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Weaving spirits and energy into a quilt with Dawn Bennett-Alexander



Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dawn Bennett-Alexander, author of The Wandering Quilt, to explore the energy we instill into our creative works.A great summer read for 2023; mystery, spirituality, soul journey, creative work, and quilting are all woven into a story line that takes you on a journey from the human perspective to the deeper soul engagement with heart.Are you ready for a journey of recognizing the spirit world and the stories that are left behind? Are you an open and awakened soul that is engaging in life on a different level of conscious engagement?When you touch a creative work, can you feel something inside of you turning to open up an emotion or drop a tear? Does a picture in your thoughts of a loved one, past moments in time, or struggles of your life come to mind?This is how you open up to something so much more in our lives that what we had been experiencing, are you ready? Perhaps you are leading with light as Dr. J is?Join with your friends and start a conversation about your deeper feelings and