mix) [DFTD] Joe T Vannelli, Lee Wilson - Something In The Air (Qubiko Remix) [Dream Beat Rec] Art Of Tones - So Sweet [De La Groove] The Klub Family, Sybil - When I Fall In Love (Knee Deep Disco Club Mix) [Slip N Slide]

  • Scott Diaz Presents Otherside 005 - Filter Disco

    Scott Diaz Presents Otherside 005 - Filter Disco

    24/04/2019 Duração: 02h13min

    Otherside 005 takes us into filter-disco-house heaven. As with all the other mixes in this series, this is by no means a definitive collection (there's several fantastic records and artists not included here - Cassius, Fred Falke and obviously Daft Punk immediately spring to mind), rather it's meant to be a curation of some of my personal favourites that fit the feel and vibe. You'll find a mixture of old and new with more than a couple of nods to the Roulé label - legendary cuts from the likes of Thomas Bangalter, DJ Falcon & Alan Braxe all appear here plus there’s stone-cold classics from Kid Creme and Junior Jack alongside more recent funkiness provided by Rebuke, Darius Syrossian, Alex Session, Kreap, Melé, Kevin McKay and more. Enjoy!

  • Scott Diaz Podcast - April 2019

    Scott Diaz Podcast - April 2019

    14/04/2019 Duração: 01h05min

    TRACKLIST: Le Smoove - G Groovez [12 Inches Deep] Dorsi Planter - Make Sure You Mean That Shit [Better Listen] Demi Riquisimo - Pa De Chevaux [Semi Delicious] Demon - You Are My High (The Bootleg Version) [Help Yourself Records] Sondrio - 7 Degrees [Romantics] Black Loops, Nikoss & Seven Davis Jr - Remind Me [Neovinyl] Matrefakt - Often Wonder [ATL Records] Alex Agore - Hooked [Moment Of Truth] JT Donaldson ft Liv.E - Stay Inside [Classic Music Company] Kamar - I Need You (Mad Vocal] [Madhouse] Sebb Junior ft Montreea - Just Hold On (Scott Diaz Dub) [Sub_Urban] Angel Moraes - Dancin Wit My Baby (Darius Syrossian Remix) [Griffintown Records] Stretch & Vern - I'm Alive (Illyus & Barrientos 2019 Re-Fix) [London Records] CPEN - Mobbin’ [Simma Black]

  • Scott Diaz Podcast - March 2019

    Scott Diaz Podcast - March 2019

    12/03/2019 Duração: 01h00s

    TRACKLIST: Pandar & Conrad - How I Feel [Promo] Scott Diaz - We Reminisce (Sebb Junior Remix) [Blockhead] Kym Sims, Michel De Hey, Steve Silk Hurley - A Little Bit More (Michel De Hey Version) [Rejected] Scott Diaz - Never Gonna Stop [Mood Funk] Phil Fuldner - Take Me (Extended Mix) [Armada Subjekt] Waajeed - Too Afraid (feat. Lulu) [Dirt Tech Reck] Cpen, Bluey - When U Say (Dub Mix) [Madhouse] De La Soul - Ring Ring Ring (Sebb Junior Edit) [Free Download] Low Steppa - Close To Me [Simma Black] Jansons - Switch ft. Dope Earth Alien [Circus Recordings] Huxley, Javi Bora - You're Everything (Original Mix) [Too Many Rules] Don Rimini - Homeboy [Box Of Cats] Alex Preston, Matonii - My Love Is Right [Motive Records] Chaney - 39 Times (Confrontation) (Extended Mix) [Skint BMG]

  • Scott Diaz Presents Otherside 004 - The Warm Up

    Scott Diaz Presents Otherside 004 - The Warm Up

    05/03/2019 Duração: 02h02min

    Otherside Mix 004 is dedicated to the warm up. That oft-misunderstood, but oh-so crucial opening set. With very few exceptions, it’s where we all start from and even though so much has changed in clubland and with the craft and culture of DJ'ing, the importance of a good warm up DJ to set the mood is still paramount. It’s a great opportunity to play a few of those under the radar finds, vinyl edits and personal favourites without the pressure to drop obvious anthems. It really is a rewarding experience to be able to hand over to the next DJ having done your job well, with the vibe built up just right, and the party ready to go to the next level. Ultimately, I think being a great warm up DJ means putting your ego to one side and understanding that a great event with memorable moments starts with you playing the right records, with the right energy, at the right time. So in that spirit, I’ve put together a 2 hour live mix of music that represents something like my ideal warm up set. Enjoy…

  • Scott Diaz Podcast - February 2019

    Scott Diaz Podcast - February 2019

    08/02/2019 Duração: 59min

    Music from DJ Spen, Ridney, D. Ramirez, Studioheist, Large Music and more on this first podcast of the new year. TRACKLIST: King & Early - I’ll Be Waiting (Ridney Remix) [motion] Studioheist - Han Solo [Suol] Rachel Row - Follow The Step (Acapella) [Defected] Jordan O’Regan - Nevermind (Scott Diaz Grand Plans Rub) [Large Music] O’hana - Hey Baby [Grand Cru Paris] Jazzyvibe - Shake Dat All Nite Long [Smashing Trax Records] Booman, DJ Spen - God’s Got It (DJ Spen Remix) [Quantize] Friendly Fires - Heaven Let Me In (Melé Remix) [Polydor] Punkphunk - The Phunky Song (David Penn Remix) [WE LOVE US] Supernova - Turn Me Around [Mother Recordings] D. Ramirez - Overload [Toolroom] Paolo Martini - I’ll Take You There (Dario D’Attis Remix) [Paul’s Boutique] Roog & Georgio Schultz feat. Mary Griffin - My Love Can Take You Higher (David Penn Remix) [Urbana] Scott Diaz - 205 Days [Sub_Urban]

  • Scott Diaz Presents Otherside 003 - The Mainroom

    Scott Diaz Presents Otherside 003 - The Mainroom

    21/12/2018 Duração: 02h38min

    The ‘Otherside' mixes represent another side of what i’m about as a DJ and artist, always mixing LIVE and showcasing styles that either I've been into for years but don't always get to play out, or that have nods to genres that have influenced my sound and direction, or are perhaps just more obscure types of vibes that are geared more towards listening than dancing. As a DJ and music fan before anything else, and as a music collector and lover of such a broad range of music, it really made sense to curate these mixes in terms of mood and theme. In this edition of the ‘Otherside’ mix series, we head straight for the mainroom - upfront tracks designed for maximum impact. Every record you’ll hear in this mix has been tried and tested on late night dancefloors - I guess most of it would be classed as tech house, but whatever we label it, it’s my personal take on the kind of underground vibes I like to deliver in the mainroom - jackin’ drums, driving basslines, plenty of vocal hooks and serious peak-time power.

  • Scott Diaz Podcast - December 2018

    Scott Diaz Podcast - December 2018

    07/12/2018 Duração: 02h15min

    In this episode there's a bumper selection featuring some of my favourite records on 2018, plus some exciting news regarding the evolution of the show for next year. 1. Sebb Junior, Crackazat - Got Yo Lovin' (Crackazat Remix) 2. Nova Fronteira - Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Scott Diaz Daybreak Mix) 3. Ed Nine Feat. KE - How It's Done 4. Rocco - Someday (Brian Tappert Rework) 5. Black Loops - Like A Feather 6. Peggy Gou / Scott Diaz - It Makes You Reminisce (Scott Diaz Edit) 7. Scott Diaz - Endless Luminosity 8. Alex Session - This Time 9. Selace - So Hooked On Your Lovin (Mousse T.'s Extended Disco Shizzle) 10. Hifi Sean, Celeda - The Music (Extended) 11. ZDS, KE - Picture Perfect 12. The Phantom's Revenge - 80s Dating Show 13. Jaded - Young (Club Mix) 14. Brame & Hamo - Roy Keane 15. Weiss - Feel My Needs (Original Mix) 16. Franky Rizardo - Revoke / Thinking (Scott Diaz Edit) 17. Roger Sanchez - Walkin (Long Walk Dub Mix) 18. Shake

