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  • EPISODE207 - X Pat Radio TS

    EPISODE207 - X Pat Radio TS

    27/10/2008 Duração: 28min

    Podsafe Music [1]can't do this on my own - captain and the kings [2]pass me over - gamble mansion [3]be ok - ingrid michaelson [4]suburban dreams - joe pop [5]walk alone - longwave radio [6]last man on the moon - love = action [7]adeline - noush skaugen

  • EPISODE206 - X Pat Radio

    EPISODE206 - X Pat Radio

    28/08/2008 Duração: 32min

    Jump in the way back machine with me!

  • EPISODE205 - X Pat Radio

    EPISODE205 - X Pat Radio

    27/07/2008 Duração: 34min

    Podsafe Music [1]junglefire - girl stuff [2]free ride in a cop car - the clintons [3]girls, skirts, boots, bikes - buck brothers [4]in a long time - 46bliss [5]podpeople - munk [6]neanderthal - sunspot [7]midlife tragedy - rad thought

  • EPISODE204 - X Pat Radio

    EPISODE204 - X Pat Radio

    17/07/2008 Duração: 30min

    Podsafe Music [1]move your body - blessed by a broken heart [2]hold on - catriona [3]the distance - james dunn [4]remedy - mrandmrsmays [5]take your own advice - the herron brothers [6]shattered youth - the histrioniks [7]sister sun - the seperates www.tinyurl.com/braintoniq

  • EPISODE203 - X Pat Radio TS

    EPISODE203 - X Pat Radio TS

    01/07/2008 Duração: 36min

    Podsafe Music [1]2012 - sunspot [2]fast lane - all crazy [3]kill the lights - david usher [4]run enemy - shearer [5]downwinders - spring clock wonder [6]tried so many times - sunburn in cyprus [7]no regrets - system scare Jawbone.com

  • EPISODE202 - X Pat Radio

    EPISODE202 - X Pat Radio

    08/06/2008 Duração: 45min

    Podsafe Music [1]be here - azoora [2]ten-fifty-eight - big hoss [3]history - catriona [4]just because - cavashawn [5]24 - etherdust [6]blinded - mike zito [7]you were too old for me - pas/cal

  • EPISODE201 - X Pat Radio

    EPISODE201 - X Pat Radio

    30/05/2008 Duração: 37min

    Podsafe Music [1]selfish girls stay thin - fakesensations [2]over the wall - get back loretta [3]in my favour - kaite stelmanis [4]dance song - laws of gravity [5]way to go - sid sings [6]beautiful world - the mary dream [7]next world - he orchid highway

  • EPISODE200 - X Pat Radio

    EPISODE200 - X Pat Radio

    25/05/2008 Duração: 35min

    W00T Episode 200! Podsafe Music [1]summer day - sunspot [2]broken - catriona [3]house of cards - citizens of contrary knowledge [4]dont ever - donna lewis [5]back door key - dropkick [6]reduce to zero - low of the low [7]everything i want - souls of we

  • EPISODE199 - X Pat Radio TS

    EPISODE199 - X Pat Radio TS

    17/05/2008 Duração: 33min

    Podsafe Music [1]i am not afraid - majek flashek [2]on my own - the royal youth [3]mercury in retrograde - the reverse engineers [4]hey kate! - the fire apes [5]midlife tragedy - rad thought [6]dog - roadtrip [7]flocab - flocabulary

  • EPISODE198 - X Pat Radio

    EPISODE198 - X Pat Radio

    09/05/2008 Duração: 44min

    Music [1]the sound of fury by bridge underwater [2]stop your bitchin by switchblade suicide [3]be kind by daniel link [4]walk on water by love = action [5]nova by +nurse [6]watching the world pass by by sublunar minds [7]want you back by the reveals drop.io/xpatradio wisynoil.com twitter.com/xpr

