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#239 Fluency and Correction when Speaking English



Today, I'd like to take a closer look at a common issue faced by many learners of English: the proper usage of various verb tenses, as well as the potential mistakes they can make. First, you should bear in mind that native speakers tend to use fewer verb tenses when speaking compared to when they are writing. In other words, spoken language is more direct and simple. And that's good news!  So, why does this happen?  We can consider how to articulate our ideas best, select suitable grammar structures, and more when writing. However, when speaking, there is no time to think about how to construct a sentence. Secondly, when learning a language, there is often a conflict between two components. These two elements are fluency and self-correction. By fluency, I mean the ability to produce the language with few pauses, and by self-correction, I mean the perception that what you are saying may be wrong, and consequently, you self-correct. To illustrate this point, let's assume that Tom is an English learner with a l