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A genre-agnostic instrumental mix for creatives, Warm Focus walks the line between mellow & energetic, digital & analog, high & low BPM. Each week I attempt to induce a two-hour state of Flow in the listener: the sense that your work is carrying you along effortlessly like a log in a stream.These are two-hour-long sets of instrumental music carefully curated as a background for doing creative work. I aim to energize and focus the mind without ever feeling distracting or alienating, and occasionally I pop on the mic from BFF.fm's studios in SF to offer a few words of chillaxed inspiration. Warm, human music weaving between between the background and the foreground.In practice, music that fits this bill can come from a wide array of genres, but I work hard to make each song in the set feels "of a piece". Some broad-callouts of the kinds of things I would include: electronic (Plaid, Four Tet, Pantha du Prince, Kate Simko), hiphop instrumentals (Dilla, MF Doom, Oddisee, Ta-Ku, RZA), modern composers (David Axelrod, Hauschka, Nicolas Jaar, Philip Glass, Jon Brion)You can listen live every Wednesday at Noon Pacific Time at http://BFF.fm/shows/warm-focus


  • Warm Focus 45: This Bird Has Flown

    Warm Focus 45: This Bird Has Flown

    26/10/2016 Duração: 02h46min

    This is the final episode of Warm Focus as a weekly radio show on BFF.fm! :( But have no fear, Warm Focus will continue as a series of mixes and live DJ sets. I'm looking forward to being able to sink more time into more polished mixes with the same flow-inducing vibe. Follow @hoverbird on Soundcloud for my favorite radio episodes as well as new Warm Focus mixes and other, adjacent moods. Pretty much ever song I've ever played on this show can be found on my Spotify account. Follow  @hoverbird on Spotify, I compulsively make mixes (instrumentals to work to, but also tons of other things!) Warm Focus is also available as a podcast, which is probably the easiest medium of all! Thanks to everyone who listened, to the amazing team that makes BFF.fm the best community radio station in the country. Stay warm friends! 12:15pm The Rest is Noise by Jamie XX on In Colour (-) 12:18pm Bubbles by Yosi Horikawa on Wandering (-) 12:23pm Cigarettes and Chocolate by Chet Faker on Thinking in Textures (-) 12:27pm Nights Off b

  • Warm Focus 39: A Tightrope Walked Alone

    Warm Focus 39: A Tightrope Walked Alone

    12/08/2016 Duração: 02h00s

    Mixed live at BFF.FM 2016 - 08 - 10 12 - 00 - 00 12:00pm Kiwi Maddog 20/20 by Elliott Smith on Roman Candle (Cavity Search) 12:06pm Amber Button by Isan on - (-) 12:10pm Fin by Phontaine on - (-) 12:14pm Battery Point by Beak> on - (-) 12:21pm Your Signs (Instrumental) by The Notwist on - (-) 12:23pm Weightless Part 1 by Marconi Union on - (-) 12:31pm Airlock by Kona Triangle on - (-) 12:35pm A Tune for Jack by Lemon Jelly on - (-) 12:41pm Split Stones by Lymbyc System on - (-) 12:47pm Part 3 by Rhian Sheehan on - (-) 12:52pm Autumn 3 by Vivaldi / Max Richter on Recomposed (-) 12:53pm You Need to See Through Better Eyes by The Boats on Our Small Ideas (-) 12:56pm My Beautiful Blue Sky by Moby on - (-) 1:00pm Coffin Nails by MF Doom on Metal Fingers Presents: Special Herbs (Nature Sounds) 1:03pm Cruise by Astronautica on - (-) 1:07pm We Were Set Up by Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson, The Alchemist, Oh No & DJ Shadow on GTA V OST (-) 1:10pm Love What Happened There by James Blake on - (-) 1:15pm Piano Months b

