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Hosted by DJ Que Sí


  • Twisted Groove Radio Show 9-14-13

    Twisted Groove Radio Show 9-14-13


    Here's your next installment of the Twisted Groove, featuring some cuts from a cool Arabic Hip-Hop compilation I picked up from Bodega Pop, which is a great blog that I highly encourage you to check out.  Shout out to Nick for motivating me to post my back episodes instead of fall into my typical cold weather malaise.We also bid a final farewell in this episode to legendary reggae producer Prince Jazzbo.The tracklist:1. Intro-Freedom - DJ Juls2. Mawood - Deeb3. Royalty - Blitz the Ambassador4. Culture of Fear - Thievery Corporation (Feat. Mr. Lif)5. Zeytinyagli - Mustafa Ozkent Orchestra6. Don't Give Up - Oneness of Juju7. Labazo - Bony Castro8. Kwaakwaa - Gyedu-Blay Ambolley9. Funky Horn - Fela Kuti & His Africa 7010. Apollo 16 - Prince Jazzbo11. Tribal War - Buju Banton12. Be, I Do - Nightmares on Wax13. Falta de ar - Céu14. Expresso 2222 - Gilberto Gil15. Asibiso Jungle - Vulcans16. Beit - Sabreena Da Witch17. Don't Fight Me Down - Tarrus Riley18. God B

  • Twisted Groove Radio Show 8-10-13

    Twisted Groove Radio Show 8-10-13


    The latest installment features the 70s funk of Anthony King's "Lost Star" and the diverse instrumentals of RJD2's "Magnificent City" (sans vocals from Aceyalone, which appear on the original release).  The tracklist is rounded out below:1. Spacefree - Anthony King2. Monks - Frank Ocean3. Let it Go - Oddisee4. Who Cares? - Gnarls Barkley5. Studies - Toro y Moi6. Filigree Funk - Anthony King7. Without Your Love - The Blackbyrds8. Look Towards the Sky - Sylvia Striplin9. Rigor Mortis - Cameo10. Body Shaker - Dayton11. Funkadilly - Anthony King12. Thursday - Pet Shop Boys (Feat. Example)13. Running (Disclosure Remix) - Jessie Ware14. Gentleman - Meshell Ndegeocello & Yerba Buena!15. And Bullshit - Jonwayne (Feat. Zeroh)16. Dedicated - Digable Planets17. I Love TW Girls - MC HotDog (Feat. A-Yue Chang)18. Shutterbug (Produced by Amerigo Gazaway) - Otis Redding & Big Boi19. All For U (Instrumental) - RJD220. Earth From Outer Space - Michael Franti & Spearhead (Feat. K'naan)21. Dub Be Good To M

  • Twisted Groove Radio Show 7-20-13

    Twisted Groove Radio Show 7-20-13


    Here you've got another two-hour mix of fun, funky and danceable music from around the world.  The first set features a band I've been really into recently: L.A.-based Orgone.  You can learn more about them here.And without further ado, the tracklist:1. Kriminal Theme - Les Maledictus Sound2. Say Goodbye - Orgone (Feat. Fanny Franklin)3. Seven Days in Sunny June - Jamiroquai4. Beyond - Daft Punk5. Silent Life - Real Ibiza6. Love is Blindness - U27. The Afterlife - Paul Simon8. Mulher Da Erva - José Afonso9. Live Your Life - Yuna10. Homebound - Kama11. Hourglass - Soft Metals12. Void Vision - Cyper People13. Do You Want It Right Now - Seidah Garrett14. Cos-Ber-Zam Ne Noya - Daphni15. Holy Grail (Instrumental) - Jay-Z (Feat. Justin Timberlake)16. Looking Back - CunninLynguists (Feat. Anna Wise)17. Lost Souls - L'Orange (Feat. Hassaan Mackey, yU & Kelsey Lu)18. To All My Friends - Atmosphere19. Never the Same - DJ Design20. Panafricano - Baron Ya Búk-lu21. Ns

