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Strategy Talk and More identifies and corrects some of the deceiving misconceptions about networking and empowers business professionals worldwide to overcome the hurdles that are preventing them from thriving in business and achieving optimum success, both in regard to finance and otherwise. Danette Moss the shows host offers the keys to redefining your focus for maximum effectiveness and understanding the tacit information which allows business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals alike to enter into higher and higher realms of achievement. This is done through the sharing of insider information and success secrets directly from the interviews and one-to-one conversations with a variety of highly accomplished, remarkably successful entrepreneurs, business professionals, and leaders in their field.Some of the topics of discussion include but are not limited to Social Media, Business Strategies, Networking, Internet Marketing, Finances and Business Processes that benefit small business owners.


  • Systems Secrets to make more money

    Systems Secrets to make more money

    01/09/2015 Duração: 30min

    Date: 9/1/2015Time: 11:30 AM/Eastern, 8:30 AM/PacificGuest: Nancy SeegerAre you tired of working on a million things at once and feeling like you are standing still in your business?Have you ever wished you had a system in place that would make you more money?Then today is your chance to get unstuck and learn how systems can make you more money.  Marketing and sales are a challenge for most small businesses.  Finding and keeping the right balance of effort versus return on investment can be difficult.  Nancy Seeger of Seeger Consulting Inc. has learned the hard way how to create marketing systems the right way.  A serial entrepreneur and ex-corporate employee herself; she has seen marketing from all sides. Nancy is a marketing expert with over 20 years’ experience in leadership, sales, marketing, reseller channel management, systems analysis and even event planning.   Never one to stay in one area for too long, Nancy has managed distributor contracts worth over $3 million per year.  She has won international

  • Skyrocket Your Confidence to Create a Happier and More Successful Life

    Skyrocket Your Confidence to Create a Happier and More Successful Life

    04/08/2015 Duração: 35min

    "A prosperous life begins from the inside out and it creates a ripple effect in all areas of life."-Patricia YoungAre you struggling with self love?  Have you ever wished you knew the key to boost your self-confidence?Join Danette Moss, Online Visibility Strategist to Wifepreneurs, Mompreneurs at Let's Talk Strategies and Patricia Young, founder of Inner Prosperity Academy and learn the benefits of having confidence.Topic: Skyrocket Your Confidence to Create a Happier and More Successful Life Date: Aug 4, 2015Time: 11:30 AM/EasternPatricia is passionate about helping sensitive and growth oriented women that are stuck in an unfulfilling career, or in transition (in between jobs, recently divorced, etc).  She supports them to transition into a career or a business they love, so they can go from "Working for a paycheck" to "Working for a Mission", give their greatness to the world and create a more meaningful, joyful and balanced life – a life filled with Inner Prosperity, because a prosperous life begins from t

  • The 5 Big Business Networking Blunders Most People Make and How to Avoid Them

    The 5 Big Business Networking Blunders Most People Make and How to Avoid Them

    21/07/2015 Duração: 44min

    People are often confused about the process of Networking. -Eric Byrd In this episode, Danette Moss, Online Visibility Strategist to #Wifepreneurs, #Mompreneurs and #AmbitiousSingleSavvyWomenInBusiness along with her special guest Eric Byrd developer of 5 Stages of Networking will discuss "The 5 Big Business Networking Blunders Most People Make" and how to avoid them.Time: 11:30 AM/EasternDate: July 21, 2015Join the conversationOnline: http://tobtr.com/7787661 By Phone: (657) 383-1364Live Broadcast on Periscope: @DanetteMossAtl

  • Ladypreneurs, Wifepreneurs and Mompreneurs, Drop your Drama and get a Plan!

    Ladypreneurs, Wifepreneurs and Mompreneurs, Drop your Drama and get a Plan!

    14/07/2015 Duração: 45min

    The most important element of reaching success is a plan. Make no mistake, a plan is not someone else’s blueprint on success, it’s a plan that is tailored around your goals, your desires and how you want to be seen in the world. -Ann M Strout Can a business owner still get successful implementation support without a plan? Danette Moss, Online Visibility Strategist to Wifepreneurs & Mompreneurs and Ann Strout, Drop Your Drama Strategic Implementation Coach are going to discuss:  Ann’s passion is helping other heart-centered ladypreneuers create their dream business and life and do it without going through all the BS many entrepreneurs (including herself) had to go through.She helps clients Drop their Drama and create a strategic implementation plan that aligns with their goals and desires that will let them to see profit and results from their investments and efforts.   She is the President of AnnMStrout.com where she and her team support fellow ‘preneurs’ to create businesses that not only serve their ide

  • How to Balance Home and Work Life and Still Have Time for YOU

    How to Balance Home and Work Life and Still Have Time for YOU

    07/07/2015 Duração: 31min

    Time always seems to be a challenge for balancing home and work life,especially having time left over for ourselves.  -Lisa Meisels Does this sound like you?  If your struggling with balancing your home and work life, this show is for you.  Lisa and I are going to discuss:How to overcome the time challenge.How energy helps balance work and home life, how can we get more energy, and allowing us to have time for ourselves Many of us are stuck in jobs we don't really like or they aren't what we imagine doing in the future.  How can we balance our work and home life and still have time for ourselves when our jobs suck the life out of us?and much more...Lisa Meisels love’s to help people feel better and be excited about life. She is President and CEO of Femanna, a company that helps women have the energy, the courage and mindset necessary to experience the life they were born to live, on the all new Strategy Talk and More, formally Let's Talk Strategies with Danette Moss.Time: 11:30 AM/EasternDate: July 7, 2015Cal