Mutiny Audio Mixtapes!

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Rebellious underground electronic dance music carefully curated and DJ mixed by Mutiny Audio and featured Guest DJs from around the world!! (WARNING: may cause serious side effects such as booty shaking, dry humping, alcohol cravings, and may attract girls with low morals)


  • Fugue State (mixtape)

    Fugue State (mixtape)


    Anger, greed, lust, intoxication, heartbreak, confusion and the end of the world. Fugue State

  • Dirty Talk (mixtape)

    Dirty Talk (mixtape)


    Picking up where Money Shot left off, this is a mix slap full of booty shaking beats and sexy grooves. I love playing this stuff after a few drinks. ✌

  • Money Shot (mixtape)

    Money Shot (mixtape)


    Money Shot is inspired by a recent trip to Menace Beach in Tallahassee, FL. That place was slam packed with twerking and cold beers. I loved the vibe there and put this mix together to share it with the rest of the world. Just press play and shake your booty.

  • Just the Tip (mixtape)

    Just the Tip (mixtape)


    Just the Tip

  • Rage Rock Riot (mixtape)

    Rage Rock Riot (mixtape)


    Finally, a Dubstep mixtape that doesn't suck! This is the follow up to Riot Culture, a full hour of quality music and heavy bass.

  • Riot Culture (mixtape)

    Riot Culture (mixtape)


    Riot Culture is the first episode in a series of mixtapes from Mutiny Audio. This mix is a full hour of Dubstep and Dirty Bass Music including tracks from Nero, Pendulum, Diplo, Bassnectar, Flux Pavillion and a ton of other quality producers!