Rabbit Hole Podcast

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Rabbit Hole Podcast is a twisted journey into melodic trippy grooves of deep tech house and techno.


  • Episode 008 - P.E.T

    Episode 008 - P.E.T

    26/05/2014 Duração: 01h06min
  • Episode 007 - U.D.A

    Episode 007 - U.D.A

    06/03/2014 Duração: 59min

    U.D.A (ACT NATURAL / LIMITED-RECORDINGS ) U.D.A (Tom Robinson) got his hands on some decks at an early age, finding his love for house and techno.by the end of 2012 he decided it was time to start producing. Releasing his track “alesis” on his first V.A for secondstep records (London) in 2013.2013 came more releases from U.D.A including his “stoping” EP for alboratory, and his track “strangers cove “ on the V.A for innocent music. 2014 looks bright with releases coming out on ACT NATURAL/MONO RECORDINGS/ TIP TAP RECORDINGS/ LIMITED RECORDS/NOT EQUAL RECORDS/ EARLY MORNING RECORDS / RAW LEVEL FOR BOOKINGS CONTACT bookings@actnaturallondon.com

  • Episode 006 - Seraphim

    Episode 006 - Seraphim

    26/02/2014 Duração: 01h01min

    Kenny Hope (Seraphim), a label owner/ producer from Orlando, Florida. Lucid Recordings/ Early Morning Music. http://www.beatport.com/artist/seraphim/76432 https://soundcloud.com/seraphim

  • Episode 005 - Martin Dacar

    Episode 005 - Martin Dacar

    31/01/2014 Duração: 01h04min

    No, Martin`s father did not have a record collection, neither did his mother. Also, he was not at the age of 4 or 5 when he first got in touch with any sort of synthesizer. Martin discovered his love for music all on his own. When he was only 15 years old, he got interested in the art of Djing for the first time. Consequently, he started spending his free time at places of friends who owned turntables. In the year of 2008, he then proceeded to produce his own music. At that time, his releases were coined according to the spirit of time which was typical of 2008 and rather melodic until he finally developed his huge passion for more deeper vibes over the following years. Although every EP still was different, they started to converge into the same direction more and more, just like he wanted to. His sets and live-performances lead Martin into most corners and places in Germany already. Despite this fact, he always stays down to earth. With the foundation of his first own label “Sonett“ in 2013, Martin was

  • Episode 004 - Dejvid

    Episode 004 - Dejvid

    20/01/2014 Duração: 57min

    Dejvid (Kanja Records, Natural Beat Recordings, Raw Level Records) Dj, producer and label owner from Slovenia. He's a big fan of cheezy tv shows, sausages and girls with big booties. But most of all he is a big fan of music. His music style can be described as deep, dark and dubby, perfect for morning after party sets. Probably that's why he says that the best party is the after party. This year he made a big step and started his own project called Kanja Records, an underground record label, where he can fully express his passion for the music. In the future you can hear his releases on Natural Beat Recordings, Raw Level Records and Kanja Records. https://soundcloud.com/dejvid_dejvid https://soundcloud.com/kanja_records

  • Episode 003 - Michael Rosa

    Episode 003 - Michael Rosa

    13/01/2014 Duração: 02h04min

    Michael's productions have been turning heads in recent years. With releases on Draft / Deep Tech Records and Lucid Recordings and his tracks have become a staple of the underground scene. Accompanied with a talent for well-crafted DJ sets, Rosa recently moved to Denver to become the latest resident for Punchis Denver at Beta Nightclub.

  • Episode 002 - Sergei Loginov

    Episode 002 - Sergei Loginov

    08/01/2014 Duração: 01h05s

    Born In Belarus, Sergei Loginov has started his DJ career when he barely turned 16 by playing records at the high school and then college. His early taste was highly influenced by bass heavy speed garage style along with early Chicago house that was played almost in every club at that time. In 2002 he moved permanently to the United States, taking some time off from spinning and adopting the new culture he's been exposed to. But true passion for the music didn't let him stay for too long off from the house scene. He started his first ever USA residency in 2003 in a small club called 'Stardust' in Atlantic City. After this "new" start Sergei has been holding down house, techno and tech house residencies across the USA, playing at some smaller and bigger venues and parties in New York, Atlantic City, Vail etc. His first residency in Denver Sergei Loginov started in the underground club "Sublevel 31" in 2008 where he held weekly residency. 2009 became a turning point for Sergei after he joined P.U.N.C.H.I.S. tec

  • Episode 001 - Seraphim

    Episode 001 - Seraphim

    15/12/2013 Duração: 01h05min

    Here's the introduction to the Rabbit Hole Podcast by Orlando based dj/producer, Kenneth Hope aka Seraphim.