  • Scott Diaz Presents Otherside 002 - Jazz House

    Scott Diaz Presents Otherside 002 - Jazz House

    21/11/2018 Duração: 02h22min

    The theme for this edition is ‘jazz house’. There’s been an explosion of these jazz infused house records in recent years - some of it is made for the dancefloor and some of it is most definitely outside of those confines, but it’s an evolution which owes as much to crate-digging beatmakers like J Dilla and Pete Rock as much as any house producer. I see this style as a synthesis of jazz, soul hip hop and lo-fi - often there’s wonky chords, squelching synths, loose beat programming and dusty vinyl-inspired aesthetics, and sometimes it doesn’t have any or all of those components but what ties it all together is that there’s always particular jazz leanings, or the clever use of jazz samples scattered throughout. TRACKLIST: 1. Atjazz, Copyright, Mr. V, Miss Patty - Does This Shake Shit Up? (Scott Diaz Edit) 2. Felix Leifur - Eitt 3. Tour-Maubourg - Manhattan to Brooklyn 4. Junktion - That's What's Coming 5. Sam Irl - You Don't Feel Enough 6. Folamour - Shakkei 7. Francis Inferno Orchestra - Come On Over 8. S

  • Scott Diaz Podcast - November 2018

    Scott Diaz Podcast - November 2018

    10/11/2018 Duração: 01h47s

    60 minutes of the latest and greatest house music. Recorded LIVE. No voice links this month due to a last minute issue with the microphone, but normal service should be resumed next month. TRACKLIST: Carlo - Boogie Nocturno [Neovinyl] Sebas Ramis - Heart Drug [Myriad Black] Mangabey - Joy Kill (Fouk Remix) [Toy Tonics] Starley - Signs (Random Soul Extended Mix) Chanknous - House [Sandy Records] Conny - Song For Eva (Shan Sunrise Mix) [Cold Tonic Purple Disco Machine - Encore ft Baxter (Mousse T. Remix) Saison - Moments [Large Music] Soledrifter - Aboutcha [Guesthouse] Black Loops ft Nikos Haropoulous - 7Hills [Freerange] S-Man, Roog - Da Beat [Undr The Radr] Espinal & Nova - Be Without You Ridney - The Inside [Armada Subjekt]

  • Scott Diaz Podcast - October 2018

    Scott Diaz Podcast - October 2018

    09/10/2018 Duração: 01h20min

    An extended selection for you this month - music from Josh Butler, Harry Romero, Dennis Quin, Low Steppa, ANOTR, Todd Terry, Gorgon City and more... TRACKLIST: Shan, Gerd Janson - Surrender Leanne Robinson - Last Time (Change Your Mind) (Toyboy & Robin Remix) DJ Lora & Cece Rogers - Bababop Jaded - Young Todd Terry & A-Trak - DJ’s Gotta Dance More (Illyus & Barrientos Mix) Harrie Summers - Dope Beat Luca Secco & Craftkind - So Cool (CASSIMM Remix) Luca Cazal - Afromance Gorgon City - Blame (Terrace Dub) George Mensah - My Destiny Harry Romero - The Get Down CPEN ft Bluey Robinson - I’m Searching (Dennis Quin Remix) Pinto (NYC) - I Can’t Take (Jay Whalen Remix) ANOTR - Bend Low Steppa - Heard It All Before (Boiling Point Extended Mix) Josh Butler, Hanlei - Feels Good Roger Sanchez, Park & Sons, Julie McKnight - This Feeling

