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Adil Hiani, Dazed Dolls, Kia , Dirty Culture, Los Updates, Valeria Karter, Lorenzo Dada, Tommy Rotundo, Alex Jangle and more..


  • Valeria Karter Year One Anniversary White Party July 6 2010

    Valeria Karter Year One Anniversary White Party July 6 2010

    26/07/2010 Duração: 37min
  • Episode 3 Sonora Crew Present Valeria Karter Summer Session

    Episode 3 Sonora Crew Present Valeria Karter Summer Session

    22/05/2010 Duração: 49min

    Valeria Karter is a very young talented artist who isn’t only dj, she is also producer. He studies at the conservatory of saint cecilia electronic music and Drums. Valeria starts her career at 20 years old in the clubs of the Italian coast. It is the meeting with Anny D, her mentor in profession, who will begin a decisive turn in her career. From now on, the doors of the most prestigious Italian and international clubs open to her. Model magazine, radio, newspaper : Valeria is everywhere. She produces deepmusic and does live shows using electronic sounds.She loves music very much. The live sets of Valeria underline a cultural background declinated in more directions,valorizing the concept of "Party" overbearing influentialmterm in its artistic ideology. Her style lies somewhere on the continuum between old school deep house with a touch of noir. Nowadays she collaborates with important international magazines like Fly new magazine, Fashion vip magazine(Italy), Ling magazine (Spain) Nifty Mag (usa). Eclect

  • Episode 2 Sonora Crew Present Kia

    Episode 2 Sonora Crew Present Kia

    20/05/2010 Duração: 57min

    is born on the 6.12.1985 and grew up in the Rhein-Main area in Hessen . At a very young age,she was already interested in going out and had her first contact with electronic music in different clubs in Frankfurt. It didn..t take long for her to realize that it wouldn..t be enough to just listen or dance to this sound. Kia decided to do something and become one of the unfortunately very few djanes. Her style is to be situated somewhere between House and Techno. To her the most important is the good selection of tracks in her set. She loves to look for records in second hand shops,records stores or in the internet for hours. In her environment she had a great support from Vera and Dorian Paic (Robert Johnson) who gave her answer to every question, no matter what. During that time jessica could learn a lot and managed to develop her own style. 2006 was the year when she started to play in clubs. Quite fast she got lots of bookings in the Frankfurt area (Vinylbar, Klangbar, Hafen2 Offenbach or Star Club Mannheim)

  • Episode 1 Sonora Crew - Valeria KarterLos Updates

    Episode 1 Sonora Crew - Valeria Karter&Los Updates

    19/05/2010 Duração: 36min

    Sonora Records, was created in Rome since 2007 from an idea of Lorenzo Dada and is dedicated to Latino, minimal and house music. record label have reached a global audience and earned there place in the complex "sonoric" world of digital tech heads. Sonora is an open minded record label with a large range of musical styles and taste. The most important ingredients of this label are "latin sound", sensuality and experimentation and we are looking for open-minded artists who share our passion and love of music and our desire to push digital music.