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Underground Hip-Hop and Rare Groove The Loop Radio is now officially online. You can listen to all of the music from the syndicated radio show ZEROSYSTEM: The Art, ZEROSYSTEM: Sound Invitation and new releases as well at our own radio station where Lo-Fi, Hip-Hop, Rare Groove & Vaporwave is in rotation 24/7.


  • Cosmo Arts Show #42

    Cosmo Arts Show #42

    02/09/2018 Duração: 02h56min Underground lo-fi hiphop, vaporwave and boombap. [INTRO] M ▲ L I K Vi$u erotnas ShoeGoon7(Kemet) Ricky Balboa tHa sLk 1 JayRetro [offbeatninja] Lé Real 現実 Totuls plusma ACE TEE. Shaun Judah RyNea Soul nurse joy AKAI $OLO ~空 力 宇 神~ deadxbeat shinu. DELICASTEEZ . R3kluse Br0wn '/ann Suave. oh

  • ZEROSYSTEM: The Art #36

    ZEROSYSTEM: The Art #36

    17/04/2016 Duração: 02h52min

    (Underground Hip-Hop Radio Show) ZEROSYSTEM: The Art #36 Underground Hip-Hop Radio Airing Live Every Sunday from 4pm to 6pm CST and for our European listeners 10pm to 12am GMT 0:00 Listen Live here: Playlist The Lootpack Madlib MILIO Madlib Fluent MF DOOM Trunks John Robinson Kaze 9TH Wonder Quasimoto The Allies Madlib DJ Rels LootPack MF DOOM Yesterday's New Quintet 9TH Wonder Marc Mac pres. Visioneers https://vis