  • Warm Focus 34: Islands in the Stream

    Warm Focus 34: Islands in the Stream

    13/07/2016 Duração: 02h00s

    12:00pm The Tower by Virtual Boy on - (-) 12:03pm "Instrumentals" Volume 1 by Arthur Russel on - (-) 12:08pm Prepare by Stimming on - (-) 12:13pm Lose Sight (feat. Ane Brun) by Andrew Bayer on - (-) 12:17pm Pittsburgh Left (Elliot Lipp Remix) by Lymbyc Systym on - (-) 12:20pm Soon It Will Be Cold Enough To Build Fires (Live) by Emancipator on Soon It Will Be Cold Enough (Loci Records) 12:23pm Black Sands by Bonobo on - (-) 12:29pm We Made Our Own Government by Lucky Dragons on - (-) 12:32pm Same Dream China by Gold Panda on - (-) 12:36pm Let's Never Come Back Here Again by Submerge on - (-) 12:38pm Folding Shadows by Om Unit on - (-) 12:41pm Switch It All Off by Suburban Dream on - (-) 12:45pm Know Where by Holy Other on - (-) 12:48pm Mirror Makers by Lucky Dragons on - (-) 12:51pm Feel so Sad (Glides and Chimes) by Spiritualized on - (-) 12:58pm Happiness by Jónsi & Alex on - (-) 1:06pm A Beautiful Life by Broke for Free on - (-) 1:10pm Ms. Ho by Onra on - (-) 1:11pm Became (Instrumental) by Atmosphere on -

  • Warm Focus Live — What’s Poppin’ at Pop’s?

    Warm Focus Live — What’s Poppin’ at Pop’s?

    06/07/2016 Duração: 05h46min

    Find out what happens when Warm Focus meets Cold Beer (turns out it's a LOT of Pete Rock instrumentals) A sprawling instrumental party mix I played at Pop's Bar on 24th Street in SF, just before the long July 4th weekend. Some new stuff, mixed with a bunch of older jazz-influenced hip-hop. All instrumental. If the mix gets a little sloppy towards the end, blame it on the bartender. "Still D.R.E. - Instrumental Version" by "Dr. Dre" "Smoke & Mirrors" by "TOKiMONSTA" "Runnin' - Philippians Rmx Instrumental" by "The Pharcyde" "Seasons Change (Remix instrumental)" by "Moar, Raashan Ahmad" "Skylight" by "Gramatik" "My Guru" by "Dan The Automator" "Lay-by" by "Tennyson" "DTFT - Instrumental" by "J Dilla" "Kong" by "Bonobo" "Come On feat. Dave Ghetto - Instrumental" by "DJ Jazzy Jeff" "A grand love theme" by "Kid Loco" "Places" by "Shlohmo" "The Vibe (Instrumental)" by "Audible Doctor" "Amaman (Instrumental)" by "Large Professor" "Hip Hop feat.Twone Gabz - Instrumental" by "DJ Jazzy Jeff" "The Boss" by "Pete Rock"

  • Warm Focus 32: Sieves and Funnels

    Warm Focus 32: Sieves and Funnels

    09/06/2016 Duração: 02h00s

    12:14pm Masollan by Balmorhea on - (-) 12:16pm Eclairage by Kimyan Law on Coeur Calme (-) 12:22pm Finally Moving by Pretty Lights on Taking Up Your Precious Time (Pretty Lights Music) 12:26pm Sincerely Yours, the D.A.C. by Dirty Art Club on - (-) 12:29pm It's All Around You by Tortoise on It's All Around You (Thrilljockey) 12:33pm Lorge by El Ten Eleven on El Ten Eleven (unk) 12:36pm Heirloom by Yujen on - (-) 12:40pm No Loss by The Range on - (-) 12:43pm Only Promises by Blue Sky Black Death on - (-) 12:47pm Draw (Dorian Concept Remix) by Cid Rim, Dorian Concept on - (-) 12:50pm Hayling (Max Cooper Remix) by FC Kahuna, Hayling on - (-) 12:57pm Daybreak by Electric Mantis on - (-) 12:58pm Peach & Pomegranate by Seiho on - (-) 1:01pm A Glowing Light, a Promise by Makeup and Vanity Set on - (-) 1:05pm Feel It All Around by Washed Out on - (-) 1:09pm Suite 1 by RJD2 on - (-) 1:11pm Hold Me (Instrumental) by Milosh on - (-) 1:19pm Subsun by Dr. Toast on - (-) 1:24pm Cantamilla by Tranquility Bass on - (-) 1:30pm

