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Navigating old stories, Karma, and today's experiences with Thomas Lane



Dr. Jeanette welcomes Thomas Lane, author of The Karma Factor, to share his great novel for our last summer read of 2023! The character in the book takes on all the shifts appearing to his mind and soul while stepping back and seeing how things will play out in today's life. He traverses timelines that are now opening up to him and is astounded at how his regular human life has so many deja vu experiences. What happens when you open up your intuition, knowing, or seeing things in a different way and your daily life is not keeping up? Do others around you notice and do you feel like you might be losing your mind? What are the shadows of past stories that linger to be heard once more?Can we bring forth the wisdom from eons before and utilize their story to expand our own story of today as connecting in retrospect?What mysteries does the past hold, how can the questions that are unresolved come around to be scoured once again, and will this lifetime put all our old stories to rest? Might the people close to