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  • The rise of intangible digital assets

    27/10/2020 Duração: 10min

    Speak with any finance expert and they'll tell you the key to long-term wealth is asset accumulation. This is for two reasons. First, assets earn you money while you sleep and, second, they usually appreciate the longer you hold on to them. A house will be worth more in twenty years than it is today if past performance is anything to go by. Likewise, a bar of gold will be too. Our finance expert should also tell you to invest in assets that pay you income, like a business, rental property or a dividend stock. Owning an income-paying asset usually requires an upfront investment. To own a piece of a business you either need capital to buy into it or time and sweat equity to build it. Likewise, owning rental property requires either a large cash lump sum or a long-term mortgage. In other words, acquiring physical assets requires time, effort and/or capital. Intangible digital assets are a new investing opportunity We're in a period of accelerated change and are deeply entrenched in the

  • Wine and DTC marketing with Josh Lachkovic of The Wine List

    20/08/2020 Duração: 50min

    Josh Lachkovic is the founder & CEO of Wine List. Prior to launching Wine List, Josh had a career in marketing & growth, starting his career in content, SEO, and insights at PR agency Hotwire. He then joined Pact Coffee's growth team to turn his hand to print marketing and partnerships. Following this he went to an education company where he was responsible for breathing startup process into an established business. Before founding The Wine List he spent three years as employee number one at digital health company, Thriva, where he led and built the growth side of the business. Show highlights 3:55 Josh introduces himself and how he got to where he is today. 7:21 From a passion to a business. How Josh got into the wine business. 9:38 The Wine List business model. 14:34 Josh teaches Ste a bit about wine. 20:52 Acquiring customers for The Wine List. 24:48 How Covid-19 has accelerated the ecommerce industry. 33:44 Is Amazon making it difficult for DTC brands to compete? 38:56 The current state of Facebo

  • Web 3 and decentralized social media with Dan from 3Speak

    12/08/2020 Duração: 44min

    Dan is the co-founder of, a video platform providing a censor-free environment for content creators who have been de-platformed or demonetised by Silicon Valley. Dan is also an entrepreneur, investor and crypto enthusiast. Show highlights 3:03 Dan introduces himself and how he got to where he is today. 5:40 Mainstream censorship and why Dan co-founded 3Speak. 13:22 Dan the formation of Hive and the Steem controversy. 19:48 The benefits of using Hive. 22:33 EOS and 24:51 Consensus and community. Moving from Web 2 to Web 3. 30:40 Bitcoin maximalism vs the tokenisation of everything. 32:40 Applying lessons from poker to investing. 34:40 Dan's currently dancing in the markets. 37:00 The one book Dan recommends everyone should read. Resources/people/articles mentioned in the podcast Dan on Twitter - @theycallmedan Dan on 3Speak - PeakD - Steem to Freeze Another $5M in Tokens Associated With Hive Supporters - LBRY - Voice

  • Bitcoin in the UK with Danny Scott from CoinCorner

    03/08/2020 Duração: 01h05min

    Danny is currently the CEO and co-founder of CoinCorner, a bitcoin exchange in the UK. A software developer turned entrepreneur, Danny first heard of bitcoin during University in 2009, but didn't pay attention to it until 2011/12 while working at an internet startup that looked to use it as a competitive advantage. After this company was successfully acquired he went on to co-found a software company in 2012. Providing software solutions, the business worked with clients such as Microsoft and Tunstall Health Care. After trying to buy and mine bitcoin (both proved difficult to do in 2013) with his co-founder, they recognised that there was a gap in the UK market for a safe and simple place to buy bitcoin. CoinCorner was founded in 2014 with the aim of making bitcoin easy and accessible to UK customers and now, 6 years on, CoinCorner is one of the UK's leading bitcoin exchanges.  Show highlights 1:57 Danny introduces himself, CoinCorner and how he got into bitcoin. 14:30 How to explain bitcoin to someone wh

  • Social media’s growing influence on the financial markets

    27/07/2020 Duração: 08min

    "Markets are conversations" is the central theme of the 1999 book, The Cluetrain Manifesto, which predicted that the internet was about to unleash new ways for people to communicate with each other. This Cambrian explosion of conversations would inevitably allow businesses to be a part of them creating a new dynamic of brand and customer interaction. The book says as the internet proliferated throughout the world, new channels such as websites, forums, chat groups and email would revolutionise how consumers and businesses interact. Noticeably the authors failed to predict the rise of blogs, podcasts, online video and social media platforms, as well as the smartphone revolution and its accompanying apps. They also failed to predict the major cultural and political impact social media would have (and is still having) on society too. Predicting the future is hard and anything beyond five years is just a guess. The world was a different place in 1999 yet The Cluetrain Manifesto provided (an underestimated)

