Jiff Johnston's Podcast

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A little bit of DeepHouse & TechHouse for you.


  • jiffy 2020 house may mix up

    jiffy 2020 house may mix up

    11/05/2020 Duração: 02h44min
  • jiff stay home house mix (1993/94)

    jiff stay home house mix (1993/94)

    21/03/2020 Duração: 03h31min

    1. dr atomic- schudelfloss 2. jarvic 7-purra sana 3. atanic ocean- wimosa 4. klatsch- do it at thr disco 5. brersoul- what to say 6. the good men- give it up 7. danell doxon -the way u groove me 8. helicpter - space cop 9. helicpter-cant get no deeper 10. boomshanka-take my love 11. roach motel -afro sleeze 12. chubby chunks vol 11- testament 4 13. dig the new breed - whos no 1 14. laura o - rhythm 15. afrimerican coalition - no more weeping 16. nicole - runnin away 17. sarah washington- heaven 18. mood 2 swing- sunlight in my eyes 19. latin boom - cafe con leche 20. bzet- everlasting pictures 21. tanya louise - deep in you 22. ultra nate - how long 23. deep dish- the dream 24.deep dish- high frequency 25. n y connetion -in front 26. solitaire gee - the teazer 27. watergate - lonely winter

  • jiffy vibes house mix 2020

    jiffy vibes house mix 2020

    15/02/2020 Duração: 01h17min

    1.Remundo - Inner Fire (Moe Turk Remix) 2.Moe Turk - Reflections 3. Vhyce - Somebody Love (LTJ Xperience Remix) 4.Róisín Murphy - Incapable 5.Toni&Mash - Lone Wolf (Joyce Muniz Remix) 6.Fellt Ft. Emma Brammer - Waiting 7.Winston Surfshirt - Make a Move (Lovebirds Remix) 8.Discotron - Gettin' High Tonight (Original Mix) 9.Rasmus Faber feat. Renae Rain - Do My Best 10.Rasmus Faber & Metaxas - Be Real (Satin Jackets Remix) 11.Satin Jackets - Mirage (Anoraak Extended Remix) 12.Mr. Moon feat. Mey - The Night Will Follow (Original Mix) (Original Mix) 13.Kiiara - Open My Mouth (Roisto Remix) 14.Moon Boots feat. Black Gatsby - Whisper In The Wind 15.Danny Darko, Julien Kelland - Hanging Tree (Akis Massa Remix) 16.El Mundo, Zazou - Can You See What I See 17.Rafael Cerato, Ikarius, Liu Bei - Distant Planets (Mario Basanov Vocal Remix) 18.Four-Sided Circles - I Love You (Original Mix) (Original Mix)

  • High pressure jiff mix 2019

    High pressure jiff mix 2019

    20/12/2019 Duração: 02h42min

    1.Evren Furtuna - Aum (Vincenzo Remix) 2.Joyce Muniz - Dreamz 3.The Units - High Pressure Days (Todd Terje Remix) 4.Marco Grandi - Look Ahead (Original Mix) 5. Jem Cooke - Colourblind Feat. Jem Cooke (Mendo Remix) 6.Pele - El Condor (Alex Niggemann remix) 7.Mike Griego - Drainer (Original Mix) 8.La Fleur - Aphelion 9.James Burton - Breakfast Club (Dennis Ferrer Morning Mix) 10.Kaz James feat. Kawtar Sadik, Mr.id - Through Your Love (Guy Gerber Remix, Extended) 11.Davi- Lie Machine 12.Newman (I Love) - Kiss of the Seraph (Original Mix) 13.Steve Banning, Pindura - Indarra (Kobana Remix) 14.Audiofly feat. Jaw - Excuse My Wildness (Masomenos Remix) 15.Silent Revolt - Who I Am (SIS Remix) 16.Animal Trainer - Amaron (Einmusik remix) 17.Guy J, Clarian - Night Rescue 18.Giorgia Angiuli, Hernan Cattaneo, Lonya - Take Me Back (Hernan Cattaneo & Lonya Remix) 19.Yoram - Limerence