The English We Speak

The English We Speak


Every week, we look at a different everyday English phrase or piece of slang in this fun three-minute programme. From BBC World Service

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  • Buyers remorse
    Buyer's remorse
    Duração: 02min | 01/10/2019
  • Freecycle
    Duração: 02min | 24/09/2019
  • Carbon footprint
    Carbon footprint
    Duração: 02min | 17/09/2019

    Love to travel but worried about the environment? Here's a phrase for you to use.

  • To cough up
    To cough up
    Duração: 03min | 10/09/2019

    When is a cough not a cough? We teach you a money-related phrase.

  • Brain fade
    Brain fade
    Duração: 02min | 03/09/2019

    We teach you a phrase that's worth remembering!

  • Fib
    Duração: 02min | 27/08/2019

    We won’t teach you to lie, but you will learn how to use the word ‘fib’.

  • Hot under the collar
    Hot under the collar
    Duração: 02min | 20/08/2019

    Cool off and learn this phrase with us.

  • Eat your heart out
    Eat your heart out
    Duração: 03min | 13/08/2019

    Learn a humorous phrase about being the best!

  • Across
    Duração: 02min | 06/08/2019

    When is 'across' not a preposition?

  • Fat chance
    Fat chance
    Duração: 02min | 30/07/2019

    Learn an expression about likelihood.

  • Milk it
    Milk it
    Duração: 02min | 23/07/2019

    A phrase about taking advantage of a situation to gain sympathy or respect

  • To cherry-pick
    To cherry-pick
    Duração: 03min | 16/07/2019

    We’ve picked the best phrase for you to learn!

  • To fight tooth and nail
    To fight tooth and nail
    Duração: 03min | 09/07/2019

    Learn a phrase about working hard to get just what you want.

  • Its a small world
    It's a small world
    Duração: 02min | 02/07/2019

    Learn an expression about coincidences.

  • Vanish into thin air
    Vanish into thin air
    Duração: 02min | 25/06/2019

    Learn an expression about disappearing

  • Get the short straw
    Get the short straw
    Duração: 03min | 18/06/2019

    A phrase that sucks!

  • Soft skills
    Soft skills
    Duração: 02min | 11/06/2019

    These are job skills needed to deal with the public, and very much in demand.

  • Clever clogs
    Clever clogs
    Duração: 02min | 28/05/2019

    Will wearing new shoes make Feifei more intelligent? Join her and Rob in this programme.

  • Couch surfing
    Couch surfing
    Duração: 02min | 21/05/2019

    Looking for a sofa to sleep on? Learn a phrase to describe your actions.

  • Like riding a bike
    Like riding a bike
    Duração: 02min | 14/05/2019

    Learn an English expression about skills we never forget.

  • On fire
    On fire
    Duração: 02min | 07/05/2019

    Can you be on fire without any flames?

  • Dead
    Duração: 03min | 23/04/2019

    If something is 'dead good' is that a positive or negative thing?

  • Give someone the runaround
    Give someone the runaround
    Duração: 02min | 16/04/2019

    A phrase about being unhelpful.

  • Laughing all the way to the bank
    Laughing all the way to the bank
    Duração: 02min | 09/04/2019

    When can going to the bank be funny? We've got a phrase that will leave you laughing.

  • The joke is on you
    The joke is on you
    Duração: 03min | 02/04/2019

    Find out more about a seriously funny English phrase.

  • Keep a lid on it
    Keep a lid on it
    Duração: 02min | 26/03/2019

    Learn the right English phrase about having to put a stop to something.

  • To pull the wool over someones eyes
    To pull the wool over someone's eyes
    Duração: 02min | 19/03/2019

    Here's a phrase about preventing someone from discovering something.

  • Take the rough with the smooth
    Take the rough with the smooth
    Duração: 02min | 12/03/2019

    Learn an expression about experiencing bad things to enable you to enjoy good things.

  • Hard-nosed
    Duração: 02min | 05/03/2019

    What is a hard-nosed person like? Find out in this episode of The English We Speak.

  • To have a soft spot
    To have a soft spot
    Duração: 02min | 26/02/2019

    How do you feel if you really like something or someone? This phrase might help you.