  • Warm Focus 33: Stasis

    Warm Focus 33: Stasis

    09/06/2016 Duração: 02h00s

    This set is veeeeeerry chilled out, lots of single tracks that are in the 8-10 minute range. Great for contemplative work. Enjoy! 12:02pm Expanses 2 by The Green Kingdom on Expanses (Dronarivm) 12:07pm Sky With Hand by Blue Sky Black Death on - (-) 12:13pm Rain Falls by Andy Cato on - (-) 12:18pm 89 by El Kid on - (-) 12:21pm Regolith by Raindog on - (-) 12:25pm Xylem Up by D Numbers on - (-) 12:30pm Same Dream China by Gold Panda on - (-) 12:34pm Mima by Dorisburg on Journeys (needwant 2015) 12:40pm Bloom (Jamie XX Rework) by Radiohead on - (-) 12:42pm Hericlitus by The Books on Music For A French Elevator And Other Short Format Oddities (Temporary Residence Limited) 12:44pm Dream 3 (In the Midst of My Life) by Ben Russell, Max Richter, Yuki Numata Resnick on - (-) 12:54pm Das Spiel ist aus by The Notwists on - (-) 12:10pm Quick Kiss by Lapalux on - (-) 12:16pm You've Heard by Daedalus on - (-) 12:20pm Motion by Balam Acab on - (-) 12:22pm Whatever by Shantel on - (-) 1:13pm Azure by Greg Haines on - (-) 1:

  • Warm Focus 29: Gondrian

    Warm Focus 29: Gondrian

    05/05/2016 Duração: 02h00s

    12:00pm Doll (Kidkanevil Remix) by Noah on - (-) 12:04pm Pick Up Sticks by Jon Kennedy on - (-) 12:07pm Hello! by David Wingo & Explosions in the Sky on - (-) 12:10pm Beacon by Disasterpiece on - (-) 12:12pm The Number 4 by Kruangbin on - (-) 12:15pm You Don't Know Me by Apparat on - (-) 12:19pm Fragment II by Library Tapes on - (-) 12:23pm Genshi by Susumu Yokota on - (-) 12:28pm Evolver (Return) by Rioux on - (-) 12:33pm Caught in the Chest by Julien Mier, Magical Mistakes on - (-) 12:39pm IPlayYouListen (Instrumental) by ODESZA on - (-) 12:43pm Truth (Helios Remix) by Balmorhea on - (-) 12:47pm Where Is My Mind? by Maxene Cyrin on - (-) 12:49pm Weird Fishes by Noordpool Orchestra on Radiohead, a Jazz Symphony (-) 12:57pm Six Hours by Neat Beats on - (-) 1:01pm One by Sweet Valley on - (-) 1:03pm The Gamps by Danny! on - (-) 1:05pm Wngs by Knxwledge on - (-) 1:06pm Enemies All Around Me (Instrumental) by Ghostface Killa on Twelve Reasons to Die (-) 1:08pm Dillatronic 01 by J Dilla on - (-) 1:10pm Perverted

  • Warm Focus 28: Farseer

    Warm Focus 28: Farseer

    05/05/2016 Duração: 02h00s

    Love how this one turned out- thanks to @newhighscore (Krista Sanders) for joining me in the studio and helping out as co-selector! 12:00pm White Islands by Die Verboten on DIE VERBOTEN '2007' (-) 12:08pm Basique by Little People on Mickey Mouse Operation (-) 12:11pm Mellowtune by Potatohead People on Mellowtunes EP (-) 12:15pm Viewing Growth by Botany, Limalo on Oasis of Days (-) 12:18pm Adrift - Shigeto's "Adrift A Dream" Remix by Tycho on Horizon Line (-) 12:22pm Zum Greifen Nah by Bersarin Quartett on II (-) 12:27pm Draft Culture by Dorian Concept on Joined Ends (-) 12:32pm Bohemian Forest by Pantha du Prince on Black Noise (-) 12:38pm Prelude by Thrupence on Unfinished Business (-) 12:40pm Quest by Nosaj Thing on Drift (-) 12:41pm Ghostwriter by RJD2 on Deadringer (-) 12:46pm Charles by Beanfield on Beanfield (-) 12:52pm Drains of the Red Sea by Kyson on Blackstone (-) 12:54pm Flow & Branch by Keith Kenniff on Branches (-) 12:57pm Into the Cave / Main Title by The Octopus Project on Kumiko, The Treasure

