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Can physicians and patients be the voice to transform healthcare with Dr. Pietro Garbelli



Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Pietro Emanuele Garbelli, author of The Doctor's Voice - Empowering Solutions to Physicians' Frustrations, Burnout and Healthcare Inefficiences, to discuss the turmoil in healthcare that imploded the last few years.Can we be the voice? Can we create a different tribe? We need more people to make the leap, let us know how you are navigating.Do you still have confidence in the system? Have you noticed the break that occurred in medicine in the last three years that has brought the walls down around principles, beliefs, truths, and traditions that have been enforced for decades?The fight for territory is an integral part of the process of working in medicine and it has taken a toll on those who wish to do better, be better, and serve at the highest level of care for the patient.How can a compassionate, caring, healing and educated physician make their path in this decade when things around them do not support the kind of work that is undefined at this time? Are we seeking a new way to d