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#253 Words and Phrases to Describe Large Quantities in English



Today, we will keep exploring and learning more about expressing larger amounts. When we want to talk about more significant quantities, we can use different words and expressions. These terms can indicate having more of something or a significant amount. When referring to small amounts, we use words like: "a little" or "a few." And when it comes to large quantities we can use words like "a lot," "many," or "plenty." Let's practice with a few examples. For example, instead of saying, "I have a few books," you can say:  I have a lot of books. I have many books. Let's imagine we want to express a large quantity without specifying an exact number.  Here, we can use words like "numerous," "countless," or "a great number of." These terms indicate a large quantity, even if an exact number is not specified. For example, instead of saying, "There are a few birds in the sky," you can say: There are numerous birds in the sky.  There are countless birds in the sky. There are a great number of birds in the sky. Great! Le