  • To make a song and dance (about something)
    To make a song and dance (about something)
    Duração: 02min | 19/02/2019

    If things don't go your way, how can singing and dancing help?

  • Giant killer
    Giant killer
    Duração: 03min | 12/02/2019

    Here's a phrase to describe the success of a small team.

  • A shock to the system
    A shock to the system
    Duração: 02min | 05/02/2019

    A sudden and unpleasant change can come as a shock. Learn a phrase to describe this.

  • From pillar to post
    From pillar to post
    Duração: 02min | 29/01/2019

    Moving from place to place can be chaotic. Learn a phrase to describe the situation

  • Small talk
    Small talk
    Duração: 02min | 22/01/2019

    Here's a phrase that describes making informal conversation about not much.

  • A bright spark
    A bright spark
    Duração: 02min | 15/01/2019

    Here's a clever expression that can describe someone doing something stupid.

  • To be all downhill
    To be all downhill
    Duração: 02min | 08/01/2019

    Rob's done all his work! Find out here if it's all downhill until the weekend for him.

  • Fireworks
    Duração: 02min | 01/01/2019

    Learn a New Year-related expression

  • To have all your Christmases come at once
    To have all your Christmases come at once
    Duração: 02min | 28/12/2018

    An expression for when you have good fortune

  • Its the thought that counts
    It's the thought that counts
    Duração: 02min | 18/12/2018

    Learn a polite thing to say when you receive a bad present.

  • Digital detox
    Digital detox
    Duração: 03min | 11/12/2018

    Learn this very modern expression.

  • It leaves a bad taste in your mouth
    It leaves a bad taste in your mouth
    Duração: 02min | 04/12/2018

    How can a tasty meal leave a bad taste?

  • Pea-souper
    Duração: 02min | 27/11/2018

    Is it a meal or a type of weather?

  • Throw in the towel
    Throw in the towel
    Duração: 02min | 20/11/2018

    Learn a phrase about giving up.

  • A walk in the park
    A walk in the park
    Duração: 02min | 13/11/2018

    Is walking in the park easy? It can be if you learn this phrase!

  • Dumbphone
    Duração: 02min | 06/11/2018

    Learn a new name for old tech

  • No fear
    No fear
    Duração: 02min | 30/10/2018

    Are you ready for Halloween?

  • Something to chew on
    Something to chew on
    Duração: 02min | 23/10/2018

    Feifei gives Neil something to chew on

  • Waffle on
    Waffle on
    Duração: 02min | 16/10/2018

    Not all waffling is good!

  • Skew-whiff
    Duração: 03min | 09/10/2018

    Describe something that isn't straight.

  • Play a blinder
    Play a blinder
    Duração: 03min | 02/10/2018

    Doing something amazing.

  • Miffed
    Duração: 03min | 25/09/2018

    Has someone annoyed you? Use this word.

  • Humblebrag
    Duração: 03min | 18/09/2018

    Brag if you must - just don’t humblebrag! Find out what that means with Rob and Feifei.

  • Out of your depth
    Out of your depth
    Duração: 03min | 11/09/2018

    A phrase for when you're struggling to do something.

  • Mardy
    Duração: 03min | 04/09/2018

    A word for a bad mood.

  • Curry favour
    Curry favour
    Duração: 02min | 28/08/2018

    Learn a spicy expression.

  • Take the biscuit
    Take the biscuit
    Duração: 02min | 21/08/2018

    A sweet phrase for irritating behaviour.

  • Step on it
    Step on it
    Duração: 02min | 14/08/2018

    Do you need someone to go faster? Use this informal phrase.

  • Ping
    Duração: 02min | 07/08/2018

    When does the word 'ping' not make a sound? Find out in this programme.

  • Crunch time
    Crunch time
    Duração: 02min | 31/07/2018

    When the time comes to make an important decision, what do you say?

  • Have a pop
    Have a pop
    Duração: 02min | 24/07/2018

    Learn a phrase about having a go at something

  • A necessary evil
    A necessary evil
    Duração: 02min | 17/07/2018

    Can you accept something you don't like?

