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Political conservative news and commentary-Tune in as Jay takes a stand with Conservative America !


  • Talk Show America 3/22/2011

    Talk Show America 3/22/2011


    Is US Action in ibya Constitutional and if so What is Our Mission ? Obama wants Brazil to drill off shore, wants to give them 2 billion to do it and then buy their oil ?!

  • Talk Show America 3/14/2011

    Talk Show America 3/14/2011


    Should the US â€Ëœput the brakes’ on nuclear power? Some Dems think so, Japan Does Not Face Another Chernobyl, Nuclear Facts to Remember While Following Japan

  • Talk Show America 3/10/2011

    Talk Show America 3/10/2011


    NPR Caught in sting, calls "Tea Partiers, Conservatives and Republicans" racist, Islamiphobic. DEFUND their 450 Million they receive from taxpayers yearly!

  • Talk Show America 3/01/2011

    Talk Show America 3/01/2011


    Obama Criticized Walker for Stand Against Union Employees, Then Freezes Federal Employee Wages For Two years, GAO Report Shows Huge Governement Waste and Duplicity and How Eliminating it Could Save Us Billions!

  • Talk Show America 2/23/2011

    Talk Show America 2/23/2011


    Wisconsin Updates, Dem Congressman states union protesters should "go out and get bloody", where's the civility. Obamacare already damaging health care

  • Talk Show America 2/16/2011

    Talk Show America 2/16/2011


    The new season is starting with the new show 2/16/2011 ! Mubarak is out in Egypt, the military is in charge, martial law has been declared and the Muslim Brotherhood has announced that they will form a political party in Egypt and front a candidate in the upcoming elections, sound like backdoor Sharia Law to me. A Port authority agent in San Diego suggests that WMD material may have enetered this country, DHS says "No"

  • Talk Show America - 12/15/2010

    Talk Show America - 12/15/2010


    Federal Judge Rules ObamaCare Unconstitutional, More on Wikileaks, Tax Cut Deal

  • Talk Show America - 12/01/2010

    Talk Show America - 12/01/2010


    Jay Are discusses the Wikileaks and why he believes that it serves Obama's agenda.

  • Talk Show America - 11/23/2010

    Talk Show America - 11/23/2010


    Is the TSA Out of Control ? Bristol Palin still "Dancing" on DWTS and it's Driving Liberals Nuts, Is the GOP really the party of Big Business and Lobbyists ? The answer may surprise you.

  • Talk Show America - 11/12/2010

    Talk Show America - 11/12/2010


    Congressional Report: Obama Eligibility Unvetted

  • Talk Show America - 11/8/2010

    Talk Show America - 11/8/2010


    Jay discusses the 2010 election results and where we go from here.

  • Talk Show America - 10/29/2010

    Talk Show America - 10/29/2010


    Jay discusses the importance of voting on Nov 2, Obama calls you "the enemy", Voter fraud being reported across the country, ALREADY !

  • Talk Show America - 10/15/2010

    Talk Show America - 10/15/2010


    Whoppi and Joyce walk off set on View during O'Reilly interview, Matthews disses Tea Partiers during Chilean Mine rescue, The debates of Reid/Angle,Odonnell/Coons Who won ?, President accuses US Chamber of accepting Foreign donations !

  • Talk Show America - 10/11/2010

    Talk Show America - 10/11/2010


    Obama has the book thrown at him, literally, at Penn Rally; Recent numbers from a Gallup poll differ greatly from the unemployment situation report released from The Department of Labor; Odds are on Supreme Court striking down healthcare reform

  • Talk Show America -9/24/2010

    Talk Show America -9/24/2010


    Why aren't the Democrats running on health care ? GM gives political campaigns $90,000 (is this what they do with taxpayer bailout)