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Stress, adaptation, and resistance in the world with Frank Forencich



Dr. Jeanette welcomes Frank Forencich, author of The Enemy is Never Wrong, to share his insight on stress, energy, and the world around us.What is the resistance we are feeling; is it pressure, external sources, our own anxiety, and stress factors, and where is the energy coming from? Is it outside us and coming to us or is it inside and we don’t know where it is coming from?What is stress all about? How are we feeling coming at us, coming out of us, or popping up inside of us?There is always stress in the human experience but where does it source and how can we see it for what it is trying to tell us? Is stress the energy force that is created as we look through the filters that we have owned as what we call our life?Do animals feel stress and we call it the survival mode of an animal?Is stress not an illusion appearing real in life for humans?Can you exist in being along or do we always have to engage with others and be at the mercy of all kinds of emotions, truths, and beliefs?What is adaptation in health