The Shoemaker's Wife

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The majestic beauty of the Italian Alps at the turn of the twentieth century is the setting of the first meeting of Enza, a practical beauty, and Ciro, a strapping mountain boy. When Ciro catches the local priest in a scandal, he is banished and sent to hide in America. Soon Enza's family faces disaster and she, too, is forced to go to America.

Unbeknownst to one another, they both build fledgling lives in America. Ciro masters shoemaking and Enza takes a factory job until fate intervenes and reunites them. But it is too late: Ciro has volunteered to serve in World War I as Enza begins her impressive career as a seamstress at the Metropolitan Opera House. Over time, these star-crossed lovers meet and separate, until the power of their love changes both of their lives forever.

Inspired by Adriana Trigiani's own family history and the love of tradition, The Shoemaker's Wife defines an era with operatic scope that will live on in the imaginations of readers for years to come.


  • 001 The Shoemaker's Wife

    Duração: 52s
  • 002 Chapter 01

    Duração: 46min
  • 003 Chapter 02

    Duração: 19min
  • 004 Chapter 03

    Duração: 37min
  • 005 Chapter 04

    Duração: 41min
  • 006 Chapter 05

    Duração: 24min
  • 007 Chapter 06

    Duração: 52min
  • 008 Chapter 07

    Duração: 34min
  • 009 Chapter 08

    Duração: 13min
  • 010 Chapter 09

    Duração: 20min
  • 011 Chapter 10

    Duração: 42min
  • 012 Chapter 11

    Duração: 26min
  • 013 Chapter 12

    Duração: 47min
  • 014 Chapter 13

    Duração: 47min
  • 015 Chapter 14

    Duração: 34min
  • 016 Chapter 15

    Duração: 27min
  • 017 Chapter 16

    Duração: 27min
  • 018 Chapter 17

    Duração: 40min
  • 019 Chapter 18

    Duração: 38min
  • 020 Chapter 19

    Duração: 17min
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