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Formula for transcendence with Dr. Paul Hannah



Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Paul Hannah, author of Shine Like the Sun, Glow Like the Moon and Flow Like Water, to share his life expansion and how you can expand your knowing this lifetime.How can you use your breath and energy to create a new existence? What is your job but to care for self and learn more about human/spiritual existence? How do we get out of the victim space but also to see free will and choice and not be stuck in the judgement?We as humans have allowed this to happen where we gave up our body, mind, and soul to others to fix us to have a perfection of body to be seen in the world where everything is right and acceptable.What we are seeking is a deeper connection with soul, self, source energy, with God and with those around us. All of that is one. Once you step out of the human story, and into the story of one, identity doesn’t matter, and you go out and be in service. This is why you are here and time to step up.The accomplishments of our soul; how do we open, how do we step into form, ho