  • Radio Show 7-11-13

    Radio Show 7-11-13


    It's late and I don't have much to say about this episode, except that it's very, very good.  The featured band is Wagogo, from Albuquerque, who I had the pleasure of dancing to with my new little one a couple days after this show aired.I'll be doing my thing again on Thursday, July 25, from 9-10pm MDT, and you can hear it all live here.Your tracklist:1. Chitungwiza mu'Burque - Wagogo2. Ãî›è, ãî›è ÿñíî - Prāta Vētra (Brainstorm)3. How You Like Me Now - The Heavy4. 住所不定無職のテーマ - 住所不定無職 (Unemployed Drifter)5. In Your Head - Poldoore6. Three Little Birds (Stephen Marley & Jason Bentley Remix) - Bob Marley & The Wailers7. Me So Mbriacato - Alessandro Mannarino8. Postcard Poverty - Kobo Town9. Wahala -Blitz the Ambassador (Feat. Keziah Jones, Baloji, Promoe & Bocafloja)10. Lawnge Instrumental - Zimbabwe Legit11. Au Revoir Adely - Tchico12. Kanguru - Waldemar Bastos13. Vine de mi tierra - Wagogo14. Muziqawi Silt - Akale Wube1

  • Twisted Groove Radio Show 7-6-13

    Twisted Groove Radio Show 7-6-13


    Hello listeners,This episode marks my first time back in the studio post baby #2.  We start and end with some disco soul, and hit up the usual diversity of musical styles and countries of origin along the way.  I especially love the first set.Here's the tracklist:1. Whatever (It Takes) - Nextwon2. I'm Back - New Birth3. Get Lucky - Daft Punk (Feat. Pharrell Williams)4. Keeping the Faith (Just a Touch Mix) - De La Soul5. Funkin' Up - Eddie Craig6. Melek - Candan Erçetin7. Dola Maganeen (El Settat) - Abou El Leef8. Alemen Alena - Teddy Afro9. Lost Star - Anthony King10. Axis - Pet Shop Boys11. Zero - Yeah Yeah Yeahs12. Computer Heat - CSS13. Face This (Deep House Mix) - June14. Could You Be Loved (RAC Remix) - Bob Marley & The Wailers15. La Mémoire De Loco Locass - Loco Locass16. Part of the Sky - Prāta Vētra (Brainstorm)17. Rebel - Congo Natty (Feat. 2Nice)18. Yigi Yigi Tech - Ryka Ali19. Let Me Do My Thing - Los Dinámicos Exciters20. Manwomanboggie - Q-Tip (Fea

  • Radio Show 6-6-13

    Radio Show 6-6-13


    Good music awaits you in this episode.  Representing the East, we've got Nigeria, Guinea-Bissau, Angola, and Ghana.  Representing the West, we've got Canada, the U.S., Trinidad and Jamaica.Also, after a monthlong baby hiatus, I'll be live in the saddle this coming Saturday 7/6 from 10pm-midnight MDT and again on Thursday 7/11 from 9-10pm MDT.  You can stream me from KSFR's homepage.The tracklist for this episode follows:1. Laba Laba - Babá Ken Okulolo & The Nigerian Brothers2. Mandjuana - Super Mama Djombo3. Querida Angola - Waldemar Bastos4. Poto Poto - Chief Ebenezer Obey5. You Can Go - Bokoor Band6. The Lagos Communiqué - Thievery Corporation7. Morphée - Moxy Früvous8. Lost Without You - The Delfonics (Produced by Adrian Younge)9. Spanish Joint - D'Angelo10. Aynotchesh Yererfu - The Budos Band11. Say Hey (I Love You) - Michael Franti & Spearhead12. Soak It - Buffy13. Chimoto - Divided Kingdom Republic14. Wickedness in the Ghetto

  • Twisted Groove Radio Show 5-25-13

    Twisted Groove Radio Show 5-25-13


    Here you have yet another installment of my favorite program to sit in on.  This episode of the Twisted Groove features the usual assortment of eclectic, upbeat music.  We hit up the U.S. and the U.K., spend  time in several African countries, and finish with some good old 80s disco soul.Your tracklist:1. In the Beginning - Man Parrish2. In the Now - Olivier Daysoul3. The World is Changing - Femi Kuti4. Mother in Law - Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars5. ABC's - K'naan (Feat. Chubb Rock)6. Edith Cavell - Dead Horse Beats7. Jatt Ho Giya Sharabee - Punjabi MC8. Waterman - Olav Basoski (Feat. Michie One)9. Sunflower - Lenny Kravitz (Feat. Drake)10. Rainy Day - Coldplay11. African Dance - Soul II Soul12. Máma Lála - Bonga13. Mandola - Papa Wemba14. I'll Get You - Classixx15. Sekebe - Amadou & Mariam16. RMX Tantas Flores (Remix por Ramón) - Ojos de Brujo17. Adunia - Asmara All Stars (Feat. Mahmoud Ahmed Omer, Temasgen Hip Hop & Doc Reggae)18. Amor infinito - Dnoe19. Breakd

