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Blurring lines between reality and illusions in a Biodome with Ilene Grydsuk



Dr. Jeanette welcomes Ilene Grydsuk, author of Age of Resolve (Book 1): The E.V. Chronicles, to share her new novel as our end of summer read. This book will truly take you on an adventure with the character to question everything in life, what you have been told, how you make choices, and what is coming down the pike.Who is the authority and what is reality all about? Perception is reality; I am told this therefore it must be true, are you living from that principle? What is the timeline we are in and are we becoming avatars and just downloading information to abide by? What has happened in history to cause a great change that we can no longer go back to as our normal life? Is there a virus in the Biodome? Are we going to kill each other, support each other, or just cause more chaos with our anger and truths?This is an adventure into the deep, dark thoughts that we have been excavating in our stories and turmoil in society. It is a glimpse of possibilities that may appear if we become leaders that stick with