  • Why bitcoin could be bigger than the internet

    09/05/2020 Duração: 08min

    If you've spent any time lurking around the bitcoin community on Twitter or Reddit as I have you may have come across the term 'hyperbitcoinization'. This is the theory where bitcoin surpasses all global currencies, including the US dollar, to become the world's reserve currency and, ultimately, the world's only currency. The hyperbitcoinization theory is, of course, just that - a theory. At the time of writing, the dollar is very much still the world's reserve currency and the eleven-year-old bitcoin has a market cap of $183 billion with comparatively low adoption. If hyperbitcoinization was ever to happen it would require a devaluation of the world's major currencies and thus forcing governments and people to adopt The Bitcoin Standard. Given we are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the dollar's position as the world's reserve currency is likely to strengthen in the short-term as investors see it as a safe-haven to temporarily preserve wealth as financial turmoil and trade wars begin to play out in t

  • How to stop Facebook Inc tracking your every move and using your data to manipulate you

    29/04/2020 Duração: 27min

    There are two companies in the world that know more about you than perhaps you know about yourself. Both of which are, of course, Facebook and Google/Alphabet. In this podcast we focus specifically on Facebook Inc and how to stop its list of services (namely Facebook, Instagram and Messenger) from harvesting your public and private data and behaviours and selling it on to advertisers. Data collected from what we do online is used against us. There are no benefits to us, the Facebook Inc user, in the surveillance and data harvesting exchange. The phrase, ‘If the service is free, then you are the product’ is often used to explain why Facebook's services don't come with a financial cost but author Shoshana Zuboff explains in her book, Surveillance Capitalism, ‘You are not the product; you are the abandoned carcass.’ In this podcast you'll learn how to stop Facebook Inc from tracking your every move both on its own platforms and across the web. You'll learn how to turn off advertising tracking, location track

  • Password managers guide. How to create, store and use passwords securely

    27/04/2020 Duração: 22min

    In this podcast we discuss the importance of good password hygiene and management. Too many times people use weak passwords across multiple sites and services exposing themselves to hackers and data breaches. In fact, a recent study by the UK government's National Cyber and Security Centre found people are still using ultra-weak passwords like 123456 and qwerty leaving themselves wide open to a hack. Every password you use across every website needs to be at least 15 characters long, made up of letters, numbers and symbols, and, most importantly, has to be unique and used only once. Of course remembering these types of passwords is almost impossible unless you have an autobiographical memory. For those of us who don't, this is where a password manager comes in. In this podcast we discuss the rules of good password hygiene, using password managers, the different types of password managers and much more. Show highlights 1:27 The basic rules of good password hygiene 3:19 A guide to two-factor authenticati

  • Why you need to ditch Google Chrome and use the Brave browser

    26/04/2020 Duração: 15min

    In this podcast we discuss the Brave browser - a privacy browser that's been developed to prevent you from being tracked across the web. The humble web browser is perhaps one of the most important software creations to date. It turned the internet into a consumer-friendly medium spawning the creation of the various online services we use today. It is one of the few online tools most of us use multiple times a day. Yet, many people still don't give much thought to the browser they use. In their eyes, all browsers are the same which in reality is far from the truth. While Google Chrome is a good browser, it is laced with tracking software that makes it more like spyware than a helpful browser. Using it, you subject yourself to thousands of data trackers every single day. Your data is valuable and that's why consumers need reclaim the web back from corporate surveillance. A good place to start is by taking back control of your browsing data. Brave will help you do that. Show highlights 2:02 Why you need to

  • A guide to virtual private networks (VPNs)

    25/04/2020 Duração: 15min

    In this podcast we’re discussing virtual private networks or VPNs as they're more commonly known. As we've seen over the last few years, online privacy is almost non-existent. At any given time, what we do online is being tracked by internet service providers, large advertising companies like Google and Facebook and even hackers looking to steal personal details about us. The fight back has begun as more people begin to realise how unprotected their online privacy is especially in modern times of the coronavirus and how we increasingly depend on the internet in our day-to-day life. While you can never have total online privacy, you can take steps to protect yourself from surveillance capitalism, identity theft, cyberstalking and any other unscrupulous people or technologies. As one of the best methods of protecting online privacy, this podcast provides a guide to VPNs including how they work, the benefits of using them, what to look for when choosing one and more. With this in mind, this podcast provides

