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Historical prophecies, Bible, and Theology with Jerry Huerta



Dr. Jeanette welcomes Jerry Huerta author of Thy Kingdom Come: Re-Evaluating the Historicist's Interpretation of the Revelation, to explore story in the context of society events at the time.History, revelations, and going back to ancient times; what are the stories and books about in our Bibles, dogma, and prophecies.How did our truths and beliefs come about? How have the words transitioned in time through society, events in the century, or from the perspective of the reader?Writing, interpretation and seeking more information is the seeker journey to interpret what you wish to take from history to guide you through the life you are currently living. When things happened in the past eons and people wrote the stories it was from the emotions and way in which they could understand or comprehend at that time of life. As we learn more, expand our consciousness, and become more literate in areas of science, nature, religion, and history, we tend to rewrite history in a manner of reflection and then adopt the new