  • Warm Focus Ep. 27: Romad

    Warm Focus Ep. 27: Romad

    07/04/2016 Duração: 02h51min

    First broadcast on BFF.fm on 4/6/16. Tracklisting timecodes are relative to that broadcast time, Noon PST. 12:0012:08pm Toccatta by Mungolian Jetset w/ Jaga Jazzist on Mungodelics (-) 12:15pm If It Really Is Me by Polygon Window on Surfing on Sine Waves (-) 12:21pm Quiet Step by Tantsui on Quiet Step EP (-) 12:28pm Down the Garden Path by Felix Laband on Deaf Safari (-) 12:40pm Losing You to You by Hammock on Raising Your Voice... Trying to Stop an Echo (unk) 12:46pm Broken Monitors by B. Fleischmann on The Humbucking Coil (-) 12:52pm Me (Analogue Dear Rework) by Analogue Dear, Nils Frahm on Screws Reworked (-) 12:55pm Keep Me by Raindog on Finest Ego | Faces Volume 3 (-) 1:00pm Mizu by Qrion on Qrion (-) 1:03pm Ketto Revisited by Kidkanevil, Bonobo on Back Off Man, I'm a Scientist (-) 1:10pm What's Up Fatlip? Breakbot RMX Instrumental by Fatlip on RMXXology (-) 1:12pm Susie Cues by Javelin on No Más (Luaka Bop) 1:14pm Introducing by Blazo on Alone Journey (-) 1:15pm Work Hard (instrumental) by Slimkid 3, DJ

  • Warm Focus Ep. 26: Glowcube

    Warm Focus Ep. 26: Glowcube

    23/03/2016 Duração: 02h00s

    This is probably the most consistently mellow set I've done for Warm Focus- relaxed to the point of verging on ambient or new age at times. I hope you enjoy it- this is one to put on in the background and slow down with. First broadcast on BFF.fm on 03 - 23 - 2016. Tracklisting timecodes are relative to that broadcast time, Noon PST. 12:00pm Midcentury Motion by Talkdemonic on Ruins (-) 12:02pm Strength Through Fragility by Clark on Clark (-) 12:04pm The Big Ship - 2004 Digital Remaster by Brian Eno on Another Green World (-) 12:07pm Aurelian Way by Land Observations on Roman Roads IV-XI (-) 12:12pm Hello You by Casino vs. Japan on Night on Tape (-) 12:13pm At the New House / First Day of School by Chris Remo on Gone Home: OST (-) 12:14pm Land, Repair, Refuel by LNRDCROY on Much Less Normal (-) 12:17pm Chatoyant (Beauty Bass) (Instrumental) by Sabzi & MADE IN HEIGHTS on MADE IN HEIGHTS (Instrumentals) (-) 12:20pm Not a Number by Apparat on Walls (-) 12:24pm Pound for Pound by The Bad Plus on Made Possible (

  • Warm Focus Ep. 25: Infinite Improbability

    Warm Focus Ep. 25: Infinite Improbability

    11/03/2016 Duração: 02h58min

    This is a fun one. We start off very acoustic and cool, then heat up in the second half to some highly jiggly vibrations, to paraphrase Feynman. Recommended. First broadcast on BFF.fm on 2016 - 03 - 10. Tracklisting timecodes are relative to that broadcast time, Noon PST. 12:00pm Tommib Help Buss by Squarepusher on Ultravisitor (Warp) 12:03pm Turning On the Large Hadron Collider by Neat Beats on Cosmic Surgery (-) 12:06pm The Obeisant Vine (Instrumental) by Helios on Ayres (-) 12:11pm Night Trek (Bibio Remix) by Wax Stag on Night Trek (-) 12:15pm Introducing by Blazo on Alone Journey (-) 12:17pm Fumes by El Huervo on Do Not Lay Waste to Homes (-) 12:20pm C.R.E.A.M by El Michels Affair on Enter the 37th Chamber (Truth and Soul Records ) 12:23pm Neighborhoods (The Range Remix) by Yppah on Neighborhoods (-) 12:26pm Siesta by Skalpel on Transit (-) 12:30pm Seasons Change (Remix Instrumental) by Moar & Raashan Ahmad on Seasons Change (-) 12:34pm Change by DJ Premier on Beats That Collected Dust (Vol. 2) (-) 12:36

