Elevate Church - Perth, Western Australia


Elevate Church is a fresh, bold church located in Perth, Australia. This podcast includes messages by Mark Pomery, along with key leaders and friends of Elevate Church. Visit http://www.elevatechurch.me to find out more.


  • The Cure For Complaining

    The Cure For Complaining


    Good news = There is a cure for complaining!

  • Is Optimism Dead?

    Is Optimism Dead?


    Optimism is the unwavering expectation that our loving God is working in every situation for our future good

  • Blessing Over Cursing

    Blessing Over Cursing


    Words have the power of life or death - choose life

  • Pay Attention To Wise Voices

    Pay Attention To Wise Voices


    You don’t always have to pay for your own education

  • Pay Attention To Your Narrative

    Pay Attention To Your Narrative


    Your internal dialogue has a direct and powerful influence on your experiences

  • Pay Attention To The Tension!

    Pay Attention To The Tension!


    Don't ignore the warnings that come when you are heading towards a not-so-wise decision.

  • Your It

    Your It


    Chaos and crisis are an inevitable part of life. While they'll come in ... you don't have to let them stay.

  • Pray Until The Peace Comes

    Pray Until The Peace Comes


    Even in the midst of crisis we can experience peace.

  • Nothing New

    Nothing New


    Uncertainty is nothing new. Times are uncertain, but God is not. He's still got the whole world in his hands.

  • Look At Me

    Look At Me


    You have incredible opportunities to influence the people in your sphere.

  • The Miracle Of Faith

    The Miracle Of Faith


    Choose courage … choose faith.

  • The Miracle Of Restoration

    The Miracle Of Restoration


    Jesus is about restorations not renovations.

  • The Miracle Of Multiplication

    The Miracle Of Multiplication


    God sometimes blesses us with less than enough so we learn to trust he is more than enough.

  • Easter Sunday

    Easter Sunday


    It’s impossible to come away from an encounter with Jesus and not answer the question, ‘Who do you say I am?”

  • Good Friday

    Good Friday


    It's impossible to come away from an encounter with Jesus and not answer the question, 'Who do you say I am?'

  • The Miracle Of Healing

    The Miracle Of Healing


    The same Jesus who healed people when he walked the earth still heals today.

  • The Miracle Of Grace

    The Miracle Of Grace


    Life can be a mess sometimes, and it's great to know Jesus not only doesn't shame you, he wants to be part of the solution.

  • Online Experience

    Online Experience


    As we move into this next season, stay connected through our Online Experience. All in!

  • Give Generously

    Give Generously


    God doesn't want something FROM you, he wants something FOR you.

  • Take Next Steps

    Take Next Steps


    Following Jesus isn't a one-off decision, it's an ongoing journey.

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