Good People Better Rise Up! - Alex Whalen

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Good People Better Rise Up! is a podcast from Alex Whalen, a 20+ year veteran of the dance music industry who has rocked dancefloors across the Americas and Europe. Over his career, Alex has, among other things: held down residencies with legendary clubs like DCs Buzz, SFs Spundae, and Bostons Avalon; managed Deep Dish's Yoshitoshi Shop and; appeared on numerous syndicated dance music radio shows, including John Digweed's show in the UK and Thump Radio here in the US; toured extensively with his long-time studio mate Dave Ralph, and, well... you get the idea. Having taken a break from the scene in 2008 so that he could complete a PhD in political science (and how many DJs do you know that could say that?), Alex is back in 2014 with a new energy, adding drum + bass to an arsenal that already included an impressive array of both current and future downtempo, progressive house, and techno classics. Look for new shows roughly every two weeks featuring whatever tracks happen to be grabbing his attention at the moment. For more info, check out See you on the dancefloor!


  • Be Together Deep Wednesdays Guest Mix

    Be Together Deep Wednesdays Guest Mix


    An Arrival Industries mini-reunion, you say? (Baker, where you at?) A gig in San Francisco, you say? DJing in a time of COVID-19 sure is strange, but hell yeah, I'm in. No tracklist, because WE DID IT LIVE.

  • Sunday Mass Volume 1 (House Music All Day Long))

    Sunday Mass Volume 1 (House Music All Day Long))


    Tilted (Original Mix) - Hot Since 82 Stranger Things (Subandrio Remix) - Max Freegrant, Miss Monique Heliopolis (Framewerk Rewerk) - Banco De Gaia Perfect Motion (Patrice Baumel Renaissance Remix) - Sunscreem Everytime (Nalin + Kane vs. Whalen Edit) - Lustral Teardrop (James Holden Mix) - Massive Attack Swimming (Visionquest Remix, Ewan Pearson Re-Edit) - Tracey Thorn My Lexicon (Original Mix) - Sander Kleinenberg Sweet Disposition (Camille Luciani Mix) - The Temper Trap Surin - Original Mix - Quivve These Are The Days - Vocal Mix - Quivver Love Stimulation (Tom Middleton Remodel) - Tom Middleton Melburn - Shiloh Rmx (Whalen Edit) - Luke Chable This Feeling feat. Julie McKnight (Original Mix) - Roger Sanchez, Park & Sons Skin Deep (Original Mix) - Dusky Yoohoo (Original Mix) - Dusky Hallelujah Anyway (Director's Cut Signature Praise) - Candi Staton Someone Like You (Full Vocal Mix) - Soulmagic

  • Special Delivery (In an SPB Style)

    Special Delivery (In an SPB Style)


    Took me two weeks to pull this one together for you, what with…well….everything going on. I’m taking y’all waaaaaaay back to the eighties and nineties on this one, back to my roots And trust me — if you know, YOU WILL KNOW.

  • Noise Complaint (Ambient)

    Noise Complaint (Ambient)


    So far as I am concerned, it's always right and proper to wrap your weekend with an extended ambient set. Apparently one of my neighbors disagrees? Now I really have seen everything. Oy

  • From the Vaults: Mahalo (Progressive)

    From the Vaults: Mahalo (Progressive)


    Haven’t left those islands yet, but the sun’s gone down and it’s time to get big. Yet another one from the vaults, circa 2007.

  • From the Vaults: Aha Inu (Progressive House)

    From the Vaults: Aha Inu (Progressive House)


    Another one from deeeeep in the vaults, this time with progressive house, under the sun vibes.

  • From the Vaults: Alaula (Downtempo)

    From the Vaults: Alaula (Downtempo)


    The soundtrack for a very special occasion back in May 2007, this one’s been sitting in the vaults without being heard for a good long while. The track list does exist somewhere, but where that is I cannot at the moment say…

  • From the Vaults: One for the Legendary Buzzlife Crew (Progressive)

    From the Vaults: One for the Legendary Buzzlife Crew (Progressive)


    A mix from back in 2010 dedicated to the sounds of 2000.

  • Haleakalā Sunrise (Progressive and Progressive House)

    Haleakalā Sunrise (Progressive and Progressive House)


    If you know, you know….Maui 2.0.

  • Halcyonic Brotherhood (Progressive)

    Halcyonic Brotherhood (Progressive)


    Long holiday weekend means some time behind the decks. Full tracklist posted here shortly, but available now over at Mixcloud.

  • Beyond the Arc (Progressive)

    Beyond the Arc (Progressive)


    Full tracklisting available at

  • From the Vaults: King of the Koopas (Downtempo)

    From the Vaults: King of the Koopas (Downtempo)


    Why isn’t this mix named after a Star Wars planet? I honestly have no idea at this point, but I promise you that it made sense to me back in 1995!

  • From the Vaults: Kessel (Downtempo)

    From the Vaults: Kessel (Downtempo)


    The fifth and for now final installment of downtempo mixes taken from my mixtape vaults, Kessel dates back to the early months of my time in SF.

  • From the Vaults: Tatooine (Downtempo)

    From the Vaults: Tatooine (Downtempo)


    The very first mix I ever recorded.

  • From the Vaults: Dagobah (Downtempo)

    From the Vaults: Dagobah (Downtempo)


    The third in what I think you can tell was a series, this was the B-side of the second mixtape I ever recorded back in 1995. Sound quality suffers a bit here and there as the original tape was damaged, but hopefully not so much that it takes away from your enjoyment of the mix.

  • From the Vaults: Bespin (Downtempo)

    From the Vaults: Bespin (Downtempo)


    Bepsin dates all the way back to 1994. Recorded live using a Vestax mixer, three 1200s, and two non-pitch-shifting CD players, because y'all, we weren't even dreaming of those yet.

  • From the Valuts: Hoth (Downtempo)

    From the Valuts: Hoth (Downtempo)


    By special request, I’m going back in time to repost a downtempo mix I made all the way back in 2002 while living in San Frandisco. Of all the mixes I’ve ever made, this is the one that seems to have left the biggest mark. If this keeps up, I may have to do a 20th anniversary edition some day, eh?!?

  • Patty OSaints 2019 (Progressive)

    Patty O'Saints 2019 (Progressive)


    Full tracklisting available at

  • Snow on the Harbor (Progressive Breaks)

    Snow on the Harbor (Progressive Breaks)


    Full tracklisting available at

  • Willful Wonderings (Tech House and Progressive)

    Willful Wonderings (Tech House and Progressive)


    Full tracklisting available at

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