  • Radio Show 5-23-13

    Radio Show 5-23-13


    Welcome to the summer vacation edition of the radio show.  After the obligatory Alice Cooper track, we travel to Nigeria and the Congo, Zimbabwe and South Africa, Chicago and L.A., Brooklyn and Senegal, before finally hitting up Jamaica, Madagascar, the U.K. and Prince.  That's a steep plane fare for my second day of summer break.Here's the tracklist:1. School's Out - Alice Cooper2. Odaran Kan To Sa - Segun Adewale & His Superstars International3. Naza - Mbilia Bel4. Uchazvibvuma - Jonah Moyo & Devera Ngwena5. Chez Gaye Special - The Raiders6. Will the Circle Be Unbroken - The Staple Singers7. El Cascabel - Radio Jarocho8. Strictly Reserved for You - Charles Bradley9. Aline - Orchestra Baobab10. All My Life - Chezidek11. Masolo - Passy Mermans12. Hazo Avo - Rossy13. Jazzie's Groove (Piano Version) - Soul II Soul14. Dear Mr. Man - PrinceListen, share, enjoy...Radio Show 5-23-13.

  • Radio Show 5-9-13

    Radio Show 5-9-13


    As promised, I'm working through my backlog of radio shows so that you have something to listen to in the heat.  Lest I get too predictable, this episode features an extra injection of music produced in the U.S., with only a handful of tracks from around the world.Also, I have a contest for you. I got the fourth track off of a mixtape that was given to me without any information about the music.  If you know the name of the song or the artist, please post it in the comments.As always, PSAs are edited out and the tracklist follows:1. Try - Bugge Wesseltoft & Sidsel Endresen2. You're the Fool - The 3 Degrees3. Baby Come Back - Betty Wright & The Roots (Feat. Lenny Williams)4. Unknown Song - Unknown Artist5. Where Are We Going? - Donald Byrd6. Inner Ninja - Classified (Feat. David Myles)7. El capitán - Cuban Cowboys8. Ámame hasta que me muera - Maná9. Esengo Ya Ko Bina - Grupo Lokito10. Djelimady Rumba - AfroCubism11. 5th Dimension - B.o.B. (Feat. Ricco Barrino)12. The

  • Twisted Groove Radio Show 5-4-13

    Twisted Groove Radio Show 5-4-13


    While the Twisted Groove is a program I only occasionally sit in on, I have come to love doing this show.  The musical format strays just far enough away from what I typically play to push me, and yet provides me with an opportunity to add value for the regular listeners by incorporating styles they may not typically hear.This episode was especially fun for me; I hope you enjoy it, too.  Here's the tracklist:1. Funky Reggae - J.Rocc2. Dr. Feel Good - Travie McCoy (Feat. Cee-Lo Green)3. Pay Day - Classified4. Things are Getting Better - N*E*R*D5. Holding On - Classixx6. Rainbow - Phoojun7. Buried Alive - Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Feat. Dr. Octogon)8. Making Time - Sinkane9. Can I Kick It? (Phase 5 Remix) - A Tribe Called Quest10. Egg Man - Beastie Boys11. Funky Broadway - Vampires Underground12. Corrupted Society - Eclipse13. Spirit Shake - Nomadic Massive14. Muloma (DJ Logic Remix) - Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars15. Unknown Track - Unknown Artist16. You Little Shits - Stereolab17. Girl - Beck18. Rad