  • EPISODE197 - X Pat Radio

    EPISODE197 - X Pat Radio

    03/05/2008 Duração: 30min

    Podsafe Music [1]play the bay - benji cossa [2]itb - d-alternative [3]after my divorce - looker [4]somewhere down the line - patric steel [5]losers lament - racketship - park [6]this time - the crash moderns [7]hammer down - wiser time

  • EPISODE196- X Pat Radio

    EPISODE196- X Pat Radio

    26/04/2008 Duração: 32min

    Podsafe Music [1]I could see another side of you - antiqcool [2]No one is going to help you - little plastic starts [3]dancing alone - maria orieta [4]shes a witch - oland [5]shes gonna - the goldstars [6]still in love - the krinkles [7]you dont care - the v-project http://drop.io/xpatradio http://twitter.com/xpr

  • EPISODE195 - X Pat Radio

    EPISODE195 - X Pat Radio

    19/04/2008 Duração: 41min

    Podsafe Music [1]the heidegger paradox - sunspot [2]sound scientist - bill [3]mercury in retrograde - the reverse engineers [4]when they played till the drummer collapsed - the rails [5]thanks to you - ayla brown [6]free ride in cop car - the clintons [7]high speed - darcy fray www.twitter.com/xpr drop.io/xpatradio

  • EPISODE194 - X Pat Radio

    EPISODE194 - X Pat Radio

    09/04/2008 Duração: 34min

    Podsafe Music [1]behind the wall - buffalo gun [2]wake up - dalls leonard [3]okay - kaisercartel [4]get high - monkeeman [5]sometimes life starts to fall into place - munk [6]sail away - rolos pocket [7]thunderbody - the powergoats

  • EPISODE193 - X Pat Radio

    EPISODE193 - X Pat Radio

    01/04/2008 Duração: 38min

    Podsafe Muisc [1]bohmian financial rhapsody - jeff smith [2]restless - azoora [3]holding me down - curtis peoples [4]leagize your mind - dogs bollocks [5]stormy friday - jimi koke and the high headz [6]keep your friends closer - the cracks [7]invisable hand - whisperado

  • EPISODE192 - X Pat Radio

    EPISODE192 - X Pat Radio

    27/03/2008 Duração: 40min

    Podsafe Music [1]revolution - brandon chance [2]fall apart - five a.m. [3]gasoline rainbow - ionia [4]song that melissa likes - petesimple [5]selling smoke - solstice coil [6]you and i - the jars [7]ephemeral - sunspot

  • EPISODE191 - X Pat Radio

    EPISODE191 - X Pat Radio

    17/03/2008 Duração: 34min

    Podsafe Music [1]we got the time - creamy dk [2]didn't you dwayne? - geejaydee [3]kitty hawk - graham english [4]storm - one known soul [5]love leaf - pyro kyro [6]candle burns - seventhson [7]its time now - the kokoon

  • EPISODE190 - X Pat Radio

    EPISODE190 - X Pat Radio

    05/03/2008 Duração: 35min

    Podsafe Music [1]my avatar - antiqcool [2]go driving fast - cant stop the daggers [3]angel watching over you - jennifer avalon [4]come back home - O [5]julianne - the crash that took me [6]stripper girl - the hosts [7]books and letters - the morning light

  • EPISODE189 - X Pat Radio

    EPISODE189 - X Pat Radio

    27/02/2008 Duração: 38min

    Podsafe Music [1]broken eardrums - cavedoll [2]light a fire - inner surge [3]what you need - maren morris band [4]that lie inside -spirit creek [5]sisyphus' rock - sunspot [6]angeline - the powergoats [7]disapointingly sober - the volume brothers

  • EPISODE188 - X Pat Radio

    EPISODE188 - X Pat Radio

    21/02/2008 Duração: 35min

    Podsafe Music [1]orbit - lost patrol [2]mr gorgeous - loveshy [3]goin down - hell dorado [4]no good for you - the 75s [5]got to know - lo/fi pioneer [6]the kids - runt [7]home - soraia

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