  • If the cap fits
    If the cap fits
    Duração: 02min | 10/07/2018

    Learn an expression about accepting criticism

  • My bad
    My bad
    Duração: 02min | 03/07/2018

    Learn a phrase about accepting blame

  • To have a good nose (for something)
    To have a good nose (for something)
    Duração: 02min | 26/06/2018

    Rob and Feifei sniff out a new phrase to learn

  • Friends in High Places
    Friends in High Places
    Duração: 02min | 19/06/2018

    Learn a phrase about important people

  • Catch-22
    Duração: 02min | 12/06/2018

    Learn an expression for a no-win situation.

  • Let the dust settle
    Let the dust settle
    Duração: 02min | 05/06/2018

    Learn a phrase about allowing a situation to become calm again

  • Nothing to shout about
    Nothing to shout about
    Duração: 02min | 29/05/2018

    Learn a phrase about not saying much

  • Let sleeping dogs lie
    Let sleeping dogs lie
    Duração: 03min | 22/05/2018

    Learn about a trouble-free phrase

  • Bleed someone dry
    Bleed someone dry
    Duração: 02min | 15/05/2018

    An expression for a financial injury

  • Small change
    Small change
    Duração: 02min | 08/05/2018

    A phrase for trivial things

  • Thatll teach you
    That'll teach you
    Duração: 02min | 01/05/2018

    Learn from what you've done

  • An old hand
    An old hand
    Duração: 02min | 24/04/2018

    Someone who's skilled and experienced

  • Out of the loop
    Out of the loop
    Duração: 02min | 17/04/2018

    Learn a phrase about missing out.

  • Rub it in
    Rub it in
    Duração: 02min | 10/04/2018

    Learn an expression about enjoying someone's misfortunes.

  • Smombie
    Duração: 02min | 03/04/2018

    Are you a smartphone zombie?

  • Freegan
    Duração: 02min | 27/03/2018

    Are you someone who only eats food that has been wasted or thrown away? Learn a word that describes what you are

  • Barking up the wrong tree
    Barking up the wrong tree
    Duração: 02min | 20/03/2018

    Have you ever made the wrong assumption? Here's a dog-related phrase to describe your actions

  • Cloud cuckoo land
    Cloud cuckoo land
    Duração: 02min | 13/03/2018

    Can you make the impossible possible? This phrase implies you can't but what's it got to do with a cuckoo?

  • A taste of your own medicine
    A taste of your own medicine
    Duração: 02min | 06/03/2018

    Payback time

  • Happy-go-lucky
    Duração: 02min | 27/02/2018

    Relaxed about the future? Here's a phrase that might describe your character

  • Whizz-kid
    Duração: 02min | 20/02/2018

    Young, clever and successful: find out a phrase that describes someone like this

  • The best of both worlds
    The best of both worlds
    Duração: 02min | 13/02/2018

    Can you enjoy the advantages of two different situations at the same time? You can if you use this phrase

  • Bone idle
    Bone idle
    Duração: 02min | 06/02/2018

    Are you taking it easy or just being lazy? Here's a phrase to describe your condition

  • To cut a long story short
    To cut a long story short
    Duração: 03min | 30/01/2018

    Have you got a story to tell? Here's a phrase about just telling the important bits

  • A thing
    A thing
    Duração: 02min | 29/01/2018

    Beards have been 'a thing' for a while. Is it now time to shave them off?

  • Just the ticket
    Just the ticket
    Duração: 03min | 23/01/2018

    Rob and Feifei help teach a phrase to describe something you really want or need

  • Do a runner
    Do a runner
    Duração: 02min | 09/01/2018

    Is it time to go? Here's a phrase about avoiding a tricky situation

  • All that jazz
    All that jazz
    Duração: 02min | 26/12/2017

    We love slang, idioms, phrases and all that jazz! Learn a new phrase with us

  • Not gonna lie
    Not gonna lie
    Duração: 02min | 18/12/2017

    A phrase to use when you're being brutally honest

  • Up your game
    Up your game
    Duração: 02min | 12/12/2017

    Don't know which one to use? You need to up your emoji game

  • To shout it from the rooftops
    To shout it from the rooftops
    Duração: 02min | 05/12/2017

    Have you heard the good news? This programme has something to shout about!