  • Reggae Runnin Radio Show 4-27-13

    Reggae Runnin' Radio Show 4-27-13


    Hello again!  I'm magically back up on itunes, and generally making up for lost time here, so you've got three hours worth of reggae and reggae-inspired music from late April.  In addition, this podcast highlights the global reach of reggae -- about a dozen countries are represented in the first hour alone.Look out for even more episodes posting soon.  I've still got a backlog of unposted radio shows, and am beginning to get up the motivation to convert them into something that will find its way to your computer.  For now, the tracklist for this episode:1. Hail Up the Roots - Chezidek2. Cool & Humble - Ziggi Recado (Feat. Taranchyla)3. The Journey - Gentleman4. J'ai Tu Le Commissaire - Alpha Blondy5. Ecos De Radio Iguana - Sarazino6. War, Crime & Violence - Kabaka Pyramid7. Right Time Riddim Version -  Very Important Sound8. Humanity (Love the Way it Should Be) - John Legend & The Roots9. Friction - Morcheeba10. Remake the World Again - Sierra Leone's Refugee All

  • Radio Show 4-18-13

    Radio Show 4-18-13


    Greetings, listeners!  You've got a very special podcast to listen to here.  In honor of National Library Week, way back in April, I did an hour-long radio show exclusively using songs I'd borrowed from the Santa Fe Public Library.  I'm really proud of this show -- it may be as close as I'll ever come to literacy activism, if there is such a thing.If you like what you hear (or even if you don't) I encourage you to browse the music selection at your own local library.  You might be surprised by what you find!Here's what I found:1. Lollipop - The Chordettes2. Cumbanchero - Rubén González3. Tchimurenga Zimbabwe - Sam Mangwana4. Drive it Home - Snooks Eaglin5. Marimba Song - Amampondo6. Tiris Nibreeha - Tiris7. Samba Triste - Ana de Holanda8. Canaveral - De Madera9. Fools Fall in Love - Dennis Brown10. Ba E Soro - Omogo & The Res Q Ranjazz Family11. Tomorrow Robins Will Sing - Stevie Wonder12. Soy sólo para tí - Victor Boa y su Música13. I Can Understand It - New B

  • Many Roots Podcast 10 - Yo, Ma...

    Many Roots Podcast 10 - Yo, Ma...


    Dear Listeners,Occasionally, I am unable to retrieve my radio shows from the station.  When this happens, I do not post the show.  I have used this phenomenon to practice the art of letting go.On March 7th, the show I put together was way to fuckin' hot to let go of.Happy Women's History Month!  Make sure the females in your life know you love them!!Que Sí1. This Land is Your Land - Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings2. Rhymes - Etta James3. What More Can I Do? - Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens4. I Used To Love Him - Lauryn Hill (Feat. Mary J. Blige)5. Her Sins - L'Orange6. Sin miedo - Rosana7. No quiero que te vayas - Suni Paz8. New Soul - Yael Naïm9. La Isla Bonita - Madonna10. Freedom - Elayna Boynton & Anthony Hamilton11. One's On the Way - Loretta Lynn12. Morag's Cradle Song/Water Kilpie - Margie Butler13. Tougnafo - Mama Keita14. Mama Golo Papa - Angélique Kidjo15. Harambe - Rita MarleyListen, share, enjoy...Many Roots Podcast 10 - Yo, Ma...

  • Twisted Groove Radio Show 3-2-13

    Twisted Groove Radio Show 3-2-13


    Happy Daylight Savings Time!  Today's episode represents another guest spot I did on the Twisted Groove program, and it's a fun one.  I recommend listening to it with friends on a weekend.1. We Can't Fly - Aeroplane2. Gebt Shaqah - Abou El Leef3. Cochabamba - Sarazino4. Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja - Parvati Khan5. Gbagada, Gbagada, Gbogodo, Gbogodo - Luis Quintero & Francis Mbappe6. Love Affair - Sjob Movement7. Alpha Beta Gaga - Air8. Nightdance - David Wheeler9. Plastic Fantastic Lover - Jefferson Airplane10. 3 reyes de la terapia - Ondatrópica11. Velvet Rope - Janet Jackson (Feat. Vanessa Mae)12. Baba -Mickey Hart & Zakir Hussain13. Bat Macumba - Os Mutantes14. Muchachita del oriente - Los Mirlos15. Memories - JP Balboa16. Ta Bom - Chinese Man (Feat. Tumi & General Elektriks)17. Get In Touch - Oddisee (Feat. Trek Life, J Bizness, Richard Wright & Belvi)18. Corey Died On the Battlefield - The Wild Magnolias19. Rapid Fire - Commodores20. Boredom Pain - MFB21. Hea