  • Influencer marketing in 2020 with Scott Guthrie

    22/02/2020 Duração: 48min

    Scott Guthrie is a strategic influencer marketing consultant, conference speaker, guest university lecturer, top 10 PR blogger, and media commentator. He is co-chair of the CIPR influencer marketing panel, a PRCA council member, a founding member of the BCMA influencer marketing steering group and an editorial board member of both Talking Influence and Influence publications. Show highlights 1:57 Looking ahead to 2020 and beyond in influencer marketing. 2:45 The shifting demand for influencer data. 7:37 The importance of storytelling. 11:40 The virtual influencers. 17:07 Michael Bloomberg's campaign working with influencer marketing platform. 21:40 Influencers exploiting the coronavirus to increase engagement. 26:44 Influencer marketing on Instagram. 38:33 The wider influence sphere going beyond influencer marketing. Resources/people/articles mentioned in the podcast Scott's influencer marketing trends for 2020 - Scott's influencer marketing in 2019 review - Scott

  • Analysing state-backed disinformation social media with Alexa Pavliuc

    14/02/2020 Duração: 34min

    Alexandra Pavliuc is a social network analyst, whose research on disinformation operations has been published by NATO Defense Strategic Communications and funded by the Mozilla Foundation. Findings from her research have been disseminated by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Engineering & Technology Magazine, and The Startup. Alexandra has collaborated with government bodies to develop disinformation research tools, and teaches data science for Decoded in London. Alexandra holds an MSc in Data Science from City, University of London, as well as a BA in Professional Communication and a Minor in Physics from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. Show highlights 1:13 Alexa introduces herself and her main focus areas in social network analysis. 2:06 Alexa introduces the research she carried out looking at state-backed disinformation operations on the Twitter platform. 5:28 Alexa provides a description on what disinformation in social media means 8:27 Comparing the datasets from six different state-ba

  • Five macro social media trends on the horizon

    06/02/2020 Duração: 17min

    In this podcast we’re talking about the future of social media and the macro trends on the horizon. And even though you can't predict the future by looking at the past, it's always worth paying a visit. In 1995, Bill Gates wrote in his book about the future of the personal computer, The Road Ahead, “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. Don’t let yourself be lulled into inaction.” Of course back then he was prophesying his vision to put a PC in every home which may seem silly today given the proliferation of computers but at the time it was a lofty goal. Fast forward to 2010, when social media was starting to proliferate the world, the vast majority of people (myself included) would never have predicted the global impact it’s had on culture and society.  With this in mind, this podcast provides five upcoming macro trends to be aware of in the social media space. Show highlights 1:49 The rise of decentralized

  • Browsing the web with privacy with Des Martin from Brave

    27/01/2020 Duração: 34min

    Des Martin is Head of Marketing & Growth at Brave. Prior to joining Brave Des lead marketing teams at Qualtrics, nearFrom and Perkbox. His north star is to do interesting things with interesting people. He is passionate about building a better web with new business models for content creators. Show highlights 1:48 Des introduces himself and the Brave browser. 10:59 Do consumers understand how much surveillance capitalism is tracking them and what is driving adoption? 14:43 User growth and migrating from Google Chrome. 17:59 Engaging with the Brave community on social media. 19:51 The Basic Attention Token and privacy-respecting adverts. 27:25 The two books Des recommends everyone should read. Resources/people/articles mentioned in the podcast Brave browser - Des on Twitter - @dessie_martin Des on LinkedIn - Ste's deep dive into his online privacy - Brave founder Brendan Eich - @BrendanEich Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World - Amazon De

  • How To Protect Your Online Privacy And Security In A Surveillance Capitalism World

    14/09/2019 Duração: 32min

    Over the last few years we’ve come to realise how […] More The post How To Protect Your Online Privacy And Security In A Surveillance Capitalism World appeared first on Ste Davies.

  • Facebook Cryptocurrency: Everything You Need To Know

    09/06/2019 Duração: 23min

    Facebook has been reportedly launching its own cryptocurrency for the […] More The post Facebook Cryptocurrency: Everything You Need To Know appeared first on Ste Davies.

  • Influencer Mass Delusion And Finding Your Zen In Social With Trey Ratcliff

    07/06/2019 Duração: 42min

    Trey Ratcliff is an artist on a somewhat quixotic mission […] More The post Influencer Mass Delusion And Finding Your Zen In Social With Trey Ratcliff appeared first on Ste Davies.

  • Performance Driven Influencer Marketing With Nic Yeeles Of Peg

    02/06/2019 Duração: 40min

    Nic Yeeles is the co-founder & CEO of, an […] More The post Performance Driven Influencer Marketing With Nic Yeeles Of Peg appeared first on Ste Davies.

  • Employee Advocacy With Rachel Miller Of All Things IC

    27/05/2019 Duração: 29min

    Rachel Miller is the Director of All Things IC and […] More The post Employee Advocacy With Rachel Miller Of All Things IC appeared first on Ste Davies.

  • How Creators Monetize With Andrew Kamphey Of Influence Weekly

    20/05/2019 Duração: 33min

    Andrew Kamphey curates insightful articles each week as the editor […] More The post How Creators Monetize With Andrew Kamphey Of Influence Weekly appeared first on Ste Davies.

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