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#252 Words and Phrases to Describe Small Quantities in English



Today, we'll talk about words and phrases that can help you express the amount or quantity of something and when to use them effectively. Get the text on my website: Speakenglishpodcast.com/podcast/ Let's start by discussing small quantities. If you only have a little bit of something, you might say "a few" or "some." A few means three to five of something, while some are a bit more vague and can mean any small amount. For example, if you're discussing job opportunities, you might say: I've applied for a few positions, but I haven't heard back from any of them yet. If you're talking about your progress in learning English, you could say: Even though I've been learning English for quite some time, I still face difficulties in speaking fluently. When you have a bit more of something but not a lot, you could say "several." Several usually means more than three but less than ten. For example, if you're talking about books you bought from a bookstore, you could say: She bought several books from the store, includi