With No One As Witness

  • Autor: Elizabeth George
  • Narrador: Charles Keating
  • Editora: HarperCollins USA
  • Duração: 10:16:05
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“[A] juicy serial killer whodunit.”
USA Today

“Delicately textured...achingly compassionate....It’s one of George’s best, and that’s saying something.”
Seattle Times

The 13th novel in Elizabeth George’s acclaimed, New York Times bestselling Inspector Linley crime fiction series, With No One as Witness is arguably the most riveting, shocking, and emotionally compelling of the lot. The hunt for a serial killer who has been murdering and mutilating young boys in London has Scotland Yard Detective Superintendent Thomas Lynley and his team of investigators racing to stop the slaughter, only to have the investigation nearly derailed by one devastating, truly game changing event. An American author, George has been praised as “a master of the British mystery” by the New York Times, one of only two Yanks whose crime novels have been adapted for the PBS TV series, “Mystery,”  and her exceptional police procedurals rank with the best of Ian Rankin, Peter Robinson, and Ruth Rendell.


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