The Flash Nites - Illuminate History

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We travel the country to take photographs of Americana at night. During a long exposure, we use the glow of a full moon as an external light source. The color you see bursting from broken windows and splashed across peeling walls hasn’t been manipulated by post-production technology. We pop strobes and wield flashlights like paintbrushes across the interiors of these spaces.We venture into the abandoned to give it life, return a warmth—a heart & soul—to places long forgotten. Our country’s forgotten becomes beautiful once again.


  • Majestic Theater Of East St Louis

    Majestic Theater Of East St Louis

    03/01/2016 Duração: 26min

    Listen to the story of a beautiful old theater tucked in the heart of a broken city. To learn more about the people, places, and music in this episode, please visit our blog for more images and source links: Music: The Young Disciples - Numero Group Eccentric Soul Series "The World is Changing" LaVel Moore; "Crumbs from the Table" The Young Disciples Co.; "People" Ames Harris Desert Water Bag Co.; "That's a Good Reason" Sharen Clark & the Product of Time; "I'm Not Afraid of Love" Sharen Clark & the Product of Time; "Homeboy Pt. 1" Eddie Fisher & Allen "Dealth" Merry; "Girls Girls Girls" The Young Disciples Co.; "Choose Me" The Debonettes Plus "So What" by Miles Davis from Kind of Blue: