Mia Simone

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Mia Simone is an intuitive practitioner and coach who guides her daily life using the gifts of her intuitive knowledge. She has received extensive training on performing intuitive readings and has an in-depth knowledge of the invisible worlds of energy. Mia believes that everyone is intuitive, she has a passion for supporting clients evolve and learn to use intuitive strategies in their own life and aiding them to recognize and live in their greatest potential. Several of her studies include; the science behind intuition, the practical application of physics in intuition, and the human potential.Mia began performing readings in 2004 after completing several clairvoyant training programs, reading extensively on the subject, and attending numerous conferences. Mia finds the subtle worlds of energy fascinating and devotes her time to studying and learning about them. She also loves attending symposiums such as The Science and Non-duality Conference, The Institute of Noetic Sciences and many others to continually expand her abilities and understanding more deeply the science of intuition. Prior to becoming an intuitive, Mia worked in corporate America for over 15 years with JP Morgan, Bank of America Corporate Customer Services and Price Waterhouse Coopers.