  • To blow the cobwebs away
    To blow the cobwebs away
    Duração: 02min | 28/11/2017

    No spiders involved. It's time to get lively and learn a new English phrase

  • A knees-up
    A knees-up
    Duração: 02min | 21/11/2017

    Want to go to a party? This phrase might help you get an invitation

  • To put someone on the map
    To put someone on the map
    Duração: 02min | 14/11/2017

    Need directions to learn a new English phrase? Here's one about a map and being famous

  • Down in the dumps
    Down in the dumps
    Duração: 02min | 07/11/2017

    Feeling unhappy? Here's a phrase to describe your mood but don't take it too literally!

  • Excuse me!
    Excuse me!
    Duração: 02min | 31/10/2017

    Rob keeps saying 'excuse me' but what does he really mean? You and Feifei are about to find out the many uses of this phrase

  • A sting in the tail
    A sting in the tail
    Duração: 02min | 24/10/2017

    Rob's become a bee keeper but there's something more unpleasant to this hobby than being stung. Find out how a sting in the tail doesn't just come from bees!

  • So done with
    So done with
    Duração: 01min | 17/10/2017

    Are you doing something very boring? We have just the phrase for you!

  • lolz
    Duração: 02min | 10/10/2017

    You might know the slang expression ‘LOL’, but do you know about ‘lolz’?

  • Have a go
    Have a go
    Duração: 01min | 03/10/2017

    Poor Neil gets a lot of criticism in the programme. Of course, it’s all to help you learn English!

  • About
    Duração: 01min | 26/09/2017

    You know what ‘about’ means, right? But maybe not this extra meaning! Take another look with us

  • Wing it
    Wing it
    Duração: 02min | 19/09/2017

    Learn an informal expression for when you have to improvise

  • Pot luck
    Pot luck
    Duração: 02min | 12/09/2017

    Not sure what to expect? Learn a phrase about hoping your choice will turn out ok

  • It beats me
    It beats me
    Duração: 02min | 05/09/2017

    Why does Feifei keep hitting Rob? There could be some confusion about the meaning of today's authentic English phrase. Find out what Rob really means when he says 'it beats me'

  • Jiggery-pokery
    Duração: 01min | 29/08/2017

    Tricks and dishonesty: Learn this phrase before it fools you!

  • Left, right, and centre
    Left, right, and centre
    Duração: 02min | 22/08/2017

    If you do something left, right, and centre does that mean you do it everywhere? Rob's being doing just that but what's he been doing it with?

  • Donkeys years
    Donkey's years
    Duração: 02min | 15/08/2017

    Why has Rob got a donkey in the studio?! It's probably got something with today's authentic English phrase which is about not doing something for a long time

  • Give us a bell
    Give us a bell
    Duração: 02min | 08/08/2017

    What's that ringing sound? Is it someone giving you a bell? Find out what it all means

  • Echo chamber
    Echo chamber
    Duração: 02min | 01/08/2017

    Echo echo echo echo…

  • Snowflake
    Duração: 02min | 25/07/2017

    Do you melt too easily?

  • The heat is on
    The heat is on
    Duração: 01min | 18/07/2017

    Learn an expression which you can use to say you're under pressure

  • Wet weekend
    Wet weekend
    Duração: 02min | 11/07/2017

    When can a wet weekend be dry? Find out with another authentic English expression

  • No picnic
    No picnic
    Duração: 02min | 04/07/2017

    Some things in life are hard work. Discover a phrase that describes these situations

  • A busmans holiday
    A busman's holiday
    Duração: 02min | 27/06/2017

    Going on holiday to do your job? What's it got to do with driving a bus?

  • Fuddy-duddy
    Duração: 02min | 20/06/2017

    Old-fashioned and set in your ways? Could you be one of these people?

  • No great shakes
    No great shakes
    Duração: 02min | 13/06/2017

    Not impressed by something? Here's an expression that describes what you think

  • Not a sausage
    Not a sausage
    Duração: 02min | 06/06/2017

    Nothing, absolutely nothing, nothing at all… Not even one little sausage!

  • Long
    Duração: 01min | 30/05/2017

    Not everything in this life is fun. Learn a phrase to describe boring jobs!