  • Warm Focus Ep. 24: The Half Mackworth

    Warm Focus Ep. 24: The Half Mackworth

    04/02/2016 Duração: 02h00s

    Tag-teaming with @amackworth today with a call-and-response set: he selected an hour's worth of music, and I selected and interleaved the second half between his choices. Really happy with all the energy he injected into this episode.... despite my distracted ass missing a couple of key transitions. Hope you enjoy! First broadcast on BFF.fm on 2016 - 01 - 27 12. Tracklisting timecodes are relative to that broadcast time, Noon PST. 12:00pm Swimming by Disasterpiece on The Floor is Jelly OST (-) 12:03pm Obvs by Jamie XX on In Colour (-) 12:05pm Quitter's Raga by Gold Panda on Companion (-) 12:07pm Thizza Thizza by Thriftworks on ZenZero (-) 12:09pm Anywhere But Here by Schlohmo on Bad Vibes (-) 12:13pm Rain Damage - Instrumental by Grieves on - (-) 12:16pm Laid Out by Magical Mistakes on Decompose / Reassemble (-) 12:20pm Smile Meditation by Vulfpeck on Thrill of the Arts (-) 12:24pm King by J Dilla on Jay Stay Paid (-) 12:25pm Keyboard Milk by Røyksopp on Forsaken Cowboy (-) 12:32pm Zodiac Shit by Flying Lot

  • Warm Focus Ep. 23: Memento Mori

    Warm Focus Ep. 23: Memento Mori

    27/01/2016 Duração: 02h58min

    Bouncing between electronica, instrumental hip-hop, weird post-jazz who-knows-wot-u-call-it, modern composers and experimentalists... this is a weird one that moves from contemplative to dancy and back again. Hope you enjoy! First broadcast on BFF.fm on 2016 - 01 - 27 12. Tracklisting timecodes are relative to that broadcast time, Noon PST. 12:02pm Epiphany Fields by scntfc on Oxenfree OST (-) 12:05pm Suzhou by Shinamo Moki on Go With Me (-) 12:09pm Symbol of Life, Love and Asthetics by Susumu Yokota on Symbol (Lo Recordings) 12:12pm Um, Circles and Squares by Dosh on The Lost Take (-) 12:15pm Perfect Dream by Mokhov on Perfect Dream (-) 12:19pm Classy McNasty (Instrumental) by Louis Logic on Misery Loves Comedy (-) 12:22pm I by Piano Interrupted on Kirmann & Hodge - Piano Interrupted (-) 12:26pm Lessons (Instrumental) by SOHN on Lessons (-) 12:29pm Opening by Philip Glass, Bruce Brubaker on Hope Street Tunnel Blues (-) 12:35pm Ardour by Ambassadeurs on Alone in the Light (-) 12:40pm You Fly Me by Fingathin

  • Warm Focus Ep. 22: Low Poly

    Warm Focus Ep. 22: Low Poly

    22/01/2016 Duração: 02h00s

    First broadcast on BFF.fm on 2016 - 01 - 20. Tracklisting timecodes are relative to that broadcast time, Noon PST. 12:00pm Narghile by Randall on Eight Storeys (-) 12:04pm Dual Locality by Mode on Shadows (-) 12:08pm Twelve Parsecs by Question on Standard Transition (-) 12:11pm Bamba by The Touré-Raichel Collective on The Tel Aviv Session (-) 12:16pm Shapeshifter Blues by Pilote on The Slowdown (-) 12:23pm Otis by The Durutti Column on Vini Reilly (-) 12:26pm Nuites Sonores by Floating Points on Nuites Sonores / Nectarines (-) 12:38pm Elliptic by Vessels on Elliptic (-) 12:45pm Northwest Passage by Hyetal on Northwest Passage (-) 12:45pm Chariots of Fire by Vangelis on Voices (Warner) 12:52pm Apache by Danger Beach on - (-) 12:55pm Opening by Sally Whitwell & Phillip Glass on Mad Rushing (-) 1:00pm Sigur 3 (Untitled) by Sigur Ros on ( ) (-) 1:05pm Love on a Real Train by Tangerine Dream on Live in America 1992 (-) 1:13pm Distance to Gibraltar by The American Dollar on Across the Oceans (-) 1:16pm 909 by Pave