  • Scott Diaz Podcast - September 2018

    Scott Diaz Podcast - September 2018

    10/09/2018 Duração: 01h08min

    This month features music from Illyus & Barrientos, Mad Villains, Franky Rizardo, Blacksoul Music, Juan Maclean, Mousse T and more. TRACKLIST: Selace - So Hooked On Your Lovin (Mousse T.'s Extended Disco Shizzle) Juan MacLean - Just Once More (Extended Mix) Cassara, Karmina Dai - Working It Out (Original Mix) Alex Tepper - In, Out, Life (Original Mix) N.W.N. - Runaway MFS Observatory - Role (Mad Villains Remix) Franky Rizardo - Thinking About Revoke (Scott Diaz Edit) Illyus & Barrientos - M.E.A. (Original Mix) Uri Mood, James Meid - Lookin Your Love (Original Mix) TR-MEET - Dancefloor (Original Mix) Mark Maxwell and Stev Obsidian - Don't Change (The Channel) (Extended Mix) Max Telaer - Everywhere Mike Delgado - Byrdman's Revenge

  • Scott Diaz Podcast - August 2018

    Scott Diaz Podcast - August 2018

    08/08/2018 Duração: 01h03min

    This month's edition of the Scott Diaz podcast features music from Defected Records, Josh Butler, Crackazat, Black Loops, Kai Alce, Shaf Huse and more. TRACKLIST: Alto Disko - DNCE WTH ME (Scott Diaz Edit) Ed Nine Feat. KE - How It's Done A-Trak - DJ's Gotta Dance More ft Todd Terry (Scott Diaz Extended Edit) Josh Butler - Through You Callvin feat. Ricardo Cassal - The Heat (Scott Diaz Remix) Janika Tenn & Vanilla Ace - Giddy Up (Dateless Remix) Leon (Italy), Shaf Huse - Power To The People Amine Edge & DANCE vs Clyde P - Dancin' (Extended Mix) Finn - Sometimes The Going Gets A Little Tough (Ferreck Dawn & Robosonic Extended Remix) Black Loops - Like A Feather Seb Zito - I Like It Kai Alce - Back In This Shit TsuruSwing - Fever (Crackazat Remix) Maksy & SKT - Dirty J’s

  • Scott Diaz Podcast - July 2018

    Scott Diaz Podcast - July 2018

    10/07/2018 Duração: 01h03min

    60 minutes of the latest and greatest from across the house spectrum. TRACKLIST: ZDS, KE - Picture Perfect The Phantom's Revenge - 80s Dating Show Man Without A Clue - Break It Down Claptone - Stronger ft. Ben Duffy (David Penn Remix) Danny Kane featuring Jack Tyson Charles - State Of Mind (Scott Diaz Underground Rub) Waitz - Temptations Pirupa - Party Non Stop (Shaf Huse Remix) Goooey Vuitton - Appreciation Scott Diaz - Cool Whip Kevin McKay, Romanthony - Freaky Dancers (PAX Remix) Linier - Your Body Jared Marston & Swoop - Them Good Old Days (Angelo Ferreri Remix) Qubiko - Cosmonauti (Original Mix) Years & Years - If You're Over Me (Paul Woolford Remix)

  • Scott Diaz Presents Otherside 001 - Garage House

    Scott Diaz Presents Otherside 001 - Garage House

    09/06/2018 Duração: 02h37min

    Introducing the first in a new mix series! The 'Otherside' mixes will showcase genres and styles that either I've been into for years but I don't always get to play out, or that aren't suitable for clubs, or are perhaps just more obscure types of vibes geared more towards listening than dancing. Mix 001 covers Garage House, or 'House & Garage' as it might have been called. Mostly recent tracks with a couple of older bits in there - all garage influenced house productions. 95 minutes of '95 inspired jams. 1. Lazar Hoche & Malin Genie - My Love for Who 2. DJ Steaw - East Orange 3. CEVs - Magnetic (Scott Diaz Mix) 4. Dominic Martin - Homage New Jersey 5. Guim - A Soul Thing 6. Mike Sharon - A Groove Livin 7. Le Babar & Pat Lezizmo - Another Love (Scott Diaz Mix) 8. Trumpet & Badman - Go! 9. Steven Stone ft. Wendy Lewis - Brand New Lady (Scott Diaz '15 Years Too Late' Vocal) 10. Soledrifter - Rhythm in My Soul 11. New Jack City - Pick Me Up 12. DeepCitySoul - Cassette 13. Da Vibe Project - Live From Da Un