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#249 Zoom Business Meetings in English



Do you get nervous when you need to speak English over Zoom? Don't worry because in this episode you'll discover how to engage in a business meeting over Zoom. In the second part of this episode, you’ll learn grammar in context with a point-of-view story. Okay! Let’s start! I'm not sure if you're good with technology, but as you know, over the past few years, many companies have adopted Zoom for work purposes. Therefore, you're probably already familiar with this app. And you may have noticed that whenever we connect to Zoom, technical problems tend to arise. Sometimes it's you, and other times a team member. However, today, let's focus on some useful phrases that can make our work-related Zoom conversations more effective. To help you feel more confident and prepared, I have put together an example conversation on Zoom. Participants: John (the host), Mary, Sarah, and Mark. John: Good morning, everyone. Can you hear and see me okay? Mary: Yes, John, we can hear and see you clearly. John: Great! Then let's get