  • Warm Focus 6: Path Fades Into Forest

    Warm Focus 6: Path Fades Into Forest

    19/01/2016 Duração: 02h00s

    Warm - Focus Broadcast live from San Francisco's BFF.fm on 2015 - 08 - 26 at Noon PST (BFF.fm/shows/warm-focus) Tracklisting timecodes are relative to broadcast time. TRACKLISTING 12:02pm Beatific by East Forest on Love Bomb (-) 12:04pm Song 2 by DJ Krush on Jaku (Mo'Wax) 12:07pm Happiness (Instrumental) by The Foreign Exchange on Connected (-) 12:11pm Umbilical Moonrise by Lotus on Germination (-) 12:16pm You by Gold Panda on Lucky Shiner (-) 12:20pm Free by The Deadbeats on Made in the Shade (-) 12:24pm Never Mess With Sunday by Yppah on Ninja Tune XX Vol. 2 (Ninja Tune) 12:27pm The Ballad of the Space Babies (scntf remix) by Jim Guthrie on Sword & Sworcery: Moon Grotto 7" (-) 12:30pm Kusanagi by ODESZA on In Return (Foreign Family Collective) 12:33pm Airplaneshadows by Kiln on Dusker (Ghostly International) 12:37pm Altibzz by Autechre on Quaristice (-) 12:40pm Spoken by Hidden Orchestra on Archipelago (-) 12:44pm French Letter by J-Walk on A Night on the Rocks (-) 12:49pm Aquarium by Casino vs. Japan o

  • Warm Focus Ep. 21: Subterraneans

    Warm Focus Ep. 21: Subterraneans

    13/01/2016 Duração: 02h00s

    A bit of a sad, downtempo tone at the beginning of this week's set, as we contemplate the life of Bowie. We then manage to pull it together and watch the Black Star rise over the horizon... First broadcast on BFF.fm/shows/warm-focus on 2016 - 01 - 13, 12:00 PST. Tracklisting timecodes are relative to that broadcast time, Noon PST. 12:00pm Ann Arbor Part 3 & 4 by Shigeto on Lineage (Ghostly International) 12:04pm Red & White by Guitar on Tokyo (-) 12:09pm Subterraneans by David Bowie on Low (RCA) 12:15pm Dusk To Dawn by Emancipator on Dusk To Dawn (-) 12:20pm Air to Sky by Hint on Portakabin Fever (-) 12:26pm Live at 7-11 by Mux Mool on Planet High School (Ghostly International) 12:30pm Iambic 9 Poetry by Squarepusher on Ultravisitor (-) 12:35pm We Can't Be Friends by Dream Koala on - (-) 12:37pm Our Breath In Winter by Caspian on You Are The Conductor & The Four Trees (-) 12:43pm Halving The Compass by Helios on Eingya (Type) 12:50pm One Day With You by Pogo on Star Charts (-) 12:52pm Ice Cream Strut by Mr.

  • Warm Focus Radio / Ep. 20: Aurora Australis

    Warm Focus Radio / Ep. 20: Aurora Australis

    30/12/2015 Duração: 02h56min

    The warmest of the warm, the sharpest of the sharp. Two hours of uninterrupted, genre-agnostic instrumentals, as forevers.

