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A novel to heal with cats for all ages with Ellena Boyett



Dr. Jeanette welcomes Ellena Boyett, author of Bear and The Fussington Locks, to dance with a cat and explore our human emotions.This is a wonderful Summer Read 2023 for all ages as you step into the cat character to feel your emotions, go on an adventure, and heal your heart from the inside out.When we are feeling broken and troubled, this book is the perfect ticket to ease your worries and let you breathe fresh air, if only for a short time or to shift your heartache.People of all ages would delight in a story that doesn't hit you over the head with a message but let you feel light as air and free as a cat. What a special moment in time that can create!Please read this book to your kids and share with elders. Everyone could use a hug from a cat once in a while!For more information on Ellena visit: www.Fussinglocks.comFor more information on Dr. Jeanette and her healing support work visit: www.DrJeanetteGallagher.com