  • Not half
    Not half
    Duração: 02min | 23/05/2017

    Love pizza? Feifei and Neil bring you a phrase to show how much you enjoy something

  • All over the shop
    All over the shop
    Duração: 03min | 16/05/2017

    Looked everywhere? Learn a phrase about shops that isn’t about shops!

  • It comes with the territory
    It comes with the territory
    Duração: 02min | 09/05/2017

    Some things have to be expected. Learn a phrase to describe this situation

  • It wont wash
    It won't wash
    Duração: 02min | 02/05/2017

    Heard something unconvincing? Maybe it's time to get out the washing powder!

  • Jack-of-all-trades
    Duração: 02min | 25/04/2017

    Can you do lots of different things? This could be the phrase to describe you

  • The coast is clear
    The coast is clear
    Duração: 02min | 18/04/2017

    Doing something you shouldn't? Here's a phrase about not being caught

  • Pull a fast one
    Pull a fast one
    Duração: 02min | 11/04/2017

    Make the English you speak sound more natural

  • Suck it and see
    Suck it and see
    Duração: 01min | 04/04/2017

    Learn a phrase about having new experiences

  • To cut your teeth
    To cut your teeth
    Duração: 02min | 28/03/2017

    Starting out in a new profession? Here's an expression about gaining experience

  • Shrinkflation
    Duração: 02min | 21/03/2017

    Getting less for your money? Could you be the victim of 'shrinkflation'?

  • La-la land
    La-la land
    Duração: 02min | 14/03/2017

    Is someone making unreasonable requests? Here's where they live

  • A different kettle of fish
    A different kettle of fish
    Duração: 02min | 07/03/2017

    Fishing for a phrase? This could be the one for you

  • At the drop of a hat
    At the drop of a hat
    Duração: 02min | 28/02/2017

    What would Rob do at the drop of a hat? Find out more about this expression

  • Brass neck
    Brass neck
    Duração: 02min | 21/02/2017

    What does being confident but rude have to do with your neck? Learn an expression that should not be taken literally

  • Reinvent the wheel
    Reinvent the wheel
    Duração: 02min | 14/02/2017

    Wasting time doing something that's been done before? There's a phrase to explain this

  • Frenemy
    Duração: 02min | 07/02/2017

    Do you have a false friend? In The English We Speak we get to hear how one of Feifei's best friends isn't a friend at all and discover that there's a great word to describe them

  • To be fair
    To be fair
    Duração: 02min | 31/01/2017

    Give both sides of the argument with this phrase

  • On the box
    On the box
    Duração: 02min | 24/01/2017

    Watching a ‘box’ can’t be very enjoyable, can it?

  • Duck
    Duração: 02min | 17/01/2017

    Learn a phrase you can use that features our feathered friend

  • Bottle
    Duração: 01min | 10/01/2017

    Use this phrase involving bottles when you’re too afraid to do something

  • Got your number
    Got your number
    Duração: 02min | 03/01/2017

    Understanding someone's true intentions

  • Clickbait
    Duração: 02min | 20/12/2016

    Learn a word that describes tempting online links

  • Mash-up
    Duração: 02min | 13/12/2016

    Dan and Feifei are in the studio and Dan has been working on a new music track. Will it be good? Let's find out

  • Air kiss
    Air kiss
    Duração: 02min | 06/12/2016

    How do you kiss someone without kissing them? Neil and Feifei explain a word which describes a popular way of greeting and saying goodbye to friends

  • Mansplaining
    Duração: 02min | 29/11/2016

    A word for when a man explains to a woman something in a way which suggests she's stupid.

  • Rolling in it
    Rolling in it
    Duração: 02min | 22/11/2016

    Neil is rolling on the floor to teach a phrase connected to wealth. Feifei explains

  • Photobomb
    Duração: 02min | 15/11/2016

    Feifei and Sian discuss a word to use when something unexpectedly appears in your photo.