  • Warm Focus Radio / Ep. 18: Language of Memory

    Warm Focus Radio / Ep. 18: Language of Memory

    04/12/2015 Duração: 02h55min

    I really liked how this one turned out; the back half was entirely improvised and I was having a ton of fun. Hope it helps you make something great! Tracklist: 12:02pm Mike Mills by Air on Talkie Walkie (-) 12:06pm Rained The Whole Time (Nicholas Jaar Remix) by Shlomo on - (-) 12:11pm Recurring by Bonobo on Recurring - The Live Sessions EP (-) 12:16pm Language of Memory by Obfusc on Midnight Dome (-) 12:20pm Starlights by Tracy Chattaway on Nightsky (-) 12:24pm A Mobile Over Your Head by Lullatone on Songs That Spin in Circles (-) 12:27pm Autumn Leaves by Imagined Herbal Flows on Floating EP (-) 12:30pm Reel 6 Break 4 (Live Studio Sessions) by Pretty Lights on A Color Map of the Sun (-) 12:33pm Fifth Ave by Gold Panda on Companion (-) 12:37pm Parks by Four Tet on Pause (-) 12:40pm Fragile Memories by Mokhov on Halcyon Days (-) 12:43pm From Where You Are by Peter Buffett on Inside Looking Out (-) 12:48pm Distant Graphite by Blazo on Colors of Jazz (-) 12:49pm Starlit Skies (Emancipator Remix) by Pretty Lights

  • Warm Focus Radio / Ep. 16: Find Your Yoshi

    Warm Focus Radio / Ep. 16: Find Your Yoshi

    19/11/2015 Duração: 02h00s

    Recorded live in the BFF.fm studio — 2015 - 11 - 18 Tracklist: 12:01pm Flako by Moonchild on Mesektet Ext (-) 12:04pm Mr. Handagote by Tomas Dvorak on Machinarium OST (-) 12:08pm Gameboy Tune by Tomas Dvorak on Machinarium OST (-) 12:10pm White Noise by Mogwai on Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will (-) 12:14pm Don't Wait for the Needle to Drop by Dosh on Wolves & Wishes (-) 12:15pm Find Your Cloud by Papadosio on T.E.T.I.O.S. (-) 12:25pm Words To That Effect by Hint on Portakabin Fever (Ninja Tune) 12:26pm Spiegel im Spiegel (Chillout excerpt) by Arvo Pärt on - (-) 12:34pm The Dig by Groundislava on Groundislava (-) 12:40pm 45:33 (excerpt) by LCD Soundsystem on 45:33 (-) 12:48pm H.S.K.T. Extended Instrumental Mix by Sylvan Esso on Sylvan Esso (Partisan Records) 12:52pm Seriously by Schlohmo on Bad Vibes (-) 12:55pm Headlights by Troy Gunner on Headlights EP (-) 12:58pm Coasting by Darren Korb on Bastion Original Soundtrack (Warner Bros.) 1:01pm It Was Warmer Then by Helios on Yume (-) 1:05pm Dubbin Out by

  • Warm Focus Radio / Ep. 11: Beat Machine

    Warm Focus Radio / Ep. 11: Beat Machine

    17/11/2015 Duração: 02h00s

    2015 - 10 - 28 12 - 00 - 00 This week, Warm Focus is all drum machines sequences, soul samples and instrumental boom bap... 12:00pm Intro by The xx on The xx (-) 12:02pm Crush by Metaform on Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (-) 12:05pm Patience in Play by Oddisee on The Beauty in All (Mello Music Group) 12:07pm Hungry Instrumental by Apollo Brown on The Reset Instrumentals (-) 12:12pm Distant Land by Madlib on Shades of Blue: Madlib Invades Blue Note (Blue Note) 12:15pm Singularis by Diaphanous on Flying Through Yo Hood (-) 12:17pm 4/17/1975 by Rob Viktum on Progress 2 (-) 12:20pm Enemies All Around Me (Instrumental) by Ghostface Killa on Twelve Reasons to Die (-) 12:21pm Eagle Fantasies by Mux Mool on Just Saying Is All (-) 12:25pm Fleur Blanche by Orsten on Cutworks (-) 12:28pm While On Saturn's Rings by Ernest Gonzales on While On Saturn's Rings (-) 12:31pm Moon by Little People on Mickey Mouse Operation (-) 12:35pm Turnback by Audible Doctor on It's a New Day (Redux) (-) 12:35pm Day Dreaming by Inf o

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