Wellness Radio With Dr. J

Inspirational poems, prose, and haiku for healing hearts with Adrian R. Johnson



Dr. Jeanette welcomes Adrian Johnson, author of Wishful Thinking, to inspire others to heal their hearts through words and connection to the soul.Time to drift into your thoughts and dreams to find love, peace, joy, and grace.How can you write your deepest emotions and feelings that are starting to rise from your heart these days?Can you allow yourself to start feeling what is deep inside, perhaps what you have denied or pushed down in the past? Are you running through your to do list and totally stepping away from letting the heart or soul to have a voice in your day?Poems, prose, and haiku writings are perfect words to inspire your thoughts to take a leap and open up the love or healing that you need at this time.This is a daily inspirational journey to engage a sense of energy that speaks on the whispers of your heart.For more information on Adrian visit: www.SoulfulExpressionzLLC.comFor guided suppport and healing services with Dr. Jeanette visit: www.DrJeanetteGallagher.com