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Asking for help in illness, life changes or struggles with Ken Saik



Dr. Jeanette welcomes Ken Saik, author of Healing Hands, to explore the concepts of asking for help after a tumultuous life.When you hit the wall, fall down, and need help after a hospitalization, illness, change of life, change of lifestyle or perhaps you just say I can't do it anymore; who is out there to help?Do you have family, friends, loved ones, a tribe or maybe no one to ask for help; what do you do now?What is the help you are seeking? What are the questions you are asking, how can others support you, and what does that look like in a healing body, heart, and soul?Are you in the healing service of helping others? What happens when you help others but cannot find those who can help you when needed?Are you willing to change the perspective of old stories to assist those who come to you for support?How can you trust someone to walk along the path of life with you regardless of the past experiences you may have had over the years? Can you take a chance and be open to knowing a person from the inside out?