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#236 English Idioms for the New Year (part1)



Hi! I'm Georgiana, your English teacher. Thank you for joining me for another episode.  If you want to help, please share the podcast on social media. That would mean a lot. Thanks! I hope you are doing great! The New Year is the perfect time for new beginnings and the perfect time to learn some idioms in English for the new year.  You will also learn grammar with a point-of-view lesson without memorizing boring rules. Before we start, visit my website: Speakenglishpodcast.com and subscribe to my mini-course - it's completely free! Ok, let's start! #1 To kick off the new year To kick off the new year means to start a new year. Examples: "Let's kick off the new year with a positive attitude." "The best way to kick off the year is to be surrounded by friends and family. #2 To turn over a new leaf It means to start acting or behaving better or more responsibly. Examples:  "Since I moved to New York, my life has completely changed. I can say that I have turned over a new leaf." "You always promise to turn over a