  • Cyberchondriac
    Duração: 02min | 08/11/2016

    Do you look up every symptom on the internet and then imagine you have a serious illness? Here's an expression to describe what you're doing

  • To wash your dirty linen in public
    To wash your dirty linen in public
    Duração: 02min | 01/11/2016

    Are you discussing your private life in public? Here's an expression to describe what you're doing

  • Cat got your tongue?
    Cat got your tongue?
    Duração: 02min | 25/10/2016

    There's a cat about and Feifei's not talking. Learn an expression that questions her quietness

  • It takes two to tango
    It takes two to tango
    Duração: 02min | 18/10/2016

    Neil's doing a partner dance on his own in the studio to help you learn English. Learn an expression which means two people need to accept the blame for a bad situation

  • Knee-jerk reaction
    Knee-jerk reaction
    Duração: 02min | 11/10/2016

    Feifei kicks Neil in the face after he hits her knee with a hammer. It's all to teach you a useful English expression

  • To have an axe to grind
    To have an axe to grind
    Duração: 02min | 04/10/2016

    An expression with three related but slightly different meanings connected to strong opinions

  • Close, but no cigar
    Close, but no cigar
    Duração: 02min | 27/09/2016

    Why is Neil trying to smoke a cigar in the studio? Learn an English expression about almost succeeding

  • Get somebodys goat
    Get somebody's goat
    Duração: 02min | 20/09/2016

    Neil's goat Fred is a bit smelly but useful for teaching an English expression. Feifei's not happy

  • Bust a gut
    Bust a gut
    Duração: 02min | 13/09/2016

    Neil's wearing a vest in the studio to teach an expression about effort. Feifei's concerned he'll injure himself

  • Old-school
    Duração: 02min | 06/09/2016

    Feifei has written a letter to her family. Find out why Sian finds this old-school

  • Shedloads
    Duração: 02min | 30/08/2016

    Sian has received lots of emails! Learn another way to say 'lots'

  • Hangry
    Duração: 02min | 23/08/2016

    Sian is irritable today because she skipped breakfast! Learn an adjective to describe people who feel angry when they get hungry

  • To pull something out of the hat
    To pull something out of the hat
    Duração: 02min | 16/08/2016

    What can you pull out of a hat? Learn an expression that describes doing something that saves the day

  • Off the hook
    Off the hook
    Duração: 01min | 04/08/2016

    Are you obliged to do something you can't or don't want to? We teach you what to say

  • Barefaced
    Duração: 02min | 26/07/2016

    Is someone telling an outrageous lie? Here's an expression we can use

  • To make a mountain out of a molehill
    To make a mountain out of a molehill
    Duração: 02min | 19/07/2016

    Someone making a big fuss about something small? Here's a phrase to describe what they're doing

  • The last straw/final straw
    The last straw/final straw
    Duração: 02min | 12/07/2016

    When friendship is under test, something tiny and as light as a straw could cause a huge problem

  • The university of life
    The university of life
    Duração: 02min | 05/07/2016

    Want to learn about life? Here's a place most of us have studied at

  • White collar worker / blue-collar worker
    White collar worker / blue-collar worker
    Duração: 02min | 28/06/2016

    What does the colour of your clothes say about your job?

  • Drama queen
    Drama queen
    Duração: 02min | 21/06/2016

    No need to be in the theatre to find a drama queen. We teach you where to find them…

  • Its on the cards
    It's on the cards
    Duração: 02min | 14/06/2016

    An expression for when something is likely to happen. What's on the cards for you?

  • Until youre blue in the face
    Until you're blue in the face
    Duração: 02min | 07/06/2016

    Is nobody listening to you? Learn a colourful phrase to explain the situation

  • Clean up your act
    Clean up your act
    Duração: 02min | 31/05/2016

    Someone behaving badly? Here's a phrase that tells them what to do

  • Youre pulling my leg!
    You're pulling my leg!
    Duração: 02min | 24/05/2016

    Want to trick someone? Here is a phrase that involves pulling a part of your body!

