Ejag Podcast

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Flying hands and people losing themselves in the music. These are the hallmarks of an Eric Jag set. His dynamic mixes are only amplified by his revolutionary work on the congas and vocals. Hailing from Detroit, Eric has made his mark @ American Super-clubs from Avalon in L.A. to Space in Miami performing in line-ups with such artists as The Chemical Brothers, Paul van Dyk, Sasha, John Digweed, Plastikman, Ferry Corsten, Pete Tong, The Rapture, Swayzak, LCD Sound System, Adam Freeland, Steve Lawler, Josh Wink, Perry Farrell aka DJ Peretz,DJ Iceyand many more. Gathering a loyal following Eric Jag is exploding in the North American scene. More and more, DJ's are employing live sounds to add to the tunes they are spinning on the tables. With over a decade of experience Eric is the first DJ to spin and play percussion simultaneously. Eric Jag's explosive percussion adds a live dimension that breaks new ground. The drumming infuses dancers with powerful kinetic energy reminiscent of tribal gatherings. Eric is one of L.A.'s best kept secrets and he's becoming one of the dance world's most requested talents.


  • Blowback Cyclone

    Blowback Cyclone

    23/01/2013 Duração: 01h02min


  • SoHaix


    23/01/2013 Duração: 01h13min


  • @ area 33

    @ area 33

    23/01/2013 Duração: 47min


  • One Last Time

    One Last Time

    23/01/2013 Duração: 01h08min


  • Away For The Winter

    Away For The Winter

    23/01/2013 Duração: 01h01min


  • Attention Deficit

    Attention Deficit

    23/01/2013 Duração: 01h05min




    21/10/2010 Duração: 01h07min

    1-The Drones - Jolly Remix 2-Quadrat Beat - Spike 3-Napt - Narcotics 4-Knas - Steve Angello 5-Dj Fixx - Get With The Program 6-Keith MacKenzie - Young Hollywood 7-Dylan Rhymes - Godzilla (Atomic Drop) 8-Far Too Loud - We Want To Dance 9-Alex Mind - Bring Back Boogie 10-Chrizz luvly - How We Roll 11-Spencer & HIll - Cantina 12-Dirty Loud - Whatever Clever 13-General Midi - Audio Attack 14-Dj Dan - Work 15-Digital Pizza - Organizized 16-Highspeed Lullaby - Hypeartist