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Manila Music


  • Indio



    We now have Luigi back on the show and we have Indio for this episode. Incredible band! Enjoy this 10th episode.download it here

  • Big Hat Gang

    Big Hat Gang


    Mr. Big Hat Gang, Mario Consunji is with Chino in this episode. Listen as they talk about Music and life outside of the country. Enjoydownload it here

  • Sleep is the Enemy

    Sleep is the Enemy


    Another band from Dog Town Music, Sleep is the Enemy. Listen to them as they rock your socks off in this 8th episode of the podcast.visit them at: facebook.com/SITE.PHfollow us on twitter:@cheeenbean@iamluigip@ugmnldownload it here

  • Draybers



    Episode 7 is about the band Draybers, regular in Resorts World Manila.If you love Classic Rock, you're going to enjoy this show.search them on facebook "Draybers"follow us on twitter@ugmnl@cheeenbean@iamluigipdownload it here

  • LDP (Lyrically Deranged Poets)

    LDP (Lyrically Deranged Poets)


    In this episode, we feature the great hip hop group, LDP. We talk about hip hop and the background of LDP. We also have a walk-in guest Mario and Rap. Enjoy the Show!www.facebook.com/lyricallyderangedpoetsfollow us on twitter@ugmnl@cheeenbean@iamluigipdownload it here

  • Episode 5

    Episode 5


    This episode is the recap of the first four episodes. This is the first episode that we broadcast live via ustream.We play songs from the bands we featured before: Happy Hearts Club, Kapnobatai and Amistad.Enjoy!download it here

  • Dirtslub and The Winfrids

    Dirtslub and The Winfrids


    For the fourth episode, we feature two amazing skater bands from the south, Dirtslub and The Winfrids.visit them on their website:www.facebook.com/dirtslubwww.facebook.com/thewinfridsand follow us on twitter:@cheeenbean@iamluigipand visit our website at www.undergroundmnlpodcast.blogspot.comSpread the word and let your music be heard!Download it here

  • Kapnobatai



    This episode we feature and fly on the smoke with the powerful band, Kapnobatai!visit their facebook page at www.facebook.com/kamiangkapnobataifollow us on twitter:@cheeenbean@iamluigipand visit our site at www.undergrounmnlpodcast.blogspot.comSpread the word and let your music be heard!Downlod the episode here

  • Amistad



    This second episode we feature @iamluigip 's band Amistad. We play 3 songs from their self-titled album.www.facebook.com/amistadbandvisit us:undergroundmnlpodcast.blogspot.comand follow us on twitter:@cheeenbean@iamluigip Download it here

  • The Happy Hearts Club Episode

    The Happy Hearts Club Episode


    Here it is!We hope that all of you will enjoy our first episode. More episodes to go. Dont forget to Like Happy Hearts Club on facebook. Just search "The Happy Hearts Club" and like away.