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Navigating the world of an Empath with Suzanne Worthley



Dr. Jeanette welcomes Suzanne Worthley, author of Confident Empath - A Complete Guide to Multidimensional Empathing and Energetic Protection, to share her experiences on living an open spirit filled life. An empath, who are you, what are you all about, are you bumping into things, what is your world about, and perhaps you feel like you just can’t get yourself off the floor somedays. Where did that sense come from and what is going on with me?What is an empath all about, energy all about, and your aura?Do you have a story too about living a life that is open, energetically vibrant, and highly sensitive?Are you afraid to tell anyone about your stories and experiences for fear of being labeled as crazy, out to lunch, or just not with it?We are feeling seeing, knowing, and listening to all the different energy planes and can read or hear conversations that leave you saying repeatedly ‘do you see that, do you hear that, or did you feel that’.Every empath comes to the time when you ask the energy or experience if i