Soundcheck With Francois Marchand

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Every week, Edmonton Journal writer Francois Marchand uncovers some of the best new local music coming out of the cold, weather-beaten landscape of the City of Champions. Hear them first on the Soundcheck podcast, and read all about these new artists at


  • Soundcheck 09.16.09: devilsplender

    Soundcheck 09.16.09: devilsplender


    Rob Malowany stirs up a Hometown Riot on his sixth album as devilsplender.

  • Soundcheck 09.02.09: The Joe

    Soundcheck 09.02.09: The Joe


    Ut Oh! It's The Joe!

  • Soundcheck 08.19.09: Lions for Sheep

    Soundcheck 08.19.09: Lions for Sheep


    Retro rockers Lions for Sheep re-visit their debut, The Contest, prior to kicking off their Western Canadian tour.

  • Soundcheck 08.05.09: Dwayne Ford

    Soundcheck 08.05.09: Dwayne Ford


    Music veteran Dwayne Ford takes us On The Other Side.

  • Soundcheck 07.22.09: Happy

    Soundcheck 07.22.09: Happy


    Folk-rocker Sherry-Lee Wisor is happy to be Happy.

  • Soundcheck 07.09.09: Auresia

    Soundcheck 07.09.09: Auresia


    Edmonton-born reggae phenom is taking the country by storm, inspired by the tragic passing of her mother.

  • Soundcheck 06.24.09: The Shakedowns

    Soundcheck 06.24.09: The Shakedowns


    Young alt-rockers ready to shake up the scene.

  • Soundcheck 06.10.09: Gobble Gobble

    Soundcheck 06.10.09: Gobble Gobble


    Gobble Gobble's bubblegum noise-pop takes its listeners down a dark and surreal path.

  • Soundcheck 06.03.09: The Order of Chaos

    Soundcheck 06.03.09: The Order of Chaos


    Female-fronted metal act The Order of Chaos gets a hand from famed producer Bill Kennedy for their debut album.

  • Soundcheck 05.20.09: Striker

    Soundcheck 05.20.09: Striker


    Striker's fast-paced metal makes old school the new cool.

  • Soundcheck 05.06.09: Famines

    Soundcheck 05.06.09: Famines


    Noisy blues-rock duo revisit 14 July 2008 with book and cassette tape.

  • Soundcheck 04.22.09: The Get Down

    Soundcheck 04.22.09: The Get Down


    E-Town rock ’n’ rollers unleash their wave of Dirty Power.

  • Soundcheck 04.08.09: Parachute Penguin

    Soundcheck 04.08.09: Parachute Penguin


    Pop-rock/new wave quartet Parachute Penguin make their way All Through The Panic.

  • Soundcheck 03.25.09: Aaron James

    Soundcheck 03.25.09: Aaron James


    Hank Williams First Nation director shows off his country-folk songwriting style and discusses his new album Cranberry Wind and a song he wrote for Billy Bob Thornton.

  • Soundcheck 03.11.09: Faunts

    Soundcheck 03.11.09: Faunts


    Dream-pop gets the electro treatment on Faunts' latest, Feel.Love.Thinking.Of.

  • Soundcheck 02.25.09: Red Ram

    Soundcheck 02.25.09: Red Ram


    Genre-bending modern rockers flirt with the dark side on their new EP, Land of Dreams.

  • Soundcheck 02.11.09: Khiry Tafari

    Soundcheck 02.11.09: Khiry Tafari


    Cowboy-rapper Khiry Tafari is in the mood for "luv."

  • Soundcheck 02.04.09: Passenger Action

    Soundcheck 02.04.09: Passenger Action


    Choke-bred rockers release their action-packed debut.

  • Soundcheck 01.28.09: Red Shag Carpet

    Soundcheck 01.28.09: Red Shag Carpet


    Hard-working alt-rockers make their return after a two year absence.

  • Soundcheck 01.21.09: Brian Gregg

    Soundcheck 01.21.09: Brian Gregg


    Brian Gregg sings the virtues of Creative Commons and the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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