The Power Of The 7 Habits: Applications And Insights [abridged]

The Power Of The 7 Habits: Applications And Insights [abridged]

Autor: Stephen R. Covey Duração: 1:13:15 Narrador: Stephen R. Covey Editora: Simon & Schuster
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In this program available exclusively on audio, Stephen Covey expands on the principles set forth in his bestseller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. In The Power of the 7 Habits, Covey provides valuable insights that will deepen our understanding of the habits and allow us to make them part of our daily lives. Among the principles it shares are:

* Why the 7 Habits are like a "spiral staircase" with many levels, and why mastering the habits at one level enables us to move on to the next

* Why developing a mission statement can lead to empowerment

* How using the four quadrants will help develop our minds, bodies, skills, and relationships with others.

The next step on the ever-evolving road to personal and professional fulfillment, The Power of the 7 Habits will help us to achieve our goals and identify the commitments we can make to begin to live the 7 Habits immediately.

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  • 01 Introducing Stephen Covey & The 7 Habits

    Duração: 02min

  • 02 Ineffective Contrasted With Effective Habits

    Duração: 15min

  • 03 Interconnectedness Of The 7 Habits.

    Duração: 09min

  • 04 Principle-Centeredness & A Mission Statement -- Foundations Of 7 Habits Are Not Internal But External, An Ecosystem.

    Duração: 12min

  • 05 Basic Characteristics Of Good Mission Statements.

    Duração: 04min

  • 06 Power Of Planning -- Making Your Mission Statement Real.

    Duração: 08min

  • 07 Empowerment -- A Result Of Living By A Mission Statement And Trusting Others.

    Duração: 09min

  • 08 Sharpening The Saw -- The 7th Habit Of Continuous Renewal And Improvement.

    Duração: 04min

  • 09 Concluding Action Steps

    Duração: 06min

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