Dislectric Radio

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I'll be posting weekly from my internet radio show where I drop live electro-house mixes of my own as well as other Socal djs and producers.Njoy!


  • Big, Hateful, and Notorious

    Big, Hateful, and Notorious

    01/05/2009 Duração: 05min

    Here's my latest track. Parental Advisory...Explicit Content :P

  • Justin Rayn Presents: Brown Notez - a dirty little electro mix.

    Justin Rayn Presents: Brown Notez - a dirty little electro mix.

    02/09/2008 Duração: 33min

    Here's a quick 30 minute mix of glitchy electro neaastiness...njoy! Tracklist: 1. Afterparty - Fonseca Lane 2. Eat What You Kill - Oliver Giacomotto 3. Biscuits - Ryan Riback 4. I Love U (The Bulgarian Remix) - Larry Tee 5. The Pack - Dj Kue 6. Beeper (Fake Blood Remix) - The Count and Sinden featuring Kid Sister 7. Toe Jam (Micky Slim Remix) - BPA 8. Needle Damage (Stupid Fresh Remix) - Dj Dan 9. Rave is Kind - Fukkk Offf 10. What Have you Done for Me Lately? (Stupid Fresh Remix) - The Loose Cannons 11. Candy Girl (Vocal Remix) - Quesh

  • Justin Rayn - Wam Bam Set

    Justin Rayn - Wam Bam Set

    05/03/2008 Duração: 01h11min

    I got a lot of compliments on my set at Wam Bam...unfortunately the recording cut out a few times cause of some technical issues. So here's all the same tracks...only from the bedroom ;P Tracklist: 1.) Paul Woolford - Erotic Discourse (Audiojack Remix) 2.) Brothers Bud vs. THC - Feel Like Dancin' (Micky Slim Mix) 3.) Chris Lake - To the Point (BSOD Mix) 4.) Shafunkers - Man Woman Club (Richard Dinsdale Mix) 5.) Dim Chris - Sucker 6.) Roman Salzger - Lollipop Machine feat. Alex Peace (Swen Weber Getaway Mix) 7.) Richard Dinsdale - No Soul (Original Mix) 8.) Karoshi Bros. - Love the World (Magik Johnson Dub) 9.) Jaksaw - Get Some (Original Mix) 10.) Felipe Avalar - Electric Boogaloo (Robert Ortiz's Let the Bitch in Mix) 11.) Workidz - Twisted (Original Mix) 12.) BSOD - Push it Harder feat. Marnie (Original Mix) 13.) Deadmau5 feat. Mellefresh - Afterhours (Original Mix)

  • Justin Rayn - Live at Into the AM

    Justin Rayn - Live at Into the AM

    20/02/2008 Duração: 56min

    Here's my set recorded live @ Into the AM on February 1st, 2008. It's a little rough...but it was late and live. Tracklisting: 1.) Mike Healey - All We Need (Dave Robertson Mix) 2.) Dave Robertson & Jon Gurd - Camel (Original Mix) 3.) Nicola Fasano & Pat-Rich - 75, Brazil Street (Original Mix) 4.) Santiago & Bushido - Head Trick (Original Mix) 5.) Samim - Heater (Micky Slim's Mix) 6.) Autobots & Screwface - Flesh Eater (General Midi Mix) 7.) Roman Salzger - Lollipop Machine feat. Alex Peace (Swen Weber's Gateway Mix) 8.) Chad Lewis - Raw Kemistry (Micky Slim's Mix) 9.) Futuristic Fly - Futuristic Fly (Bryan Cox Remix) 10.) Shafaunkers - Man Woman Club (Richard Dinsdale Remix) 11.) Hatiras - Gutter Music 12.) Rockefellar & Olave Basoski - Pimpin' (Olav Basoski Mix)Rockefellar & Olave Basoski - Pimpin' (Olav Basoski Mix) 13.) Hatiras & Dj Dan - Baked from Scratch (Vocal Mix)

  • Dislectric


    20/02/2008 Duração: 01h06min

    Here's my first CD release. Enjoy! Tracklisting: 1.) Let the Beats Roll (Kurd Maverick Mix) - Tim Delux 2.) Club Therapy (Original Mix) - Peace Division 3.) Ultrasonic (Original Mix) - Raul Blanco 4.) Pulling Me Under - Richard Dinsdale 5.) Get Doh (FFA Mix) - NFA 6.) The Reward is Cheese - Deadmau5 vs Jelo 7.) Shake it Up (Hook N Sling Mix) - Stanton Warriors 8.) Blink - John Dahlback 9.) Ironie (Miles Dyson Buzz Like Dope Dub Mix) - Seduction(s) 10.) BSOD (Original Mix) - BSOD 11.) Midnight Clash (Original Mix) - Fine Taste 12.) Haunting (Christopher Just Remix) - Eyerer & Chopstick