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#250 Learn English by Watching Classic Movies: 'Gone with the Wind'



Today we will talk about one of my favorite movies: "Gone with the Wind." It's a romantic drama set during the American Civil War and its aftermath. The movie takes place in the southern United States, during the Civil War. The South is known for its elegance and charm, and the attention to detail in the movie is amazing. You'll see beautiful dresses, sprawling plantations, and stunning landscapes. But also the dark side of war and destruction, as the Civil War brings devastation and loss to the region. The main characters in the movie are Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler. Scarlett is a young woman who is used to getting her way. That means she always got what she wanted in spite of opposition. She's in love with Ashley Wilkes, who is engaged to her cousin, Melanie Hamilton. Scarlett is determined to win Ashley's heart, but her world is turned upside down when the war breaks out. The other main character, named Rhett, is a charming man who acts carelessly and recklessly. But he becomes enamored with Scarlett'