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  • I'm Optimistic


    Cynicism and negativity may be the easy choice, but they're not the best choice. If you seek what’s good, you’ll see what's good. Let's embrace the way we're created to think and Stay Positive.

  • Addiction


    What is taking the place of God in your life? It doesn't just have to be the big stuff - drugs, alcohol, etc. How do you identify your addictions? How do you overcome them? In this message Pastor Hugh answers those questions and more.

  • Worry


    Worry can creep up on us. Worry can overtake our thoughts. Worry can keep you from living and enjoying life. In this message, Pastor Hugh shows us why worry is so bad - and sinful - and ways to break the chains that bind us.

  • Bitterness


    As we kick off a new sermon series, Pastor Jeremy looks at bitterness - how to recognize it, deal with it, and defeat it.

  • Where's Your Focus?


    What do you do when life hasn’t gone in the direction you hoped or wanted it to go and there’s nothing you can do to change your circumstances? What do you do when you’re living in “the meantime”? If you’ve ever been In the meantime or if you’re currently in the meantime, you can’t help but conclude you’ll never be happy again, nothing good can come from your circumstances, and there’s no point in continuing. Can it really be true that God will make things right?

  • Yes, You Can!


    What do you do when there’s nothing you can do? Relationally, financially, professionally, physically, or academically, It just is what it is. There’s nothing you can do to change your situation. Challenging circumstances can make you jealous or resentful. They can make you angry with God. They can breed discontentment. But the problem with discontentment is that it can drive you in self-destructive directions that will eventually leave you with regret. So, what is the secret of finding contentment even when times are tough?

  • A Purpose and a Promise


    Every once in a while, we run into people stuck in unchangeable, unalterable, in-the-meantime circumstances who get to the place where they’re able and willing to receive their circumstances, their afflictions, their illnesses, their losses, and their disabilities as coming from the hand of their heavenly Father. How do these people maintain extraordinary faith despite extraordinarily difficult circumstances? Where do they find the peace that characterizes their lives?

  • A New Normal


    What do we do when our circumstances are so challenging there’s no way forward and no way out? We have problems for which there seem to be no solutions. We have questions without answers. During times like these, we’re tempted to run or give up. We’re tempted to give in to jealousy, resentment, and anger . . . especially anger toward God. That’s because when life gets hard, it feels like God is absent, apathetic, or angry. But what if he isn’t? Is it possible to hang on to joy, hope, and patience in the meantime?

  • As Long As You Don't Hurt Anyone


    In the final message of the "True-ish" series, Pastor Hugh takes us to scripture and shows us why what we do matters - no matter if it hurts anyone or not.

  • As Long As You Are Sincere


    Our culture tells us that it doesn't matter what you believe, as long as you believe something. But what if that is true-ish? In this message, Pastor Hugh explores the myth that all that matters is that you are sincere in what you believe.

  • What's Truth?


    Back from our summer story telling, Pastor Hugh kicks off this new series by looking at truth - what is it? Is it real? Does truth change for each person?

  • Thou Shalt Do Nothing


    In our fast past, hetic lives its hard to slow down - let alone stop - for a Sabbath. In this message Pastor Hugh shows us why God created a day of rest and the implications it can have in your life.