  • One good turn deserves another
    One good turn deserves another
    Duração: 02min | 17/05/2016

    A helpful phrase for doing something good

  • To fall at the first hurdle
    To fall at the first hurdle
    Duração: 02min | 10/05/2016

    Got an idea that's never going to work? Here is a phrase to describe the situation

  • Pain in the neck
    Pain in the neck
    Duração: 01min | 03/05/2016

    Learn the phrase Helen needs to describe the headache her mobile phone company is causing her

  • Burn a hole in your pocket
    Burn a hole in your pocket
    Duração: 02min | 26/04/2016

    When you are in the habit of spending all your money as soon as it comes in, you can use this phrase to express yourself

  • To turn something upside down
    To turn something upside down
    Duração: 02min | 19/04/2016

    How to describe doing a thorough search for something in a very messy way

  • Going forward
    Going forward
    Duração: 02min | 12/04/2016

    How do you ask someone to change the way they do things in the future? Learn this phrase connected to motion

  • A recipe for disaster
    A recipe for disaster
    Duração: 02min | 05/04/2016

    When things go wrong and the outcome isn't good, what kind of recipe are you following? Learn a phrase that has nothing to do with cooking

  • Crash course
    Crash course
    Duração: 02min | 29/03/2016

    When you need to learn something very quickly, it’s worth considering a super fast learning programme, but it’s not for everyone

  • Youve sold it to me
    You've sold it to me
    Duração: 02min | 22/03/2016

    When you are in total agreement with ideas or suggestions from others, try a new phrase to express yourself

  • Full of the joys of spring
    Full of the joys of spring
    Duração: 02min | 15/03/2016

    What time of the year describes a good mood? Learn this lively and cheerful phrase

  • Six of one, half a dozen of the other
    Six of one, half a dozen of the other
    Duração: 02min | 01/03/2016

    Is this expression related to numbers? If half a dozen is six, what does this expression mean? Listen to the programme

  • Test the water
    Test the water
    Duração: 02min | 23/02/2016

    How can you make sure a new project is going to be a successful? Here's a piece of good advice

  • To lie through your teeth
    To lie through your teeth
    Duração: 02min | 16/02/2016

    Not telling the truth is not a good thing to do. Learn a phrase to describe your actions

  • To make a monkey out of me
    To make a monkey out of me
    Duração: 02min | 09/02/2016

    Rob's been asked to dress up like a monkey but it seems like someone is literally making a monkey out of him!

  • Theres method to my madness
    There's method to my madness
    Duração: 02min | 26/01/2016

    Although other people may think you are behaving rather strangely, you know what you are doing. There's a reason and a phrase to describe your behaviour

  • In good nick
    In good nick
    Duração: 02min | 19/01/2016

    Learn a phrase to describe something in top condition

  • Cheap and cheerful
    Cheap and cheerful
    Duração: 02min | 12/01/2016

    Most people like a present that is cheap and cheerful. But no one likes something that is cheap and nasty

  • A bitter pill to swallow
    A bitter pill to swallow
    Duração: 02min | 05/01/2016

    When a situation is hard to accept, what do you say? This phrase could be for you

  • Potty
    Duração: 02min | 31/12/2015

    When we see people going crazy about something, here is an alternative expression

  • Im game
    I'm game
    Duração: 01min | 22/12/2015

    Neil is dying for a game of squash but Li is not game. Find out why...

  • Thatll put hairs on your chest!
    That'll put hairs on your chest!
    Duração: 02min | 15/12/2015

    Learn a humorous expression that is used when someone is going to have a strong alcoholic drink

  • Down the pan
    Down the pan
    Duração: 02min | 01/12/2015

    When things are not going as planned, we can say they've gone ‘down the pan’, but which pan is it?

  • Sweet tooth
    Sweet tooth
    Duração: 02min | 17/11/2015

    Do you have a sweet tooth? Is it something that you are born with or do you develop it?

  • Bumper-to-bumper
    Duração: 02min | 10/11/2015

    When a car bumper is almost touch another car bumper, you know the situation on the road is bad

  • Eye candy
    Eye candy
    Duração: 02min | 03/11/2015

    How can you describe someone good looking but not interesting?

  • Thingy
    Duração: 02min | 27/10/2015

    Oh no, you've forgotten the word for something! Don't worry, this expression might help

  • Across the pond
    Across the pond
    Duração: 02min | 20/10/2015

    Are London and New York separated by a pond? Learn this expression people say on both sides of the Atlantic

  • People person
    People person
    Duração: 02min | 13/10/2015

    Are you good at working with other people? This expression might describe you

  • Its a steal!
    It's a steal!
    Duração: 02min | 06/10/2015

    Have you paid very little money for something normally expensive? Learn an expression for when you find a bargain

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