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Anxiety ruling your life with Faust Ruggiero



Dr. Jeanette welcomes Faust Ruggiero, author of The Fix Your Anxiety Handbook, to share his tips on working through life's challenges.How are we living our lives, what are the bumps and bruises along the way, and how are we pushing through struggles in life?How do we accept the challenges of life and maybe say how do I create a different life going forward?Perhaps maybe our flow is hitting all the walls, learning what they are made out of, seeing how you can traverse through them, and seeing how you can find different ways? Can you live a unique life of accepting what is coming to you, feeling deeply for the emotions that it arises within, and sharing your story so others can take their own unique journey in life today?Are you seeking a fix, is there something wrong with you, and you are searching for the thing that will make you whole?Is it your mind, body, perspective, story, or truth that seems to be taking the reigns and containing your life in the parameters of a safe lifetime to survive the path?Can you